20 cases of over -knee long boots wearing demonstration rejection of BIAO gas and dust flavor


In addition to snow boots in winter, over -the -knee boots are also warm tools. Of course more importantly–

Type, good -looking, long legs!

20例过膝长靴穿搭示范 拒绝biao气风尘味

Girls with imperfect legs do not have to worry about finding boots. Boots are your best choices.

Although, the knee -high boots are good and good, but it is not good to wear, and it is contaminated with “BIAO qi” or “wind and dust” for a second. demonstration.

Fashionable people are all like this

The beige over -the -knee boots brings a touch of freshness, with rough checkered vest and black chain bag to create a natural lady style look. The use of 50%light color is Point!

Suit, leather skirt × gray black tone, cool and sexy! Of course, a pair of simple -knee boots are needed to bless.

20例过膝长靴穿搭示范 拒绝biao气风尘味


Skirts+over -the -knee boots, to avoid the wind and dust taste, to add a neutral item.

The method of wearing tight leather pants+over -knee boots is very popular this year! The upper body cloak suit is also very designed. The inside is uniformly used in black, and the balance is full and thin.


Choosing a heel over -the -knee boot can make your legs look longer.

20例过膝长靴穿搭示范 拒绝biao气风尘味

The combination of cape+over -knee boots is really the simplest and most fashionable look! Don’t forget to add a hat to increase the sense of styling.

20例过膝长靴穿搭示范 拒绝biao气风尘味

White × beige × black, easily wear the “white rich beauty” FU ~ The color of the boots is unified with the small objects on the body. The combination of white shirt dresses and beige cloak jackets is simple and durable. The more concise the items can set off the good temperament.

20例过膝长靴穿搭示范 拒绝biao气风尘味

It is also a combination of tight pants with over -the -knee boots. Adding a belt to the coat is more profitable and stylish. The small silk scarf and red bag between the neck are also the finishing touch.

20例过膝长靴穿搭示范 拒绝biao气风尘味

Brown creates a fashionable “caramel girl” look, and the same material bags and boots create a good sense of unity for the overall.

Not greasy sweet women

White turtleneck sweater with checkered umbrella skirt and a pair of high -heeled boots, which makes people very familiar with Japanese sweet match.

20例过膝长靴穿搭示范 拒绝biao气风尘味


The key to the Japanese -style fixed match, the key to not BIAO qi is the mature texture of the single product and the classic black and white color matching.

Can jeans+over -knee boots also wear a sweet sense? That’s right! The key is the decoration of the chiffon white shirt and the big SIZE earrings. The femininity is just right. It is enough to have these two items.

20例过膝长靴穿搭示范 拒绝biao气风尘味

Dress with long boots, girls’ favorite fixed match, choosing a neutral color plaid model, adding a fur vest, naturally cute.

20例过膝长靴穿搭示范 拒绝biao气风尘味


20例过膝长靴穿搭示范 拒绝biao气风尘味

Choosing a light color to give people a natural and soft impression, which can effectively reduce the “attack” of over -the -knee boots.

20例过膝长靴穿搭示范 拒绝biao气风尘味

Choosing a checkered shirt dress with the same color system is naturally not contrived. The over -the -knee boots also add a sweet girl with a casual dress.

The more excellent checkered dress with the knee -length boots, which becomes a “white rich beauty” in the temperament.

The khaki dress of the military style is paired with tea -colored knee -knee boots, perfectly balanced “sweet” and “spicy”.


20例过膝长靴穿搭示范 拒绝biao气风尘味

Passing the knee boots and skirts, please expose a section of legs before it will look longer and look better!

The vest is really a weapon for the shape of the shape! The ordinary turtleneck knitted dress is paired with knee boots. The secret of not monotonous is to add a knitted vest. The contrast color of the upper body echoes the material of the boots, and the small details are perfect!

Sexy boots with no BIAO and dust and dust is this! The super concise turtleneck knitted dress is equipped with a dark gray suede boot, the sunglasses big bag blessing, the coolness is spicy!

Handsome and casual daily match

20例过膝长靴穿搭示范 拒绝biao气风尘味

The combination of denim shirts, jeans and knee boots is too casual? Add a knitted vest, immediately style up! The mini size bag is also added to the shape.

20例过膝长靴穿搭示范 拒绝biao气风尘味


20例过膝长靴穿搭示范 拒绝biao气风尘味

Even if it is a daily shape, you can bring a sense of fashion on the small things to match the boots.

It is also a very good imitation dressing demonstration. The key is to choose the flat -knee boots, which looks handsome. Bright color bags are also essential parts of shapes.

Military jackets with black leggings and over -the -knee boots, this cool play is still very textured (laughs) The key point is still flat boots, with a little military boots style and the overall Match.

20例过膝长靴穿搭示范 拒绝biao气风尘味

Sweats, SKINNY and over -the -knee boots are probably the most daily winter boots. Simply, pay attention to the modification of the boots to the leg shape.

20例过膝长靴穿搭示范 拒绝biao气风尘味

After the light tea is really gray, Xiaobian pushed the color again, simply matched with jeans, and immediately showed the casual and fashionable temperament.

20例过膝长靴穿搭示范 拒绝biao气风尘味

Recommended knee boots

20例过膝长靴穿搭示范 拒绝biao气风尘味

Stuart weitzman, loved by domestic and foreign fashion experts at home and abroad

Stuart Weitzman 5050 flat boots $ 845.16

Stuart Weitzman Highland over -the -knee boots $ 1,004.09

20例过膝长靴穿搭示范 拒绝biao气风尘味

The brand that can be bought in the domestic shopping mall, there are good choices for thousands of dollars in the first place ↓↓↓

20例过膝长靴穿搭示范 拒绝biao气风尘味

Steve Madden is 1245 yuan for the old fluffy boots

20例过膝长靴穿搭示范 拒绝biao气风尘味

Le Saunda with over -the -knee long boots 1199 yuan

Belle Belle over knee boots 1058 yuan

HARSON Hasson over -the -knee boots 1239 yuan

20例过膝长靴穿搭示范 拒绝biao气风尘味

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