How to wear a blue T -shirt? It’s not bad with gray sports pants, refreshing, comfortable and stylish


Hello everyone.

Summer is a season to wear T -shirts, and

Blue T -shirt

It is the most common T -shirt. This color is refreshing and versatile, and



It is loved by girls. I see the street shots of female stars recently, there are many people wearing blue T -shirts.


Blue is one of the three primary colors, which is very refreshing. Although blue is more tone, it is very good. And most of the blue are white, such as dark blue, treasure blue, etc., which is very helpful for brightening skin tone. Although the blue T -shirt is a very common clothes, but if you want to dress well, you need to match it.





Then women wear

What color of pants do you look good with blue shirts? The following colors are good. One is the matching

Black pants


, Simple and stylish, who wears it well. The second is the matching



Leisure fashion also has a sense of street feeling, very energetic. The third is the matching

White pants

, Refreshing and bright. Fourth is the matching

Gray pants

, Topic is very temperamental.

Let ’s take a look at a few groups of examples to see how to wear this blue shirt shirt beautifully and fashionable.


Women wearing blue shirts with black pants are good, simple and low -key and very trendy

Black is a versatile color. This color can be combined with any color. And blue is of course a pair of good CP. Wear a blue short -sleeved shirt in summer, with a piece

Black loose straight pants


Essence Put the blue T -shirt hem into the pants, which is high, comfortable and stylish. Black straight pants are good pants, which are straight and comfortable, and very practical.

For women with tall children, you can put the blue show shirt directly and wear it, paired with a pair of black leggings, showing thin legs and neat. Wear a pair of black canvas shoes on your feet. Simple and comfortable. This set of girls with a low waistline, not suitable for girls with low or high demand.

Many girls like to wear shorts in summer, so you can wear a blue physical shirt, with a black


High waist shorts

Essence Wear white or gray sneakers on your feet. Refreshing and fashionable. Any blue T -shirt can be matched with black shorts. This is one of the most classic combinations.

Girls look good to wear blue shirts with jeans, casual comfort and street feel


The blue t -shirt and blue jeans are really perfect. Both items are blue. Even if the color darkness and color are different, they belong to the same color system. It is the popularity of the past two years



combination. You can wear a light blue T -shirt with a medium blue denim wide -leg pants, which is very comfortable and trendy. Remember to stuff the hem of the T -shirt into the pants. This is relatively high.

The blue T -shirt is not necessarily solid. This light blue, a T -shirt with a pink cartoon pattern on the chest is very beautiful, refreshing and layered. With a pair of blue denim straight pants. Leisure is casual and comfortable, and it is quite vibrant.


The white T -shirt is a very beautiful item, which is very white. It can be equipped with a pair of gray jeans, the legs can be narrower, so that you can put the T -shirt directly and wear it, it looks casual and comfortable.

With a little gray -tone blue T -shirt, it is beautiful. This is the blue -colored blue color that has been very popular in recent years, refreshing and textured. With a pair of blue high -waisted wide -leg pants, the hem of the T -shirt was stuffed into the pants, and his legs looked very long. It is a good -looking and high dress. There are quite aura.

The emerald blue T -shirt is very bright. This color is a bit green and refreshing. You can wear it with a white lace shirt, with a dark blue denim straight pants, roll up the pants feet up, exposing a thin ankle. Refreshing and fashionable. Very beautiful street wear.

Every girl in denim shorts. Popular this year

Five -point denim shorts

Essence It is very comfortable to wear a trouser with a white blue shirt, and then wearing a pair of white sneakers and blue socks. And cool and tide, very stylish.

Fashionable women like to wear blue shirts with white pants, refreshing and comfortable

White is a background color, which can be combined with any color. Comes with refreshing attributes. In summer, you can wear a blue t -shirt with one with one

White beam sports pants

Essence Refreshing and comfortable. Of course, you are equipped with white wide -leg pants, white straight pants or white suit pants.

For women who are afraid of heat, wearing a Bao blue short -sleeved T -shirt, with white shorts is a very good choice. Refreshing and cool. If your white shorts are still a rotten side, it is even more tide. There are many white shorts that can be matched with blue T -shirts. Except for rotten shorts, white suit shorts, white five -point shorts, or white bicycle pants. You won’t make an error if you wear it.


Fashionable women love to wear blue t -shirts with gray pants, simple and refreshing and atmospheric

Gray is a neutral color. This color is between black and white, and it is also a versatile color. Combining with blue is very beautiful. For example, wearing a green shirt with a bit of green, with a pair of gray pants, simple and refreshing and high -level. This pants can be shorts or trousers. In terms of pants, work pants, straight pants or wide -leg pants are good.

Recently, wearing sports pants is very popular. You can wear a blue short -sleeved T -shirt, knotting the hem of the lower T -shirt, and rolling it in it, and it becomes a short T -shirt. With a gray beam sneakers, wearing a pair of white sneakers on your feet. Refreshing and fashionable has a street feeling, which is really beautiful and tide. (Right above).

The blue show shirt is still very good, match


Black, white, denim blue, or gray pants

They are the most secure. You can also match

Khaki, camel, apricot color, wheat color, cream color and other earth -colored pants

It is also very advanced.

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