What do you wear in Lindong? Choose Yibang people to customize all wool coats


For business men, there is a style of aura and style in the winter. Last month, I customized a full wool coat in the Yibang people. I just got my clothes in the past two days, and I was particularly satisfied.


First of all, the clothing of Yibang people said that the dressing consultants of the Yibang people are really patient and meticulous, and the consultants will also communicate one by one on the dressing habits of waist, arm, bust, shoulder width during the measurement process. Wear loose or slim. In addition, the measured body data will be recorded in the large database for screening and analysis, so I have been in a customized clothing in the uniforms over the years.

This year, I feel that the loose coat is more popular. I also feel that the lining of the loose coat is better and can hold different styles. I told my needs to the costume consultant. The dress consultant agreed, and I helped me make adjustments on the coat version. In this case, whether it is wearing a suit or a high -necked sweater, it will not appear bloated, and it can also look more well -proportioned from a visually point of view. The autumn and winter weather is cold, and the coat of all wool fabrics is customized. This week has been worn, adding a scarf is just right.


It is worth mentioning that the details of the & Custom coat of the Yibang people are the details of the clothes customized coat. When choosing a design, you find that there are a lot of optional small details when you choose the design. The flat collar type I chose this time is the most classic collar type. There is a sense of upward extension. It is very dry and mature, especially suitable for some formal business occasions. If you wear casual wear, you can also match a high -necked cashmere sweater, and the overall autumn and winter atmosphere will come up. My favorite is the design of the cuffs to live Tyki. The real workmanship is exquisite. Under the premise of ensuring the size of the small arm circumference, the cuffs will not look like the wrist is promulgated. Uncomfortable, the sleeves are large and not spiritual, so the clothes of the clothes are very comfortable in detail.

Generally speaking, the clothes of the Yibang people customize, the coat of the Yibang people won my heart, just at the end of the year, and the coats were more convenient to carry and take care of it.