Jingyi Weng talks about the collection of “two” collections. Twenty-one: Beauty Barbie-Forever Collection


Barbie is the most widely collected toy doll in the world. It has the most collection enthusiasts. Among the top 100 products in the world, Barbie is the only toy product. Hundreds of millions of people around the world are obsessed with Barbie’s collection. In the United States, almost every girl has Barbie. Barbie in other European and American countries is not inferior. In France, girls with Barbie account for 93%and the United States accounts for 80%. It is not difficult to see the popularity of Barbie. Not long ago, a new type of mermaid Barbie displayed by the United States, the price was as high as RMB 1,860, which quickly became the focus of global collection fans.

There are more and more collectors in Barbie today. Her limited issuance can no longer meet such huge needs in the world. It is not easy to buy a Barbie now. Barbie has been 62 years old since its birth to a total of 45 countries or ethnic groups. Barbie is a little girl’s partner and a treasure that collectors is obsessed with. Each of her shapes is welcomed by collectors in various eras. Her age is not small, but her collection has never been. Over time.


Find ancestor for Barbie

Looking at Barbie, everyone must think that Barbie was invented by Americans. In fact, Barbie’s predecessor was actually a doll named Lily in Germany. Mrs. Rice Handler, the president of Metaer Toys, discovered her when traveling to Germany, brought her back to the United States from Germany, improved her appearance, and launched her in the United States with a new packaging box. It can be seen that Barbie’s original home was in Germany, but the place where she took root was the United States.


In 1959, Barbie participated in the New York Toy Exhibition, and that year became a turning point in her “life”. At the transaction, she did not receive special attention from the dealer. But when she boarded the mall shelves, she became a sought -after product. Barbie, this exquisite toy comparable to fashionable models, everyone’s eyes are attracted by her: the perfect figure (39.18.33 measurements), golden yellow hair, fresh appearance, and several drawers beautiful apparel. No one has ever seen such a toy, and someone lamented at the time: If this is a real person, what charm will she have!

The Barbie doll launched in the first year, most of them are fair -skinned, lips and nails are red, eyebrows are curved, most of which are blonde -shaped, and the image is relatively monotonous. To this day, Barbie has developed a lot: different skin tone, hairstyle, clothing, makeup, etc. have become synonymous with fashion clothes and decoration. The collectors not only collect a story, a history, and culture. A beautiful and fashionable, a costume performance of 45 countries or nations in the world, this is a living history, a beautiful collection.


Barbie classic classic

As the most successful girl toy in the world, the influence of Barbie doll has surpassed the concept of toys and entered the field of collection. Originally, the designer of Barbie was the designer of the Metaer toy company. Later, the world’s top designers such as Kristin Dior, Ive San Loron also designed fashion for Barbie, and were proud of it. If we arrange the Barbie doll from 1959 to the present, it is a vivid “History of Contemporary World Clothing”. How can this not make collectors from all over the world?


The appearance of Marilyn Monroe Barbie first reminds people of a generation of sexy idol Marilyn Monroe. The Barbie doll reflects the ideal that American culture has been adhered to since Marilyn Monroe: slender bee waist, plump breasts, slender legs, swan -like elegant long necks. Therefore, Marilyn Monroe Barbie is far from the top priority of Barbie.

Barbie is not only a beautiful modern girl, but also a wise, independent, and aggressive woman. In the 1960s, Barbie wore an administrative package, a briefcase, a business card, credit card, a newspaper, a newspaper newspaper And a calculator. In the 1970s, women’s status began to change, and Barbie then became glorious. Blue Starbar Barbie wore a gorgeous long dress, which seemed so outstanding at night. (Author Xu Kaiyang, No. Jing Yion, a member of the Chinese Collector Association)


Barbie’s Cinderella was selected in the classic fairy tale. At the ball, Cinderella, wearing this beautiful long dress, was charm and dumped everyone. Barbie, wearing a full gold tight top and the blue starlight skirt, really became a beautiful and elegant princess in fairy tales.

In order to commemorate the Gege Barbie, which was launched in 1997, was launched in the Qing Dynasty, a court shape of the Qing Dynasty, handicrafts are quite detailed, and they were particularly loved by the Chinese.

The newly launched Mermaid Barbie has become the most noticeable focus in the collection industry in recent years. Her appearance is inlaid with silver -white pearls, starfish and sequins, silver -white fishtail skirts, and fine pleated silk materials reveal the exquisite workmanship. Barbie’s collectors praised this Barbie as “romance in the ocean.”

Favorite foreign prosperity and domestic starts

Who is the most perfect girl in the world? The answer is: Barbie*60. In other words, this girl who is equivalent to 60 times the Barbie doll should be 60 times, her measurements should be 39:18:33. She also has big eyes, long eyelashes, golden hair, and she has so many fashionable new clothes … The beautiful doll made of this plastic was a close partner of countless girls. A psychological study in the United States shows that when a girl wants Barbie dolls, she has begun to pay attention to her appearance and clothes, and she also began to pay attention to the eyes of the opposite sex in her subconscious.


Relevant information shows that the average of two Barbie dolls will be sold in the world per second. The world has a population of Barbie, which has exceeded 800 million. Among them, 55%of the collectors, 440 million people! What a huge collector. Some people say that if all the Barbie dolls that have been sold can be connected to the earth for 7 laps.

There are relatively few Barbie in China. Favorites have not yet formed a certain scale in China. There are very few people who can know the artistic value of Barbie, but it should also be seen that the valuable collection Barbie still has some collection in China. Although they are not many, I believe that a large number of collectors with collective strength soon realize that the cultural background of the Barbie brand and their profound consciousness. (Author Xu Kaiyang, No. Jing Yion, a member of the Chinese Collector Association)


Jingyi Weng talks about collection [2] Twenty-one collection of collection: Beauty Barbie-Forever Collection