Angelababy loves back pants, not only good -looking and versatile but also showing a beautiful figure!


You can wear glasses without ears and noses, you can wear pants without waist, and you can wear bra on your chest. However, I have been thinking about it for the past two days. If the Xiaohuang people have no shoulders, how can I wear strap pants? Some babies, remember to tell me in the comments

Not much nonsense, this issue mainly talks about spring and summer must-have artifacts-back pants! Its biggest advantage is that it is like a magic power, which can be easily concave, and you can earn enough to earn enough.


Temperature coefficient: ★★★★★ Matching index: ★★★★★ Age reduction index: ★★★★★


★ If the strap pants are the most classic, it is to match the white T -shirt

★ This combination is also the most age -reduced match. After wearing it, there is a strong youthful sunlight, with a trace of vitality


★ Don’t look at it very simple, if you are short, you feel like wearing a girl

★ If you are tall, you can immediately appear to wear a real temperament

★ The hairstyle can be straight hair, if you curl your hair, you can tie the ponytail


It is said that when wearing strap pants, the hot mom can return to 18 years old. Atomic Philippine Spring Bouquet, Ouyang Nana’s collar, hot mom Tong Liya’s wide -legged! All play a role in age -reducing and unprepared. Look at the rhythm of this sweet -dead ex -boyfriend. It is not particularly regret why I have never paired like this that year. Fashionable youthful design is good, but also very durable


Temperature coefficient: ★★★★★ Matching index: ★★★★★ Age reduction index: ★★★★ ☆

★ The shirt is originally a light cooked temperament. It can be matched with the British style, literary style, and casual style according to the shirt style.

★ If you are a long -sleeved shirt, you can pull up the cuffs of the shirt, so it looks rigid, comfortable and casual.

★ You can also add a sense of detail. Choose a shirt with a little bubble sleeve so that you can wear a flowing feeling

★ Choose a neckline shirt with lotus leaf or doll to add a trace of elegance and literary temperament to the shape

Although strap pants and anhydride giving a youthful feeling, it is the first choice for daily dressing and dating, but if you have the image of the image of professional women, you can match this shirt -style daily life. You can choose the British style when you wear it. With the shirt, you can wear elegance, advanced, and fashionable.

Temperature coefficient: ★★★★★ Matching index: ★★★★★ Age reduction index: ★★★★ ☆


★ There is a classic with a circle, that is, it is more fashionable. Sexy shoulders, seductive charm.

★ Black strap pants are prominent point with a split design. With a personalized design and a naked shoulder barrier, have you get?

★ This match has a difference from the usual shirt, that is, it is not monotonous, and the stripe design plays a impact.


★ Those who like to wear casual clothes can be paired with loose POLO shirts and small white shoes. It is absolutely invincible and comfortable and beautiful.

Because the design of the strap pants has fully completed the size of the waist and legs according to the perfect proportion, it can beautify the figure well. In order to make the shape in the street shooting, you can put the strap down the shoulder strap. This kind of inadvertent move can also be handsome to the entire street. This is the most common striped T -shirt in the wardrobe, paired with strap pants, fashion, leisure and age reduction! Of course, striped T -shirts can also choose a word collar, so that you can wear a little playfulness.

Sexy coefficient: ★★★★★ Matching index: ★★★★ ☆ Age reduction index: ★★★★ ☆

★ Summer is too hot? Is the denim strap too heavy? Come a sexy and refreshing match! That is a suspender or vest.

★ It can minimize the thickness and heat of the overall match.

★ The combination of sleeveless or tube top makes the shape look simpler and neat, making you feel refreshing and fashionable and stylish.

★ Exposed clavicle is also added with sexy small waist, and the tight short shirt can show the perfect curve.


★ It can also be combined with a tight short top and strap pants, which can be said to be quite mindful.

In the usual combination, in order to raise the proportion of the figure, it gives people a slender and tall sense of vision. It can be selected with a short and long -length matching method, that is, the meaning of the legs below the chest. Therefore, choosing short (top, vest, suspender) with strap pants can not only wear sexy temptation, but also largely increase your body proportion. The waistline is exposed through the gap between the body and the short T. There is no sense of intention. The looming Sexy will not be exaggerated, and can inadvertently get your male god.

Some babies say that they are like a carpenter when they wear strap pants. As long as you follow my recommendation, you can avoid entering the carpenter series. There are strap pants with a jacket with yellow or brick red!