“2015 Chinese down jacket Top Ten Brands Top Ten Brands” Glory announced


The “Top Ten Brand Selection of the 2015 China down jacket” was hosted by the “Brand Ranking Network” and was hosted by the Effects of Century (Beijing) Network Technology Co., Ltd. The activity focuses on the development of stable large enterprises and driving the branding of the industry as the goal. The theme of promoting national brands is opened to all brands of all industries. At the same time, it has also been highly concerned by more than 70 well -known online media such as Sina, Netease, People’s, Xinhua, and China Net. It is a rare large authoritative brand selection event in the domestic down jacket industry. Authoritative media such as CCTV and People’s Daily even rushed to report. This selection has not only become a grand event for the leaders of the down jacket industry, but also a great opportunity for many domestic outstanding brands to emerge. After intense online voting, qualification review, and consumer good good evaluation, the 2015 China’s Top Ten Brand Brand Selection Campaign came to a perfect ending on December 3. The excellent companies and brands that have won the list of “Top Ten Brands in China 2015” are as follows:

First place: Ai Shangxue Shanghai Aishangxue Clothing Co., Ltd.

Second place: Bosideng Bosin Plel Clothing Co., Ltd.

Third place: Shulun Xuelun International Fashion (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Fourth place: Hongdou Jiangsu Hongdou Industrial Co., Ltd.

Fifth place: North Swan North Swan Holding Co., Ltd.

Sixth place: Hansi Shandong Huayu Group has a company

Seventh place: Eboer Changshu Love Bor Clothing Co., Ltd.

Eighth place: Dayu Dayu Group Co., Ltd.

Ninth place: Longdafei Jiangsu Longdafei Investment Industry Co., Ltd.


First place: Shanghai Aishangxue Clothing Co., Ltd. (Ai Shangxue)

Shanghai i`Sure Clothing Co., Ltd. integrates independent design, production, and marketing. It has been continuously explored in many fields such as design, production, and marketing. I`Sure products have become a miracle in the industry. The company has excellent design teams, first -class technical talents, and many years of market practice experience. From the wisdom buyers who travel around the world around the world, to senior fashion designers, from research and development of new fabric research and development personnel, Then to the market on the market on the market, all of which have become an important part of every i`Sure product. “Brand, fashion, and standardization” is the unwavering development route of i`Sure. Adhering to the corporate spirit of “excellence and the best”, the company advocates the brand philosophy of “the life of the famous brand lies in quality and culture”.

From the establishment of the company in 2006, only the velvet can be calm, the four -layer structure, and layer of anti -velvet; by the beginning of 2007, the down is crazy; then in 2008, there is no different love and won in China; by 2009 Storm; 5 years of successful breeding and casting for 5 years in 2010, how the down is made. We will also adhere to the concept of continuous innovation, and firmly believe that innovation is the concept of sustainability, and move forward firmly.

The company strongly advocates the slogan of “integrating first -class talents, competing for first -class benefits, creating first -class products, and promoting first -class reputation”.

I`Sure Declaration: We refuse to be mediocre, we refuse to domestication, our products are no longer satisfied with customer recognition, and also requires customers to succeed. Good products cannot get

Good promotion, we are as angry, because we are a team of iron, we have a constant spirit, and we vowed to be the brave of climbing peaks.

Second place: Boshide down clothing Co., Ltd. (Bosideng)

Bosideng International Holdings Co., Ltd. (“Our Company”, together with its affiliated company, collectively referred to as “Group Group”) is the multi -brand comprehensive clothing operation group with down jackets as its main business (“China”). , Fly in the snow, Kangbo and Bingjie. Through these brands, the Group offers a variety of down jackets to cater to consumers at different levels, thereby consolidating its advantageous position in the Chinese down jacket industry.

The results of the 2014 Chinese market commodity sales statistics released by the China Commercial Federation and the National Commercial Information Center showed that the company’s “Bosideng”, “Snow Flying”, “Kangbo”, “Bingjie” down jackets in the same type of product market share 5 or nine, the group’s brand portfolio market share reached 25.81%. As the “China Textile and Clothing Leadership Brand” identified by the China Textile Industry Federation, the Group has represented China to the global promotion of autumn and winter anti -cold clothing popular at the “China International Clothing Clothing Expo” since 1997.

On the basis of the core business of down jackets, the Group actively promotes the strategy of fourth -season clothing, finds the proportion of non -down jackets with a high -decoctroded clothing brand project with a high and reputable and good reputation and good reputation. The main non -down jacket brands currently operate include Bosideng men’s clothing, Jesse women’s and Mo Gao men’s clothing.

Third place: Xuelun International Fashion (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (Xuelun)

Xuelun International Fashion (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is a wholly -owned US clothing company that integrates design, production and sales, and has its own specialty stores and distribution channels. Since entering the Chinese market in 1993, adhering to the business philosophy of professionalism, innovation, and serving the public, and in a sense of service awareness of honesty, focusing on quality, and familiarity with customer needs, the company is committed to creating and developing well -known brand brands of the down industry – After more than ten years of unremitting efforts, Shulun has grown into a leader in the national down clothing industry, and has become a client, praise from colleagues, and the leaders in the industry.

At the beginning of the “Sheron” more than ten years ago, when “Sheron” entered the Chinese market, he faced the brand’s fierce competition. Relying on his own industry advantages and unique competitiveness, Shulun quickly won the consumer’s first, winning the market and development space for himself. With its international fashion appearance and excellent quality, it stands out among many brands. It is among the best in the sales evaluation of many large well-known shopping malls. Industry well -known best -selling brand. “

The background of different cultures creates a unique corporate culture of Shulun. Pay attention to market dynamics, pay attention to popular trends, respect the team spirit, and emphasize that customers’ feelings have laid a solid foundation for the shaping of the Shelun brand. Essence

The “Sheron” down jacket pursues dynamic, bright, vigorous, youthful, easy, aggressive, positive and fashionable, becoming a beautiful highlight of the city in the cold winter. The “Xuelun” down jacket fabric uses imported high -density anti -velvet cloth, and has waterproof function, feels softer, breathable and warm than traditional fabrics; the auxiliary materials use the product of DuPont, the internal and export standard of the clothing, the down of the clothing, the down content of the down, the down content of the down of 90 %. With the development of the company and the company’s popularity has continued to increase, the “Snow” brand has been rated as a well -known best -selling brand by the National Information Center for three consecutive years. With the joint efforts of the company, the new century will provide perfect products and services for customers in the new century.

Fourth place: Jiangsu Red Bean Industrial Co., Ltd. (Red Bean)

Jiangsu Hongdou Industrial Co., Ltd. is the core subsidiary of Hongdou Group (Jiangsu Provincial Key Enterprise Group, one of the 120 pilot enterprises of the State Council). June 16th. Red Bean was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on January 8, 2001. On September 8, 2004, 35.8 million A shares were successfully issued.

The main business of Red Bean Co., Ltd. is the production and sales of clothing, real estate, and wool yarn printing and dyeing. Among them, the clothing business is divided into four major sections: red bean men’s clothing, group purchase business, online sales, and garment production. Egggrite, trousers, wool sweater, etc. The “Red Bean” trademark has been identified as the “China Famous Trademark” by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce. The five leading products such as red bean suits, shirts, and T -shirts have passed the ISO9002 quality system certification. Red bean shirts and suits have been elected as Chinese brand -name products, and they have won the “country. The title of inspection -free product. Red bean clothing has continued to develop, stabilizing the top in the Chinese clothing industry with excellent sales performance.

Since 1995, Hongdou Co., Ltd. has continuously promoted brand building and achieved transformation and upgrading. In 2004, the Red Bean suit won the “2004 Chinese Youth’s Favorite Clothing Brand”, and the third time he won the title of “National Suit suit Quality”. In 2006, Red Bean won the “2004-2005 Chinese Garment Brand Annual Value Award”. In 2007, Red Beanxi won the highest honor in the clothing industry- “Chinese clothing brand annual achievement award”.

In 2008, the red bean clothing was fully transformed, and the company’s innovative business model continued to improve brand management, production management, design management, and excellent performance management, and achieved breakthrough development. In 2009, the Red Bean West was awarded the “Export Examination”. In 2010, Red Bean Clothing became the first company in the clothing industry to pass five -star certification after -sales service. In 2011, the company was rated as the top ten units in the national after -sales service industry. In 2012, Red Bean won the most influential brand in China’s consumer market for 20 years. Red bean shirts and men’s pants were listed in the top three in the market.

Adhering to the spirit of “integrity, gratitude, innovation, and excellence”, adhere to the guidance of the “red bean model” (modern enterprise system+corporate party building+corporate social responsibility), Red Bean shares will usher in a leap -up development and strive for glory.

Fifth place: North Swan Holding Co., Ltd. (North Swan)

Establish a benchmarking enterprise in the down industry and create the first brand of Chinese down bedding

Hangzhou North Swan down Products Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Company” or “Hangzhou North Swan”) as a physical enterprise, three wholly -owned subsidiaries are currently under the jurisdiction, and physical enterprise North Swan Chongqing down Products Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “North Swan Chongqing” ), Export Trading Enterprise Hangzhou Bei Swan Import and Export Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “North Swan Import and Export”) and domestic -selling brand enterprise Hangzhou North Swan Clothing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “North Swan Clothing”).

Relying on Xiaoshan’s earliest “North Swan” brand with a history of 30 years, the company has now developed into a comprehensive enterprise integrating down feathers, clothing, down bedding, and import and export. The company covers an area of ​​100,000 square meters, of which the construction area is 70,000 square meters. It has the production capacity of 6,000 tons of down feathers and 3 million pieces of down clothing, 5 million down clothing (sets), bedding and home textiles. The company now has four sets of feather down water washing and sewing of flowing water lines, with 1,400 sewing lathes (flat sewing machine).

The “North Swan” brand ecological down quilt is based on the theme of green, ecology, and health. The main fabrics are based on the fabrics of refined spiny cotton, high yarn, and high -density anti -velvet cotton, and the production of high -quality water washing antibacterial white goose velvet is used as additives as additives. improve.

The “China Down R & D Center” project that the company has cooperated with the China down Industry Association is being implemented. After the project is completed, the talents, technology, information, and brands of the national down industry will serve the down industry and enterprises. Peer research and development institutions learn, exchange and inspect activities, enhance the research and development capabilities of the down industry, and enhance the status of China’s down power. The company takes the development strategy of “integrity, reputation first, pursuit of excellence” and “high -tech lead, brand -supported, design as the soul, and culture as the background”. brand.

All the company’s production processes, process and environmental performance have passed domestic and foreign market standards. Three system certifications, including the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, ISO14024 environmental logo product guarantee system. At the same time, Zhejiang Provincial Technology R & D Center and professional testing laboratories have also been built to ensure the full quality guarantee of the “North Swan” series of products from raw materials, production, and testing. The “North Swan” brand also won the title of “China Famous Trademark” and became a well -known brand in Zhejiang’s down industry.

Sixth place: Shandong Huayu Group has a company (Han Si)

Shandong Huayu Group was established in 1992. It is mainly based on production and processing down products. The company’s leading product “Han Si” brand down jacket is one of the six major brands of Chinese down jackets. In September 2002, the “Han Si” brand down jacket was identified as the first batch of “Chinese brand -name products” by the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the China Famous Brand Strategic Promotion Committee. The General Administration of Supervision and Inspection and Quarantine was identified as the first batch of “national inspection products” of down clothing. In December 2006, the “Han Si” brand down jacket was identified by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China as the first “most market competitive brand” of down clothing. The “Hansi” brand down jacket was jointly awarded the favorite welcome brand of 2011-2013 by the Chinese Clothing Clothing and Products Professional Committee and the China Commercial Federation. In December 2012, the China down Industry Association awarded Shandong Huayu Group Co., Ltd. China down industry Excellent enterprise.

The company has always adhered to the strategic policy of “seeking development with quality and seeking benefits with brand names” and the spirit of “sincere dedication, hard work, truthfulness, pragmatism, and innovation”, and continuously adheres to innovation and development. The company has introduced advanced production equipment such as CAD and CAM from Japan and other places. Since 2000, the ISO9000 quality system certification and ISO14001 environmental system certification have been passed. In 2002, investing in the ERP management system was fully invested. By adopting advanced popular noodle accessories, it continuously improved the product grade and won the favor of consumers. Strict management systems and first -class production technologies have made the company’s various indicators steadily increased for many years.

Seventh place: Changshu Ai Bor Clothing Co., Ltd. (Aibol)

Changshu Aiboer Clothing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994. The company is located in the economy of economically developed Yangtze River Delta. It is located in Xieqiao Industrial Park, Yushan Town, Yushan Town, Changshu City, which enjoys the reputation of “Jiangnan Fuji”. In the north, the Yangtze River, and the east of Shanghai and Nantong across the river.

There are Changtong Automobile Ferry and Wan -ton container terminal. The along the Yangtze River Highway and the Tonggang Highway run through the whole territory, and the geographical advantages are unique. After the Sutong Bridge and the National River Highway running through, they will further develop the wings to the company. As a member of the China Clothing Association, Ebool has a standard plant of 25,000 square meters, more than 800 advanced equipment at home and abroad, and more than 1,000 outstanding employees with modern quality. There are 68 high -level engineering technologies and managers of various types, forming a large -scale production base. Adhering to the marketing concept of “mutual benefit and benefit, results sharing”, the company actively develops the market and introduces senior management talents and management mechanisms.

Using international and domestic high -quality fabrics, with advanced production technology and process technology, and unique design styles and novel styles, they have won the “Chinese down clothing industry 2000 ~ 2001, 2002 ~ 2003, 2003 ~ 2004 Yushang Cup Gold Award” ” The honor such as the “best -selling brand” and “excellent qualified brands” are well -known and praised by consumers. Management benefits, the company has passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification ISO14001: 1996 environmental management system certification.

On the basis of excessive product quality, in order to further expand the company’s popularity, the famous movie star Lin Xinru is appointed as the spokesperson for the “Ebool” brand clothing image. Faced with the increasingly fierce market competition, the company is establishing a full quality system in accordance with international practices, with market -oriented and high -tech relying on quality improvements to pursue continuous improvement of consumer satisfaction. The company is willing to strengthen communication with various dealers and consumers, seek development together, and create the glory of the new century in the new century!

Eighth place: Dayu Group Co., Ltd. (Da Yu)

Dayu Group Corporation (formerly Xinxin Bazaar Welfare down plant), founded in 1987, was restructured to Hebei Xinmei down Products Co., Ltd. in 1993. In 1998 Group Co., Ltd., in 2015, was changed to Dayu Group Co., Ltd. After 28 years of wind and rain experience, Dayu Group Corporation has developed into four holding subsidiaries (Shijiazhuang Dayu Automobile Decoration Co., Ltd., Shijiazhuang Dazhi Technology Development Co., Ltd., Shijiazhuang Diwanghua Co., Ltd., Xinji Dayu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. ), Three wholly -owned subsidiaries (Shandong Liaocheng Dafeng Clothing Co., Ltd., Beijing Vankinni Clothing Co., Ltd., Beijing Vankinni Nichi Chemical Co., Ltd.) , Da Yu Group Old City Branch), a clothing design and development center, and many alliance companies. It is a modern large -scale clothing manufacturer integrating scientific research, production, and trade.

Dayu Group has passed the ISO/9001-2000 quality management system certification and ISO/14001-2004 environmental management system certification. Chairman Li Zhifeng is currently the vice chairman Member of the Clothing Standardization Technical Committee.

Dayu Group has been awarded honorary titles such as “National Fortune Enterprise of Fortune”, “National Enterprise Enterprise Enterprise Enterprise Enterprises”, “National Model Workers’ House” and other honorary titles; The bureau was identified as “the famous trademark of Hebei Province”; the “big feathers” down jacket won the awards such as “China Famous Brand”, “National Exemption”, and “Hebei Province Famous Brand”. Da Yu Group has taken a path of sustainable development of the synchronous development of corporate economic and social benefits with its own unremitting efforts.

Shi Xiongxin created a great cause with Jiangshan, and Li Zhuangzhi wrote the Spring and Autumn Period, the moon, the moon and the moon. Da Yu Group will take the national adjustment of the industrial structure as an opportunity, unswervingly follow the road of scale, brand, and benefits. It always rely on cultural concepts to lead enterprises. The Paradise Paradise, a well -known and civilized Xiangxiang.

Ninth place: Jiangsu Longdafei Investment Industry Co., Ltd. (Long Dafei)

Changshu is a national historical and cultural city, beautiful mountains and rivers, beautiful scenery, ten miles of Yuyu mountains and mountains, half -foot enters the city, Qinchuan River passes through the city, and Yayuan Youxiang is embellished. After 5,000 years of civilization, the revolution and culture were developed. Jiangsu Longdafei Clothing Co., Ltd., in 1982, rose in Jiangnan Water Village, known as the reputation of “clothing by the world”. , The company implements the business policy of “customer first, excellent integrity achievement”, adhering to the corporate spirit of “innovation and creation value” and the corporate mission of “dedicated to the creation and transmission of clothing culture”. Strive to create first -class enterprises with “quality, image, and service” in the same industry.

In 25 years of development, there are currently 300 million yuan in fixed assets, a total of more than 3,000 professional talents and employees, a modern standard factory building with 22,000 square meters, and an 80,000 square meter of office buildings and employee apartments in 2006. , Modernized factory, the company introduced advanced clothing production equipment such as computer program-controlled fixed machines and CAD computers produced by the United States, Germany, and Japan. The famous trademarks in Jiangsu Province, the famous brand of Jiangsu Province, the top ten nationwide nationwide, the national inspection products, and the well -known trademarks in China.

In 2003, he worked hard to make the company a “marketing -based clothing company”, followed the brand of brand operation, and used three years to improve internal improvement. The Hong Kong superstar Liming served as an image spokesperson. The atmospheric style positioning, the company establishes the central position of marketing and product research and development. In terms of management and marketing, it is specially hired to build a consultant company in China to build many well -known clothing brands for management. The level of well -known internationally renowned brands; from Shanghai, a group of talents with high education and rich clothing marketing experience to create high -level business teams; in terms of product development, dozens of design elites not only have many well -known men’s men’s designers in China, they have a number of well -known men’s designers in China. Good interactive exchanges, and regularly go to France, Italy, Japan, and South Korea to collect world fashion, combine the needs of the domestic market, use high -end and soft fabrics, superb craftsmanship, scale manufacturing, strict management, to provide men who are fighting for progress, to provide men who are fighting for progress. It is not only a perfect product, but also a culture and taste.

Longda Fei Xianshu Talent’s unique movement method, open international vision, and profound marketing concept have made Long Dafei have attracted the attention of many industry veterans in the case of Ni Duan, which has not revealed Ni Duan. In the coming of partners, Longda Fei was willing to build a great cause of the Longdafei brand with the ideal of entrepreneurial ideals and identifying the spirit of the Longda -fly enterprise, creating a beautiful tomorrow.

Tenth place: duck and duck company (duck and duck)

The “Duck -Duck” brand products are well -favored by consumers in my country. They have been repeatedly the title of national, provincial, and ministerial products. The company has passed the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and green environment logo product certification. The “duck and duck” trademark has registered in more than 80 countries and regions around the world. The products have been successfully sold to more than 60 countries and regions in the world, and thousands of national sales points are sold. The huge sales network system of duck and ducks has been built. While strengthening its own management and developing the brand strategy, the company is also committed to developing clothing trade and processing business. It has a long history of foreign trade and processing. The clothing style sample databases of various countries have used Flyla, Kappa, Goldlion, Playboy, Eddie Bauer and many other world -renowned brands in my country’s designated production bases.

Founded in 1972, Duck and Duck Co., Ltd. is the largest modern down product professional manufacturer in my country. It is a large national enterprise. The company enjoys its own import and export rights. There are more than 4,500 management and technical officers and more than 4,500 (sets) of various advanced production equipment. At present, it has been formed with down products, and also operates leather clothing, Qinglun cotton clothing, and spring clothing. Knitwear, shirts, and various specifications of spray cotton, computer embroidery, and feather processing are a variety of operating patterns of supporting products. Over 5 million pieces of all kinds of clothing (entries), ranking first in the country.

Duck and duck shares are located on the southern foot of Lushan, Poyang Lake, with excellent geographical location, convenient water and three -dimensional transportation, and the waterway has the Yangtze River Jiujiang Port. Jiujiang Airport is located at both ends.

Good brand reputation, advanced production flow lines, superb processing technology, strict quality management system, and good corporate credit are your most ideal choice. Essence