The decorative ornaments are too good after the anthropomorphicization, and the jewelry box becomes a playful lady


Big man


Shycocoa often shares his anthropomorphic works on the Internet. The objects of their creations include some jewelry, ornaments, or something. The original objects that were originally used were artistic.

For example, the following decoration, forgive my eyes, is this a perfume bottle or a vase?


Although I do n’t know its ontology, I still like the girls after the anthropomorphicization next to the side. I have an exaggerated spiral ponytail long hair. Generally in anime works, this hairstyle girl is a bit proud attribute. Look at this. The girl’s face is a bit cold, is it also a girl of this character? It happened that the overall cold color tone with her also matched her expression.


The girl after the jewelry box is below, the expression on her face is much more enthusiastic, and the overall look is very playful.

The young lady has long white hair, wearing an exaggerated hat on her head, but holding an old -fashioned pistol in her hand. The expression on her face is worthy of fun. It is about to launch an attack by it.

It is worth noting that there are many guns behind the young lady who are ready to go. If dare to mess with her, the consequences must be very serious.

The following decoration is also a very beautiful, very beautiful box. The overall look at it should be made of gold, which is very graceful and luxurious, and its anthropomorphic image is a small small height, but very majestic, very domineering, and very domineering. Lori, looking at this dress, it seems to be a role of king? If it was under the command of her leadership, for the empire to throw her head to sprinkle blood, I think I should not refuse.

The following one looks a bit similar to perfume bottle. The color feels a bit ghost, and it reveals gorgeous in it, and it is a little bit peeling. Just when the little witch saw the big witch, the sister’s appearance was not like a serious person at first glance. Although it was beautiful, I thought it was better.


Although the anthropomorphic work below is also a bit red, but it looks very good at looking at it. Looking at the shape of the younger sister, it should be a heroic knight?

At the end of this decoration, it looks a bit like some kind of bottle. After anthropomorphic, it becomes a little sister of a maid. This hairstyle is very characteristic, as if two hairstyles are combed with the sky. It was scattered, and I think it should be very beautiful if she sorted out a double ponytail?

Unfortunately, the painter’s more energy is still more energetic on the anthropomorphic creative jewelry. This type of decoration is relatively small. I do n’t know which one of friends prefer? Welcome to express their opinions.