“Huzhou people can watch quickly” are free! Ski resort free infinite smoothness, super popular project free play


Snow Mountain Ski Paradise in Zhejiang

Have scarce snow mountain resources in East China

Have a great skiing equipment

Hokkaido’s same “powder snow” resource

The new five -star ski resort in front of the door

Cloud grassland star sky ski resort

Actually to such a group of people

free! unlimited! Smooth! Intersection

It’s not just a star ski resort

Other popular projects on the grassland on the clouds

It’s free to them!

The editor who received this notice


The heart is collapse


The incredible editor used trembling hands to lay the event content


Hurry up and take a look

Is there you among this group!

Thank you for many years of expectations for the local people

The grassland starry sky ski resort on the clouds lasted 3 years to build

Finally opened on New Year’s Day this year!

Gratitude now:

January 15, 2020-January 17, 2020


If you hold the ID card in the following areas


(Including two districts of Wu Xing, Nanxun; Anji, Deqing, Changxing County)


[Free] Entry sightseeing ticket!

[Free] Unlimited smooth ski ticket!

[Free] Tickets for Cliff Park!

Only need to pay ropeway tickets (140 yuan / person)

Playing the Prairie Super Pewide Program on the Cloud!

PS: Due to the limited reception capacity of the ropeway, it is cut off after sale.

Under the circumstances of legal permission, the company reserves the right of final interpretation

Planning and construction for nearly 3 years

The total investment of snow farms and facilities reaches 200 million yuan

The total area of ​​the project reaches

130,000 square meters

First -phase openness

Over 80,000 square meters

Have 3 snow channels and snowy garden


Among them

2 primary roads

410 meters long

1 intermediate road

390 meters long

The biggest gap between the snow road can reach 45 meters

Can accommodate at the same time

5,000 people


▲ Swatch diagram of the grassland starry sky on the clouds

10 highlights


Alpine natural ski resort at 1168 meters above sea level

The grassland starry sky ski resort on the clouds sitting in the second peak of northern Zhejiang

lie in

1168 meters above sea level

Xueling Peak Area


It is good for its minimum temperature here to reach the minimum temperature here

-10 ℃


The snow period can continue from December to March of the following year

Winter snowfall thickness can be achieved at the highest

80 cm

A one of the number of high mountains and natural ski resorts formed


Hangzhou self -driving journey is only 45 minutes


Southern and Shanghai 2-3 hours are reached

Cloud Prairie Gaoshan Four Seasons Travel Resort

Zhejiang Anji Shanchuan Township

Excellent location and convenient transportation

Located in Shanghai -Nanjing Hangzhou 2 hours of gold traffic circle

Only 45 minutes from Hangzhou

No need to go to the north or abroad

You can enjoy the same advanced equipment and experience

Super cost -effective is a high -quality choice for a day tour of the family


Say goodbye to dumpling skiing experience


The total area of ​​the starry ski resort is reached

The first period is the first to open

80,000 square meters


Snow farm


2 primary snow roads

And the south is currently extremely scarce

1 Intermediate Snow Road


The total gap between the snow road can accommodate at the same time at the same time




Hokkaido same powder snow snow quality

Enjoy a high -level skiing experience abroad if you don’t go abroad

Starry ski resort has unique one

Hokkaido the same “powder snow”



The so -called “powder snow” is not pink snow

It refers to snowflakes that are very small and soft, with little water like flour

Step on your feet is very soft and fluffy

Skiing on it has a clear sense of lightness

Even if you fall, you won’t feel too much painful

You can enjoy the high -end skiing experience abroad without going abroad


All imported snow farm equipment

And the northern professional ski coaching team

For the benchmarking international

Snowfield star sky ski resort introduces excellent foreign skiing facilities and equipment abroad

Pistenbully in Germany

Snow press

FIS International Snow Union recognition

Snowmaking machine joint brand

Sufag (SUFAG)

Snow machine

In order to provide reasonable battery life during the peak of passenger flow

Create a reality of “Pink Snow Paradise” with all -weather snow -making technology


Multi -functional ski service hall

The starry sky ski resort is also matched

Xueling Peak Service Center covers an area of ​​10,000 square meters


Snow leasing, fast payment, catering center

Quick Shower, Leisure Tourism, VIP private theater entertainment and other functions


Use snow tools

ELAN, Alpina and other world -class brands

Skiing in the eyes of many southerners is undoubtedly a “luxury” movement

There are very few people with high -end and fitting equipment

But in the grassland star sky ski resort on the clouds

We are equipped with super domestic high -quality snow tools

Introduce Slovenia’s high -quality ski brand

ELAN (Elan)

Ski board

Well -known German brand

Alpina (Alpina)

Snow shoes

Can provide professional competition -level skiing equipment wearable experience


The rare mountains and fog miracles of the south

There is another grassland on the clouds


General existence -rare in the south

High Mountain Misty

Due to geographical conditions, it is difficult to appear in Winter in East China.

But as long as you are lucky enough on the grassland on the cloud

A kilometer of altitude, high mountain clouds, sunny and young natural advantages

Will offer you a vegetarian silver makeup

“Thousand Peak Wanling Snow Cui Yan”

Wonderful scenery


Change a single ski mode


One -vote Play Cliff Amusement Project

The grassland on the clouds changed the single ski mode of the winter holiday holiday

Play “Cliff Paradise”, “No Power Slipper Paradise”, “Star Ski Resort”

Waiting for multiple super popular amusement projects

Snowfield is specially available

Snow Paradise


Here are a hundred people

Snow battle

Who is

Make a snowman

Fast and good



Driving snow motorcycles, snow tanks

“Competition” in the ice and snow world



“Go to the high -speed rail to ski”

Saving more convenient

Anji High -speed Railway Station is expected


Put into use


With the opening of the Anji High Speed ​​Railway

The future star ski resort will usher in “

“New experience

It is more convenient for tourists to save time

Cloud grassland star sky ski resort

130,000 square meters

5,000 people



lie in

Southern and Shanghai 2-3 hours are reached


Multi -functional ski service hall

High Mountain Misty

“Go to the high -speed rail to ski”