The more popular import camera rankings in 2020


TOP1: [Annual hot -selling explosion] NUOBAMAN Norgaman Children’s Camera toys can take a picture of baby mini SLR anti -digital camera high -definition cartoon men and women


Nuobaman, China, the company focuses on remote control and intelligent robotic toys, and has a complete and scientific quality management system. The brand’s integrity, strength and product quality have been recognized by the industry. Nonotaman remote control toy store is an online store opened by Guangzhou Nobotaman Trading Co., Ltd. It mainly provides online sales of Meijiaxin MJXRC remote control toys and other products. The variety is complete, the price is affordable, the price is always surprising, and the discounts are constantly. There is always a toy suitable for every cute baby. 8 million pixels, face recognition of smiley face focusing autofocus, AI intelligent adjustment children are easier to shoot blockbusters, convenient charging, video function, the fuselage uses a rounded design grasp more comfortable [2 two types of packaging random delivery]. If you use a black card member to buy it, it is expected to save 03.96 yuan.


TOP2: [HD upgraded 2600W pixel children’s camera] Children’s digital camera toys can take pictures of baby mini-SLR 0-12 years old children’s birthday gift

HAZZI Hazhi, Hangzhou Hazhi Robotic Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Jurong Group Co., Ltd.’s smart robot comprehensive solution provider. The founding technology team has more than ten years of experience in robotics and industrial design experience. From the beginning of the company’s development, we have always driven the field -driven and demand -driven as a fulcrum, improve our own research and development and committed to accelerating industry changes. At present, we have achieved many innovations at the underlying technological dimensions such as voice interaction, image recognition, IoT Internet of Things, smart sports, robot chassis and platform construction, and system integration. High -definition pixels, face recognition automatic focusing intelligent adjustment and convenient rechargeable video function, cute cartoon, four colors of cute cartoon can be selected in the 6 -in -6 photo mode to change.


TOP3: Canon Canon EOS 200D second-generation VLOG camera entry-level SLR camera mini SLR Student SLR 200DII EF-S 18-55mm IS STM kit

From Japan Canon, Canon (Canon), a world -renowned camera brand, is headquartered in Shimo Kanzi, Tokyo, Japan, and has 4 regional sales headquarters in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Japan. Home, more than 100,000 employees. Canon is a Japanese company dedicated to images, optics and office automation products. The products include cameras, cameras, photocopters, fax machines, printers, etc. Homepage, Sony backpack is waiting for you! 20 years of offline physical store operations, focusing on quality guarantee, helping you not worry about shopping! [Official Authorized] [New National Bank] [National United Insurance] [Genuine Guarantee] [Fake One Listed Ten] [Regular Invoice] [Support Detection].

TOP4: [New National Bank Genuine] Nikon (Nikon) D3500 digital SLR camera entry -level high -definition digital household tour camera D3400 upgraded version

Nikon Nikon, Japan, Nikon, is a well -known camera manufacturer in Japan. It was established in 1917, when it was called Japan Optical Industry Co., Ltd.. In 1988, the company relying on its camera brand and changed its name to Nikon Co., Ltd.. Nikon takes “trust and creation” as an corporate concept, and has always invested a lot of energy to enhance the brand value of brand value with unwavering determination, and continuously win the trust of global customers with creative high -quality products and services! Persevere in ideas and continue to forge ahead, Nikon’s blueprint is increasingly magnificent. Official authorized stores, all products are new National Bank genuine products, support for testing, fake one penalty.

TOP5: Children’s outdoor camera can take pictures and printed girls small SLR high -definition portable birthday gift students


From Yuan LEG, China, Yuanleburg is a brand born in 2012. From the date of birth, we have focused on the development, production and sales of toys. 0-6 years old meet the needs of baby’s mental development and early education needs, and continuously improve products and after-sales service in the process. The same children’s high -definition portable birthday gifts need to have their own memory card.


TOP6: [3 % off purchased original battery] Sony ILCE-6100 Alpha 6100 micro single digital camera new beauty selfie A6100 flip screen APS-C frame frame

Sony Sony, Japan, Sony (Japanese: ソニ ソニ ソニ ソニ ソニ 来自, English: SonyCorporation), is a well -known large -scale comprehensive multinational corporate group in Japan. Sony is the pioneer of the world’s audiovisual, video games, communication products and information technology, one of the pioneers of the world’s portable digital products, one of the world’s well -known electronic product manufacturers, and one of the three giants of the world’s video game industry , One of the six major film companies in Hollywood in the United States. Homepage, Sony backpack is waiting for you! 20 years of offline physical store operations, focusing on quality guarantee, helping you not worry about shopping! [Official Authorized] [New National Bank] [National United Insurance] [Genuine Guarantee] [Fake One Listed Ten] [Regular Invoice] [Support Detection].

TOP7: [Flagship Store] Fujifilm/Fuji X-T30 retro single-electric micro-single digital camera XT30 Fuji anti-camera camera XT20 upgraded version

Fuji from Japan Fujifilm, Fuji Film Corporation, has continued to move forward with a firm step since its establishment in 1934. It has become one of the worldwide comprehensive images, information, document processing products and services. Essence As a global imaging company, Fuji Film is well -known. In addition, Fuji Film has conducted innovative exploration in medicine, high -performance materials and many other high -tech fields. Win -light flagship 26.1 million pixel 4K video Bluetooth transmission.