Super high?Adidas is about to usher in a new Boost basketball shoes!


To say that the most popular practical basketball shoes in 2017 must include Crazy EXPLOSIVE 2017, Harden Vol.1 and D-Rose 8 full-handed Boost basketball shoes.And Adidas suspected that it will launch an ultra -high -top BOOST series basketball shoes soon after. I wonder if everyone has a strong interest in this one?

超高帮?ADIDAS 即将迎来全新 BOOST 篮球鞋!

From the pictures revealed by IG user@fyk7, we can clearly see that this new adidas basketball shoes use a ultra -high -top design and equipped with full palm Boost cushioning.Fill in chopplene rubber material.

It is unclear the name and model of this Boost basketball shoes.Maybe it will be the Crazy EXPLOSIVE version next year.However, it is certain that this mysterious boots are still in the Sample stage.Favorite friends, please wait patiently for relevant news, and continue to pay attention to fast -pass sports, and always learn about the latest sneaker dynamics and information!

超高帮?ADIDAS 即将迎来全新 BOOST 篮球鞋!

Images via Ig @fyk7

超高帮?ADIDAS 即将迎来全新 BOOST 篮球鞋!