Hi-res new MP5?Sony released the new Walkman music player


Remember the former MP3, MP4, MP5?Once the must -have, it seemed to have disappeared after being updated to MP5.

Hi-Res新款MP5? 索尼发布新Walkman音乐播放器

In fact, it is not because Sony is still focusing.

Hi-Res新款MP5? 索尼发布新Walkman音乐播放器

At the CES conference held in Las Vegas today, Sony did not surprise the new Walkman Music player NW-A35 for us all.The music player supports Sony Hi-Res standards without damage sound quality, supports LDAC technology, S-Master HX digital amplification technology, and is also equipped with a 3.1-inch touch screen. It uses a colorful fashion design.Its texture, the thickness of the fuselage is 10.7mm.

Hi-Res新款MP5? 索尼发布新Walkman音乐播放器

At the bottom of the NW-A35, Sony uses 3.5mm headphone jacks and USB data interfaces. On the left side of the fuselage is the Microsd card slot. The fuselage has a 16GB storage up to 128GB storage expansion, and the whole machine is equipped with 5 POSCAP capacitors.

At present, the domestic official website is already selling at a price of 1299 yuan. The Walkman NW-A35HN version with ear-type earphones is priced at 1699 yuan.