Story: Large -size underwear model: The covered breasts, the examineed body


170 catties of blue is a large -size underwear model. In an industry with bone -skinned beauty, large -size underwear models are extremely marginal. They challenged the standard of “beauty” in society and encountered hostility and stigma in this process.

Large -size underwear model, the opposite of “white and thin”

In June, Huizhou, Guangdong, steamed at high temperature, and the sun was poisonous. There is no obstruction outdoors in the resort, and the dense trees are motionless in the big sun. The blue blue weighing is only wearing bras and underwear, standing between layer of fern plants, and the face is facing the sun. She tried to frown, controlled her expression, and played with the photographer.

When taking the front photo, you should stretch your body and open it. If you are slightly relaxed and concave, the meat on the belly will be piled together. The thighs should be cut slightly, the body is straight, and the abdomen is lifted. The cross -legged cross is a taboo for taking photos of the fat model. To avoid squeezing the meat and the triangle of the root of the thighs.

Show the shoulder straps and cups of the bra on the side. The large size model does not have a slender neck. It cannot stand up the arm like a thin mold. The hand should be relaxed naturally before it looks line. The close -up of the back focuses on the hook buckle of the bra. This is where the large -size underwear needs to be displayed. The fat girls wearing underwear requires a stable bag. Only in this way, the too plump breasts will not be misplaced.

The front, side, and back of the blue blue rotate at all angles, carefully controlling the amplitude of the action. The underwear wearing today is thin. A little sweat will wet underwear, which affects the shooting effect.

As soon as the sweat makeup artist has to absorb sweat and makeup, the underarms, the tightening back, the tightened back, the wrapped chest, everywhere. Sweats will make it difficult for photography to fix the picture in the later period, and Lan Lan does not want to increase the workload because of it.

A set of underwear needs to take more than a hundred photos, and then select 20 P pictures. After taking a set in 5 minutes, Blue quickly drilled into the outdoor mobile coating shed. The shed in the sun was almost a small sauna, which was unbearable. Blue is more than 180 cm tall and has a strong body. Standing in it is about to take up the entire space.

In 30 seconds, you need to change the next set of underwear. Lan and blue are about to hold the bra and hurry up -it will only sweat for your own clothes. The staff quickly helped her deduct her clothes, adjusted the strap back straps, gathered the position of the cup, and continued the next set. The entire clothes change process does not exceed one minute.

The shooting started at 10 am, and the shooting was over until the sun disappeared. In order to make my belly flat, I ate two sips at noon during lunch. Try to go to the toilet as much as possible. After drinking a little moisturizing lip, Blue took advantage of the rest time to make up.

At 1 o’clock in the afternoon, the sun was fierce, and the photos were exposed. The photography team had to move the equipment to the stairwell. The staff stood in the shadow. Not good -looking photos can only be invalidated.

After 3 o’clock, the light finally softened, and the shooting effect was the best. With a lot of energy, Blue returned to the grass, smiled, stood up in the chest, continued to change the posture, and turned the body.

Figure | Blue shot underwear

Lan Lan has been preparing for this shooting for a long time. A week ago, she had planned to adjust the schedule, skin care, exercise, and removing hair on underarms and private parts. In addition to conventional face care, as a underwear model, no matter whether it is an arm or the back, any body part of the body should be smooth and detailed, and there must be obvious body hair.

The day of the shooting, Lan Lan landed at Guangzhou at 2 am, and was almost 4 am when he returned home. Prepare the shooting, and rush to Huizhou at the earliest bus at 6:30. Take a bath, make up after going to the resort, and start working. On this day, Lan Lan almost didn’t sleep, and about 30 underwear after shooting.

But in the film, Blue did not show a trace of fatigue. She was wearing a set of black underwear, standing between huge leaves, and the lines of her arms, thighs, and the entire body were like a plump and round leaves.

The blue gesture stretched, the thighs were thick, the waist was stacked together, and the arms were round. Sunshine shown her wheat -colored skin. She put her hands on her face and smiled with a squeezing eyebrow, so the photo was lit and agile. Standing on the opposite side of the so -called standard beauty “white and thin”, blue is not white, not thin, fat, and even auxiliary milk.

Blue is 181 cm tall and weighs 170 catties, with 107-80-103, wearing two plus clothes (XXL), and the cup is 90D to 90E. She is a large -size underwear model.

Car mold, 40 pounds fat

Blue has grown to 171 cm when she graduated from elementary school. Among the southern girls with small skeletons in Zhuhai, this alternative is difficult to notice. Blue is tall, with long hair, two twist braids hanging behind his waist, wearing uniform elementary school uniforms in Zhuhai, and petite classmates on the road. There are always passers -by looking at her with monster eyes.

Once, a boy rode a bicycle along the roadside and passed the blue blue. He couldn’t help but look back frequently, and hit the tree directly. “For the first time, I saw someone so stupid X.” Lan Lou laughed with his classmates, but there was a sour grievance in his heart.

In high school, Blue is 180 cm tall, taller than most boys in the class, and even stronger than boys. Lan Lan described himself, like a door panel, standing at the door can block all light. The classmates joked with her name, “There are green giants, you have blue in your name, just call you the blue giant.” Some people always suggested, “Why are you so fat, go to run to lose weight, it will be beautiful if you lose weight. “


Blue unconsciously started hump with chest. With the chest, the chest will not look so big, lower, lower, it will not be so abrupt than others.

It was her mother slap her back with a slap and slap her back. During the study, I changed their patterns every day at home. Cantonese loves soup. A family of four drinks soup, eats five dishes for a meal, dish in the dish, blue and blue can eat two large bowls. The longer the blue and the taller, the mother was very proud, and felt that this was a reward for her labor.

Picture | Blue is at the shooting site

During the holiday after graduating from the college entrance examination, Blue and friends went to Guangzhou to play. The subway crowded crowded, and a person who looked like a leader was explaining the process of participating in the exhibition to several models. The models were thin and high, and they were particularly eye -catching in the crowd. Staring at the leader of the speech.

At that time, Blue was only 110 pounds, tall, tall, and naturally. Standing in the carriage is taller than these models. The leader noticed her. He asked Lan Lan, “Little girl, it is not convenient for me to give me your contact information. Do you often come to Guangzhou? You can try it here.”

Everything happened quickly and unrealistic, like a dream. Some people help wear clothes. Some people are responsible for makeup, curly hair, and are taken care of like stars and “served”. For the first time, Lan Lan participated in the real estate exhibition of Guangzhou as a model. He earned 3,000 yuan in 7 days and tasted the first sweetness after entering the industry.

After entering the model circle, Lan found that everyone was perfect “clothes shelf”. The models of the car show together are narrow, straight, and petite chest. In this industry that requires strict figures, and with extreme thin and beautiful industries, Blue began to panic.

The sense of inferiority was returned during the teenager. Her shoulders were too wide, the size of her male model was equivalent, and her chest was too large. Lan Lan watched the catwalk videos over and over again, watching those “standard” beautiful bodies, anxious how to whiten, lose weight, and reduce fat: Only thinner can be considered good, only lean seeds can have confidence.

In order to occupy a car, Blue often die, and hungry is the norm. Sometimes I eat only a bowl of red bean barley porridge, and drink a large cup of water soaked with lotus leaves when they are hungry. Practicing the shape of the body every day: head, shoulders, buttocks, and foot heels are close to the wall tightly, as if the tight line is pulled to the top of the head, and even the breathing must be controlled. One stop is 40 minutes.


Stick thick false eyelashes, draw a thick all -inclusive eyeliner, comb your hairstyle, and bring heavy earrings. After drawing makeup, Lan Lan stepped onto the booth and stood beside the car he was responsible for showing a standard smile that showed eight teeth, and cooperated with the photographer to take pictures. Stepping on a 10 -centimeter of fine heels, in order to stand steadily, the blue must clamp the hips, straight up the upper body to disperse the pressure of the legs. The waist of the dress is very tight, and the pace is restricted by the skirt. Every step is to be careful when walking.

It takes 15 minutes to go to the stage. The blue and blue as a car model must be perfect in the camera every second. This display is repeated. Blue will run 5 to 8 games a day.

One after another, participating in the Guangzhou International Auto Show for the year and year, the brand’s image of the car model is unified, fixed, and a fixed smile. This life has not changed, and Lan Lan feels that his vitality is slowly swallowing.

At the time of the exhibition, Lan Lan stood next to a brand -new car. The champagne’s body shone, and it could take out a faint figure under the light. The blue body was gently stuck in the body, and the corners of his mouth were skilled, revealing the sweet pear vortex. She touched a kind of cold, and suddenly felt like another car, another perfect machine. Smile, the fun of life, and self -worth, have been imprisoned in this body that is tightly sutured, everyone is envious, and there is no chance of breathing.

Blue is tired and feels like a rigid board, stiff, and feels like he is not like himself.


Figure | Blue of the car model period

Decided to leave is an exit, and Blue wants to change. With the opportunity to exchange abroad, Blue went to Texas, USA.

Texas and Mexico borders, and people with different skin colors have the same tall and healthy figure. There are summer in 6 months a year. The exposure brings a rough vitality, a kind of freedom without boundaries. The girls wore navel clothes and hot pants, and walked on the street frankly, not minding black, nor did they mind exposing their fat. For the first time, Blue feels so “small”.

No one said that Blue is “fat”, and no one examines or maliciously commented on the figure of others. The first priority in the blue world: weight loss, the protracted struggle with the body, became a small thing here. Regarding the anxiety of the figure, a little bit of the heat evaporates in such an atmosphere.

The blue life was filled with full, and she learned to make more oil and hot Chinese food to relieve nostalgia. When there is no part -time job, you have to eat buffet and beer with friends when they are not part -time. Wearing a gauze, wearing a bikini on the way to swimming, buying a cup of 2 US dollars of electric soda, one afternoon.

Lan Lan completely let go of herself. She got 40 pounds, but felt that she was never as light as at this moment.

The dilemma of large size underwear model

Lan Lan likes to watch fashion magazines, love beauty, and like beautiful clothes. One of the biggest fun abroad is shopping. After returning to China in 2015, 160 pounds of blue found that it was difficult for you to buy clothes suitable for your size. It is even more difficult to buy fashion and quality clothes.

At that time, the large -size clothing industry had not yet been “fire”. On Taobao and other e -commerce platforms, the maximum size of clothes was basically L. To buy a larger size of clothes, you may go to shops such as “elderly clothes” and “mother service”.

There are no professional large -size models in China. As a “wild model”, large -size models are hung in various e -commerce photography studios. “There are so many fat people, why don’t we design products specifically for our needs. Why don’t you have a professional large -size model to represent this group?” Blue has professional model shooting experience, germinating the idea of ​​making large -size models.

Nowadays, more and more foreign brands have released new underwear sizes to cover the needs of women with “large size”. The design of the underwear is also trying to linked with a more comfortable and comfortable beauty. But in the domestic market, the style of large -size underwear is still very small, and the design is conservative. Search for large -size underwear on Taobao, the keywords of the product must contain “thinness”.

When shooting underwear for the first time, the merchant specifically emphasized that it should be cute and clean. Lan Lan smiled slightly, holding his body, repeating his tenderness, purity, and shyness in his heart. This is a difficult shooting. It is not because we only wear bras and underwear to face the people in the camera and the studio, but because Lan Lan feels that he has a “pretend” component. Blue does not understand why the underwear needs to be closely connected with purity.

After entering the industry, Blue began to operate his account on various platforms. Whether it is a video or a photo, Blue rarely fixes the picture for herself. She said, “As a large size model, it is true.”

Unlike other large size models, the blue dress style is not limited to “covering meat” or “thin”. In addition to wide -leg pants and shirts, Blue also often wear off -shoulder dress, small suspenders, and hot pants. After entering the large -size underwear model industry, you will also send photos of Bikini and underwear. In most videos, Blue painted European and American makeup, smiled freely in the sun, showing the unsteady arms and thighs, and it would not deliberately cover its cleavage.

Can a body that is not thin or white, can it be sexy? Can you wear such “spicy” clothes without a big size girl with beautiful breasts? Exposing his body in the public’s field of vision, Blue was attacked by many malicious attacks. This kind of free and unrestrained feminine charm, while being appreciated by female fans “sexy, beautiful”, has also encountered a lot of unsightly, very male gaze pornographic comments.

“So fat is so fat.”

“It’s too burly, hello Tibetan mastiff.”

“It’s so rough to the shemale.”

When the fast -handed live broadcast, someone asked directly, “Are you a man or a woman?” “I came in to see the big wave.”

In most cases, Blue will return, “I and your mother have a gender. You go back and ask your mother what the gender she is.” “I just finished the transgender surgery, and I haven’t cleaned it yet.”


The state of “fighting” and a bold personality made Blue quickly accumulate popularity on the platform. She considers not to please others or obey male gaze, but the criticism from the dark is still troublesome.

Just like my mother took a photo of Blue as a underwear model, she would also say, “Daughter, don’t post such things in the circle of friends. This is not good.” Lan Lan couldn’t explain to her mother, these questions had no answer.

Picture | Mainly comfortable, natural foreign underwear brand

In addition to attacks in the Internet world, Blue also faces more realistic problems.

There is a shooting rule in the large -size underwear model industry, “one shot for three years”. It means that the underwear has a very high income at a time, but the customer may disappear, and you will see you in a few years. As a large -size underwear model shooting, Blue is charged at an hour, 2,500 yuan an hour, and the income is excellent, which is the same as expensive foreign models.

But income is also normal. From July 2019 to January of this year, Lan Lan did not receive any shooting work, sitting in the sky every day. It’s okay during the day, go out with friends and chat, chat, and can distract some attention. But at night, the pressure swept away. In the night of insomnia, Blue opened the movies to watch one by one, seeking for a moment to escape in the virtual world. Sometimes after returning to God, in the real world, the light is bright.

In order to stabilize, Lan Lan recently signed up for Yangtian’s true large -size women’s clothing model model.

In the past few years as a large -size model, Lan Lan has encouraged the girls who are anxious, “yellow skin is also very beautiful.” “Large size girls can also wear beautiful clothes or sexy. Okay, as a monster. You must be confident, don’t look too much in the unexpected world. “

Lan Lan has always remembered a reply from a girl, “Thank you Lan Lan, it was really inferior before. When there were many people, I could only sit in the corner and dare not stand up. Now I just want to live myself, who loves!”

“Can the beautiful breasts be sexy?”

Blue replied, “Everyone has the right to pursue beauty. I am the same, and you are the same.”


Author | Willow