24800 yuan! The street steel cannon GPR250S is here


Since the 20121 Chongqing Exhibition appeared, the GPR250S dynamic how many riders have affected the hearts of the riders. Six months later, the GPR250S finally announced the market price -24800 yuan.


Since the GPR family is listed, the movement is the gene engraved in the bones, and it is also the fun of choosing TA by riders, so we can still see the shadow of the family design on the GPR250S. Compared with the GPR250R, the most significant change is to optimize the riding triangle through the integrated increase of the carbide & cast aluminum alloy. The integrated cushion, under the premise of inheriting the strong curve performance and driving fun, greatly improves comfort and ease of use, making GPR250S more suitable for street riding and daily commuting.


The GPR250S uses the “ARC” power family water -cooled DOHC 4 valve engine. It has a 11: 1 compression ratio and originated from the APRILIA “ARC” power family. The built -in balance shaft, top anti -wear coating plus lightweight piston, double -top cam without a rocker arm structure, high compression ratio, alien combustion room, crankshaft shift technology, oil jet piston cooling system, double -axis fork technology. Matching Bosch Edar System, maximum power 20.5kW (9000r/min), maximum torque 21.5N · m (7500R/min), is a good power parameter in the same level.

In other areas, this car uses a 41mm upside -down front fork, the rear mid -tube shock absorber, the front brake is a 300mm semi -floating tray for the fourth piston tick, and the rear brake is a 218mm brake disc. The tire uses the Zhengxin brand, the tire size is the same as the GPR250R. Of course, it is also indispensable to bless the iconic aluminum -aluminum -aluminum pillar frame, which optimizes the rigid balance and maintains toughness. Therefore, high -speed stability and handling are better. In the domestic models, only one of the aluminum alloy pillar frames, which is also the GPR vehicle’s insistence on performance. This car retains the movement attribute of GPR250R and upgrades in comfort.

As a street version of small displacement of racing models, the daily commuting friendship of GPR250S has risen sharply. I believe that such a change will make the riders who originally wanted to start with GPR250R but they could not control the sitting posture experienced the passion and passion of the GPR car series. Life attributes, because you can get both from GPR250s.

GPR250S parameter table

Engine form

Aprilia ARC single -cylinder water cooling four -blade Dohc




72mm × 61.2mm

Compression ratio

11: 1


Maximum torque

21.5N · m (7500R/min)


Maximum power


20.5KW (9000r/min)


Dealer driving

Wet multi -films are often meshing

Transmission system

6 gear transmission



Double -wing beam aluminum alloy hollow


Asymmetric double rocker arm

Front suspension

Previous shock absorption before inverted hydraulic damping

Rear suspension

Set up a single decrease


Front brake

Floating tray: m300mm, ABS


Post -braking


Disc brake: 8218mm, ABS

Tire specifications

Previous: 100/80-17 After: 130/

Long ⅹ m m m (mm)



Wheelbar (mm)



Fuel tank capacity


net weight