Want to be fashionable in autumn, red sweater arrangement! You can match it casually


In the early autumn seasons, everyone must have several knitwear. The thick thick and soft sweater is not only warm and comfortable, but also shows gentle and intellectual atmosphere. So, in your wardrobe, what color knitwear is the most?


For most women, the basic color systems such as beige, gray, black, etc. are our first choice, but today I want to tell you a red sweater, a very beautiful and publicity. s color.

Perhaps you will think that red is difficult to control. Indeed, compared to other basic colors, it is indeed a color that is more difficult to control. However, in my opinion, its advantages are more prominent, bright and beautiful, and they are eye -catching. Because of this, red sweater is also loved by fashionistas, and it can often be seen in their wearing sharing.

Fashion bloggers wear appreciation


It really feels amazing in an instant! She is wearing a V -neck -style red short -sleeved sweater. This ultra -positive red not only lines her skin color, but also looks more rosy and lustrous. At the same time It is one of them, and it is gorgeous. The design of the V -neck shows the charming curve of the neck, and at the same time, it can wear a little sexy and charming. The entire photo has a sense of vision of a fragrant car beauty.

Since ancient times, red and blue out of CP, the combination of red and blue has always been so coordinated and amazing. Using this red sweater with a blue denim foot pants, it looks fashionable, and at the same time, it can highlight a few French retro atmosphere. With an old -fashioned underarm bag, retro feels more strong. The feet are paired with a pair of apricot pointed single shoes, and the leg lines are extended in virtually, making the legs look more slender.


Selection of red knitwear

If you want to wear a red sweater like a fashion blogger, the premise is that you have to choose a red sweater that suits you. The clothes are incorrect. Want to choose well, mainly from these two points: red saturation and clothes.

(1) Low saturated red is more friendly

The reason why the top blogger can control the right red above is mainly because she originally belonged to white skin, but if a woman who replaced it with yellow skin was difficult to control this red with a high saturation Dark. Like our ordinary women, if you want to wear red less tacky, try to choose red with low saturation, like this blogger’s darker wine red is a good choice, it is easier to control, it looks like it looks like It will not be too public, but it is eye -catching, and it will also look more retro.

(2) The neckline is relatively large

The more gorgeous colors like this, the closer to the face, the more difficult it is to control, so it is easier to control the red and stay away from the face as much as possible. The best way is to choose a red sweater with a large neckline, such as large round necks, V. V The collar is a good choice. It can resolve the fullness brought by the large area of ​​red, thereby reducing the difficulty of control.

The wearing template for red knitted sweater

(1) Red sweater+white lace camisole+jeans

After watching a lot of fashion bloggers and sharing, I found that they all like to use jeans to match red sweater, so girls who do not match can directly learn from. Like a combination of red sweater and jeans in this set of templates. I chose a V -neck -style wine red sweater. The design of lotus leaf lace on both sides of the clothes is more important and fashionable. The white buttons are also a big highlight. A little bit of white lace camisole inside, inadvertently revealing a bit of sexy and gentle. A red silk scarf tied to the neck shows the French elegance. The lower body with jeans and white canvas shoes, the overall looks a little more youthful and playful.


(2) Red knitwear+red camisole floral dress

If we want to wear more gentle femininity, then we can use a knitted sweater to match a camisole. Choose a dark red knitted cardigan with a small floral camisole in the inside, wearing a super lady, very feminine, the whole set looks gentle and romantic, very eye -catching.

(3) Red sweater+red checkered suspender dress


With a red sweater with a red checkered suspender dress, it can show a different feeling as a whole. For floral elements, checkered elements appear more youthful and more girly. The red knitted cardigan with a red checkered suspender skirt looks bright and intellectual without losing the youth girl.


(4) Red knitwear+white wave dot suspender skirt

The combination of red and white looks more fresh. It will not be like red and red. It is too bright and eye -catching, so if you want to wear it so well, but if you want to be outstanding The shirt is paired with a white suspender skirt to choose a white wave dot skirt to match, fresh and playful, retro and elegant.


(5) Red checked sweater+white lace camisole skirt


Wearing a pure red sweater, we can also change the taste slightly, choose a red sweater with a checkered element, put on the body more outstanding personality and more interesting. Use a red checkered knitted cardigan, a white lace camisole inside, and a half -body long skirt with the same color. The whole set of clothes feels not only gentle and sweet, but also highlights the romantic and charming atmosphere.


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