After using the Applewatch Apple Watch for a year, I will talk to you: This thing is worth 3000


There are many Apple products, and I also like the design and experience of Apple products very much, especially in the details of the details, but do each Apple product worth buying? Especially under the premise of exceptionally expensive? I do n’t agree with this. For example, Apple ’s newly launched AirPods Max. The reason why I do n’t choose it includes that I do n’t use its needs. Usually AirPods Pro is enough. There is HomePod mini at home. Things? Then it is really expensive.

Similarly, Apple Watch is also a product that makes me a bit tangled. The new S7 is about to be released immediately. It is estimated that many friends are beginning to hesitate. Is it necessary to spend more than 3,000 apple watches? I have started for more than a year (Apple Watch S5). I will talk to you in this article. Is there any need for Apple Watch, what is the use of this apple watch?

Let’s talk about my evaluation of this product: As the best smart watch product currently sells, Apple Watch has done very well in the product including software and hardware. It is definitely the most top representative on this planet. From UI design to system animation The vibration when the ring is closed, as long as you experience it, you will find how well the Apple Watch OS details are done. The above are undeniable.

In addition, I have experienced many Android smart watches, and I feel that it is still a bit worse. In addition, Apple Watch is more durable, and it is also very good as your decoration.


The above is the advantage of Apple Watch. Next, let’s talk about the shortcomings:

One, expensive! In addition to the SE version, the starting price of the S digital series is 3000+, the stainless steel version or the honeycomb version is more expensive. Basically, the price of a domestic flagship machine is not cheap as a mobile phone accessory. Of course, the value is not worth it depends on the individual. But I think this price is quite high for most people. Otherwise, there will be no sales volume! But don’t buy it, don’t buy it, don’t buy it!


Second, short battery life! After more than a year, it can be supported for a day and a half under full power. This is still purely used under the situation without turning on the movement mode.

In addition, the problem that is worthless, Apple Watch is currently more decorative for me than practicality. After all, the product is pretty good, and the strap with a lot of strips is cheap. Apple accessories, the lowest five or six yuan), can be played every day.

In terms of practicality, in addition to looking at time and mobile phone notification, it is also very convenient to wear a mask to unlock the iPhone at this stage. For those who exercise frequently, Apple Watch is very useful. Each exercise data will be synchronized to iPhone health, and the data is very detailed. In addition, the detection of the hand -washing mode is very accurate, including the details such as the early getting up early. In short, if you have sports needs, the mobile phone you use is the iPhone. It is recommended to start.


But for my lazy people, other functions do not use much. Do n’t you really use smart watches to read information? Don’t you really play games with smart watches? Don’t you really wear this thing at night to sleep for sleep testing? Is it not charging at night? Of course, this is not the problem of Apple Watch. Smart watches are also facing this problem. They cannot replace mobile phones, and many functions are basically not used.


So the value of more than 3000 buy Apple Watch is not worth it? This value is not worth seeing the impact of 3,000 yuan on your personal. If you do n’t look at the price, Apple Watch has great advantages in experience than other smart watches, but smart watches are like this. Those with decorative needs and sports needs can be Start!