Tao sellers go to sea and make Chinese manufacturing a “Chinese brand”


In the past two years, the global epidemic environment has caused most traditional industries, but the e -commerce industry is still booming. The trend of cross -border e -commerce has made many Amoy brand sellers start paying attention to overseas gold markets.

The state’s strong support for the cross -border e -commerce industry, and the prosperity and development of online e -commerce has also brought new increases to China’s exports. The history of several well -known Tao brands overseas expansion is a wonderful explanation of this process. Taobao’s original retro women’s clothing brand ARTKA (ARTKA) entered the Ali Express Platform in 2014 and entered the European and American markets.

Directly hit the American consumer group. Elf Sack, Kalabearni, Banana, Bear Electric, Lin’s Wood, Nature Hall, DJI, Ubras, etc. in overseas markets.


The “Tao Star” of the Furniture Issue -Lin’s Wood Industry

As the head of the Tmall Furniture Tao brand, the best -selling of Lin’s wood industry is not surprising. As early as 2017, Lin’s wood industry had already settled the export business, and its business covered major markets such as Southeast Asia, Australia and Europe and the United States. “New style and new life”, creating cost -effective products under the new style for users is a brand concept created by Lin’s wood industry to the sea. “Services” even directly promote its large -scale furniture products in overseas regions.

Selling the domestic products mask of Europe and the United States -Nature Hall

Zheng Chunying, chairman and president of Galan Group, said that as early as ten years ago, Galan Group was studying how the brand was internationalized. As the most native beauty brand in China, the going out of the Nature Hall is more like an output of Chinese culture. Therefore, the mask that chooses to the Himalayas as a star product to show the world shows the height of China’s brand to the world.

Due to the best -selling Australia in Europe. As a representative of the well -known domestic beauty brand, the sales volume of Natural Hall in May this year has increased by 121%. Among them, the Fifth Five -Five Shopping Festival surged 181%. The Himalayan mask in Nature Hall has been bought by consumers in the United States and Vietnam.

Small appliances that are popular overseas -Bear Electric Electric


Over the past years, Bear Electric has been a benchmark role in Tao. Beginning last year, Bear Electric accelerated the footsteps of the overseas layout. The extension of home hours has caused many domestic home appliance brands to go to sea to go to sea, and the scene positioning of small home appliances is in line with the consumption demands of people’s homes. Similar categories include furniture home and indoor fitness equipment.


Therefore, under the superposition of the two favorable factors, the revenue of Bear Electric is also popular. According to its 2020 report data, foreign sales increased from 85.9859 million in 2019 to 209 million in 2020, and sales accounted for 3.20%to 5.71%, an increase of 143.21%year -on -year. The popularity of the bears in the overseas market is gradually expanding. Essence

India’s “first” -Xiaomi mobile phone

Xiaomi, as a leading brand in China, continued its good performance in the past few years, and continued to shine on the international stage. In 2014, Xiaomi “went to the sea” and the first stop was selected in India. In the past six years, they went from no one to know to the top sales. India, a country with a population of 1.3 billion, has become a holy place for Chinese companies and capital to go to sea.

The results of Xiaomi’s third quarter of 2020 showed that the group’s total revenue was 72.2 billion yuan, an increase of 34.5%year -on -year, and net profit was 4.1 billion yuan, reaching a record high. Xiaomi smartphone shipments are third in the world, and their share in the Western European market is also the top three; Xiaomi smart TV shipments are the first in the country.