62 haze -proof mask evaluation, the same star is the same as haze, 10 yuan is better than 198 yuan!


Today, Beijing, the haze is covered under dark, like a large -scale revenge on the blue sky in the past two years …

Some people analyze the economics principles behind the environment. Some people recommend that “standing haze” as the twenty -fifth solar term, or cattle or skin, but cannot solve the problem of the front of the eyes:

How can I save my life?

You hereby sacrifice

62 mask reviews

, Give people who have not yet abandoned

Smoked life must be back


● Don’t doubt that the anti -haze mask can “protect life”, the qualified anti -haze mask can filter more than 90%of PM2.5

● Ordinary cotton mask, disposable mask, PITTA wearing the entire entertainment circle, can not effectively prevent haze, don’t test poison with the lungs

● The air quality in the subway is not optimistic, do not pick up the mask on the haze day

● The higher the mask of the protection level, there will be a certain breathing resistance. It is best to wear less than 2 hours.

● Babies under the age of 3 are not recommended to wear a haze -proof mask. Please turn on the purifier to go out.

43 adult models, 19 children’s models, a little -known anti -haze mask has basically been beaten by us ~

Sloping up and down to see what to test ↓

Adult anti -haze mask


Children’s haze mask

Too late to explain directly into the placement area

Narcruspofe recommendation list

On the list

Good filtration efficiency, good protection effect, good fit, good breathability, small odor, and comfortable wear.

Children’s mask recommendation list

Good filtration efficiency, safe material, good fit, good breathability, small odor, and comfortable wear.


The players with the highest scores in live -action experience are soft and skinny, elastic and elastic, and do not bog. The three -dimensional shape, the internal space is large, and the breathability effect is good.

Details of wearing & masks ↓

AIR+is actually a subsidiary of Dilu. It is not easy to buy in China. The mask’s nose pad is added with a soft sponge cloth, and the fabric is thick and textured, so it will be a bit dull. AIR+has an electric valve to buy alone, similar to a small air -changing fan, which can be disassembled and repeatedly used at any time. Children said that the breathability effect is much better after adding the electric valve.

Electric valve disassembly ↓

The electric valve is similar to a small fan, which is slightly more expensive. Buy about 155 oceans. For the first time, you need to be fully charged (with lighting prompts). Each charging can be used for 2 hours in a row. It can be recharged about 500 times.

The S code is suitable for 2-4 years old, M code is suitable for 4-10 years, and the L code is suitable for over 11 years old.

Song Yan, the king of cost -effective, competed for domestic brands. Working and tailoring conscience, two details add points: silicone gum quality nasal clip, skin -friendly and anti -leakage, loose with a layer of thin velvet, reduce the feeling ~


The M code nose beam is slightly taller, and the baby’s baby may be a bit blocking. The new mask has a smell of light saline, it is recommended to dry it slightly.

The star who has been red for a long time, the face value is online, full of fashion, the biggest disadvantage may be “expensive”. The official said that it can be washed water, wiped with sterilization cloth or gently scrubbing, but not too hard.

Details ↓

The hood can be washed repeatedly, but the haze -proof effect is filter cotton slices. The filter cotton is disposable. After wearing it, change it, so remember to buy filter cotton. By the way, the hood is cotton, the material is soft enough, the small face baby is slightly tilted after wearing it, and the inside of the mask will be humid.

Each is attached to 5 pieces of cotton slices, and the filter cotton is a box of 5 pieces/15 yuan.

You have finished reading the essence of this article, you should buy it, you should throw it ~ Xueba personality can continue to grind the following content.

How to measure the haze -proof mask?


Hog resistance test


The filtering efficiency and protection effect of the mask are the basis for determining the ability to prevent haze.

Filtration efficiency


: The core part of the mask -filter cloth material filtering particulate matter (such as PM2.5), detect the ability of the cover to filter the particles, and use percentage.

Protective effect

: Refers to the final ability of the obstruction of the particles. If the mask is unreasonable and the seal is not good, the filtering fabric filter efficiency is not good. The protective effect is a result indicator of the filter cloth filtering ability and the sealing of the mask, and calculates the percentage of the amount of particle material concentration after the mask.

*Children’s masks cannot be tested by mask head molds in the standard detection method, so the protection effect is not available

We tested in accordance with the latest adult protective mask national standard “GB/T 32610-2016 Frequent Protection Mask Technical Specifications”.


43 adult mask anti -haze protection capabilities ↓

Pass up and down

Due to all kinds of unruly pressure, we wiped out the unqualified 9 brand names …



“Get brand information, the 9 models of the brand name are unknown.

19 children’s mask filtration efficiency ↓

The anti -haze logo of most masks is filtering salt particles (non -oily). By the way, we tested the oil -based particle filtration efficiency of the mask, and some masks were beyond imagination.


With reference to the adult protective mask standard, the filtering efficiency of nearly half of the children’s mask is “unqualified”. Such a product is sold so much to the weakest person under the dome …

Here is calling on the relevant departments to introduce children’s masters as soon as possible.



Breathable test

Not much to say, the mask is not breathable, who do you want to die? It is still tested with the national standard “GB/T 32610-2016”!

Once again, because the children’s mask does not have a national standard, the head mold in the adult standard is tested, so

Children’s mask cannot be performed for the time being


43 adult mask air permeability ↓


Material safety test


There have been news that a brand of anti -haze masks contain formaldehyde, which once caused public opinion: There is always a way of death suitable for you.

In order to be at ease, we tested the formaldehyde content, microorganisms, pH, and dispersion of carcinogenic amine dyes, ethylene oxide residues of 62 masks.

I am very pleased,

Test results are safe



Live experience

My face is small, you have a lot of meat, he has a collapsed nose, and she wears glasses … Masks produced by standard headmodels cannot be suitable for everyone, so I have to ask the masks of different faces to evaluate the officials!


▲ Lead the relief! Ah, the mask!

▲ Some experience officials appear

Let ’s ask the children’s cover to evaluate the group ~


According to the applicable age section marked by the mask, the five babies tried to wear different masks. 9 models with poor filtration efficiency will not participate in the experience.

Taotao 3 years old

Flying on the set flying Twor

Test wearing: Xingyan, Ali, Vogmask, Travellight, Air+

Hexi 5 years old


Ghost and horses are coming in a shot

Try to wear: Songyan, Ali, North Korea, AirWalker, Air+

Xiaoyuer 7 years old


Guardian Madness


Try to wear: Xingyan, Songyan, Honeywell, VOGMASK, Travellight, DPRK, Airwalker


Miao Miao 10 years old

Smart and well -behaved little fairy

Try to wear: Honeywell, DPRK, Airwalker, Air+

Lei Lei 11 years old

Wild boy with black landscape line


Try to wear: Xingyan, Honeywell, North Korea, Alice, 3M, Travellight

Wear each mask for 10-20 minutes


Parents assist the baby to fill in the feedback questionnaire


Children’s anti -haze mask real human experience scoring

During the trial, we found out




8130SCN has a strong aura that is not close to people. The smell is pungent and the smell is sad. The evaluation officer Lei Lei is no longer willing to wear it after taking the photo.


For formaldehyde detection, why is there such a big odor? We consulted the customer service. The customer service said that this was the taste of the mask rubber rope. The whole package test of the mask was qualified … I didn’t say anything. Our company still has a brand new unclean, not to hear it.



The last instructions of the life -saving group

The mask is just a choice that can not be used

Try not to let your child go out as much as possible in the haze day

When we talk about haze, we are mainly talking about PM2.5, and we don’t need to say much about it.

*I have picked up in this article: “Why do we talk about haze color? Because it is really scary! “



PM2.5 The harm to children is greater than adults

,mainly because:

• Children are in the period of growth, their bodies have not yet developed, and their resistance is weak.


• The development of the lungs has continued from the mother’s tire to birth, and the particulate matter can easily affect the development of the lung and lung function.

• The younger the age, the more you get the age of the respiratory disease. If you have asthma and bronchitis itself, the impact will be greater.

Try not to pick up masks in the subway

The haze is pervasive, and the indoor and outdoor. According to a survey from Peking University, the PM2.5 concentration in the subway car is generally higher than the outdoor environment.

You may be sad or dissatisfied, but we still remind everyone to keep their lives in the end. Don’t take the mask by car!



*Inspection agencies: National Labor Protection Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Beijing), etc.

*Report number: No.2017 (dust) -594, 595, etc.

*Commodities are anonymously purchased from platforms such as JD.com, Tmall, Taobao, etc. The price is uncertain for reference

*The data is only responsible for the inspection sample


On the list

Details of wearing & masks ↓


Details of wearing & masks ↓

Details of wearing & masks ↓

Pass up and down