You can copy your homework bag & shoes directly in fashion weeks, let’s summarize it for you


The 2022 Autumn and Winter Fashion Week has ended, maybe because the “offline recovery” this season is relatively strong, and major brands are rolled up ~

For example, March 6


With an extreme pink show, everyone has occupied everyone’s attention. From the show layout to clothes to accessories, the details of the accessories are pink, so that I haven’t seen it for a long time


The theme show with a single color

“The editor was really amazing!


This season, the show was directly moved to the “snowstorm”. The models walked around the cold wind. Although the details of the clothing have been covered up by the snow, it has been covered with the snow, but


Demna Gvasalia made everyone feel the last aesthetics in his heart.


But just in this very visual impact, a low -key show also impressed people, it is

Lemaire2022 autumn and winter series


This season





“The theme, using modern design language to interpret the natural and wild concept of nomadic nomadic, each shape will not be abrupt in the city’s environment. There is a kind of”


People are in the city, the heart is nomadic

“It feels like people’s psychology in the post -epidemic era.

Since it is nomadic theme, outdoor has become the main scene. So this time on the show, a lot of functional kettle accessories appeared. At first glance, there was even a feeling of replacing the bag ~

Although the protagonist on the show is the protagonist, it is more complete with accessories.

Just two days ago, did n’t we just finish the jewelry for everyone, and arrange the bags and shoes today! Let’s take a look at what shoes and bags for this season can give you grass!

Louis vuitton

The 2022 Autumn and Winter series found “Squid Game” female lead Zheng Haoyan. White shirts, printed ties, and silhouette leather jackets are neutral.


Youth, mix and match, neutral, college style

It is the DNA of this show, so naturally, sports shoes are indispensable. Several pairs of sneakers with no rear heels appeared on the show. It seems that the “gospel of lazy people” will continue to be popular.

The same youth and invincible canvas shoes are also available,

Fell Island Flower

The national style of the shoes has been added, I have to talk about creative director

Nicolas ghesquière

I am really good at mixing a variety of styles and elements. It is difficult to imagine how to put neutral style with Fern Island together before editing ~


designer brand



The sneakers in the show this season are also very interesting. The overall style of the big show is the combination of his consistent punk+sports. This time the sneakers were completely deconstructed. The combination of various collages and mesh materials is like the “mech” from the future world at first glance.

A few pairs of shoes have been deliberately done for old treatment. Is “grinding” a new trend of shoes? Indeed, sometimes sports shoes are not stained but there is no old fashion.

Ann demeulemeester

The outlines of this season’s clothes are biased towards slender, basically covering the upper, and the ultimate black makes the models look very solemn, and the exposed white shoes automatically become the protagonist.

No matter what suits, leather clothes, or leather, Aunt Ann’s show also proves the wild white shoes versatile and unsatisfactory fatal advantages (small white shoes inner OS: versatile still depends on me)!

And the method of putting the pants covering the upper is very long, and you can also refer to it every day.


Such as bloggers

Tine Andrea Lauvli

In this way, use dark wide -leg jeans with rice white sneakers. Originally, the black straight coat and dark jeans would be very “stuffy” together, making the entire look breathe, and it would be white at the foot.

It is also wearing a black jacket. You can also try to use the color inner color. Here are the sneakers with the same color as the pants to better lengthen the leg lines.


Of course, it is not necessary to say that it is not necessary for sports shoes. Beauty pointed high heels are also possible, but the overall style will become strong, and it is easy to come without sports shoes.

Canvas shoes and sneakers can be replaced with each other

The jeans that are slightly covered with the upper with canvas shoes and sports are OK. The challenge of leather pants may be slightly larger.

Sneakers on leather surfaces are relatively better than canvas.


ROCKFISH British 901 anti -splash canvas moral training shoes

Original price: 399


Exclusive discount on posters: 319cny

ROCKFISH is selling well on the poster Shop (

The return rate is basically 0)!

It is very popular in the past two years

Retro moral training shoe type


Simple design can basically contract all your next matching.


It is a natural latex insole, and it is specially thickened. It has the effect of shock absorption. It is more comfortable to walk to the way.

The surprise is that this shoe still has a certain amount

Waterproof performance!

Water is not easy to be absorbed by the fabric, which is equivalent to its own “invisible raincoat”. It’s time to rain immediately, waterproof shoes are still very practical!


ROCKFISH British 747 anti -splashing two lazy canvas shoes


Original price: 339


Exclusive discount on posters: 269cny

The new canvas shoes are always easy to grind, but the Rockfish shoe is used in the back heel

Environmental velvet fiber leather


This material is more softer and softer, which reduces the probability of shoes grinding.


And its back heels can also be worn directly. The gospel of lazy people ~ The material of the upper is similar to the German -training shoes on the upper.

Keddo full palm thick bottom breathable niche daddy shoes

Original price: 799

Exclusive discount on posters: 659cny

Let me see who likes to show my legs to wear my daddy shoes? The fat shoe type can really be lined with a thinner ankle. And daddy shoes often have a thick bottom, and Keddo is no exception.

The higher is 4.5cm later. In addition to the increase in the effect, the foot feels more comfortable to step on the foot.

Keddo “Dang & Jam” Basic Basic Daddy Shoes

Exclusive discount on posters: 669cny

This series of inspiration is quite cute -dough jam.

The sole design is imitating the Q bomb dough


, Side with jelly fastening decoration, which is the designer’s signature pattern.

Daddy shoes also made exhaust holes on the upper

In summer, you can also maintain good breathability without stuffy feet ~

There is still the kind of “nothing can be pretended” on this season’s fashion week+the axillary bag of many seasons.

However, the editor carefully disk,


It is found that the probability of a larger capacity, fashionable and stylish bag seems to be higher!

Although it cannot be said that the bag types of major brands are exactly the same, they are very close to “


Trapezoidal “


for example!


Jil Sander!

The overall bag is still “simple to the end”, and the outline is also very three -dimensional. There is a circular metal buckle decoration on the flip cover. This handbag is trapezoidal. Another advantage is

Successful thickness, relatively large capacity

Louis Vuitton also has similar handbags this season. The overall shape is also a trapezoidal shape, and it is also a flip design. LV’s handbag design has always emphasized brand recognition, so the metal logo decoration with LV on the flip cover.

This season also improved its own boxes. This “open book” -like shape is actually a three -dimensional trapezoid.

It’s a lot of improvement this time!


Not only is it more interesting, but also the capacity of the box bag.

Originally, the Petite Malle’s bag was not convenient to get in because the material was harder, and it was not convenient to get things. After designing such a change, it should be more smooth to use!

There are also trapezoidal handbags in it. In the past two years, Valentino’s rivets have become bigger and bigger, and it feels more and more modern. In particular, the black bag with black leather is very suitable for daily commuting back.

Elsa Hosk

The upper body was very similar to the show before

Valentino Garavani One Stud

Handbags, the Mediterranean blue is bright, echoing the golden rivets in the style, and a little retro.

Speaking of bag ~ That’s naturally not missing


Almost, this season is of classic models



Dependent design -double -sided Kelly handbag. This “irregular buckle band” may make the young people who feel the old age of Kelly have curiosity about this package!

In addition, there is still much attention on the Hermes show -changed the shoulder strap design


Kelly danse,

The rivet buckle on the shoulder strap can adjust the length of the shoulder straps. The design is basically not very picky, that is, the budget is more picky (blame yourself).

Put aside the price ~ Kelly is really a bag that is very suitable for commuting! The three -dimensional packaging and elegant metal buckles are particularly resistant to clothes such as suits and shirts. The bag type is also square, which can enhance the professionalism and texture of the whole person.

If the above bags are still a little far away from you, the following is the one that can be possessed immediately.

IrideScence New York Horticulture Bag

Reference price: 2,250CNY


This trapezoidal gardening bag comes from

Iridescence New York

It is a bag brand established in New York.

The outline of the bag type is clear, and the color is simple.


The leather is made of the first layer of cowhide, and the feel is very good

Intersection Intersection The capacity is also excellent. Although it is not as good as a Totbal bag that can be installed with a notebook, there is no problem with an iPad. And the handle is also made of weaving design, which adds a sense of details. It is mainly very good!

I.jiji Tao Tao Puperbag

Reference price: 2,399cny

If you have friends who are obsessed with small bags in summer, you can take a look

I.Jiji Pottery bag, which is very three -dimensional from the bag to the handle!

Although the lines of the bag are tough and sharp, the corner is smooth, with its own ceramic temperament.

This bag has three colors:

Green pottery, yellow pottery and brown pottery


, It’s a bit of retro color, which is also very suitable for the upcoming summer ~


Amazing Song Anna Shoulder Bag Bag

Reference price: 799cny


Finally, you have to boast the domestic niche designer brand


Amazing song


This fascination bag. The colors look good!


It together


There are 6 colors

Except for classic


Black and white gray coffee


There are also mint green and rice white that makes people fall in love, which is very suitable for spring and summer. This bag retains the sticky bag, which is always slender,

However, the bag has a double -layer structure, which is thicker than the average stick bag

, More durable and more capable.

Take you again with you: sports shoes, trapezoidal bags, are the keywords remember? Let’s say ~ When you encounter difficulty choices, remember to turn over the poster article!


After watching the makeup videos for so many years, it is not as inspirational as virtual?


Why do I have a big show, and I haven’t seen it more fashionable?


The brand’s collective “copying homework”, the moon -shaped bag that looks “good -tempered”, why is it so hot?

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