Cotton clothes still have to learn the skills of stars. Although Zhou Shen is not high, wearing cotton clothes is very fashionable


Fashionable clothing has always had higher requirements on the figure. Many people think that they are short and the effects of fatting are not good -looking. Especially the thick clothing such as cotton clothes seems to be short in winter

The nightmare is the same.

In fact, height has nothing to do with the clothing you wear. Different figures are also suitable for different matching methods. The same is true for cotton clothes. Choose one that suits you

The matching methods are beautiful.

Men wearing cotton clothing is deeply learning, and they are more free and easy to wear. They are not rustic. His height is not tall, but he will not worry too much when he is matched with clothing.

Strange factors


, Will only find cotton clothes that suits you and match the effect.

This is also a lot of stars in cotton clothes, which will be compared

The reason why ordinary people look good

First, wearing cotton clothes still need to learn stars’ wear skills. Although Zhou Shen is not high, wearing cotton clothes is very


After all, cotton clothes are everyone

The costume style that is indispensable for winter,

Learn to dress better and more fashionable, it is still very practical.

The matching skills of long cotton clothing

◆ style selection

If a woman

Short, wear, wear

When the cotton is taken, it will be replaced with short cotton clothes. This is to highlight my cute temperament, and it also makes

Cotton clothes do not press height

Essence However, men ca n’t choose this. When wearing cotton clothes, choose a short style, which will only make their aura look not very good

Handsome and generous.

Long cotton clothes and medium -long cotton clothing are good choices, but the requirements for long cotton clothes are indeed high. It is better to try the style without texture, the overall sense is stronger, and the gas field is more handsome. It is not easy to appear fat than ordinary fluffy cotton clothes, which reduces the pressure.


The effect of height.

◆ Color recommendation

The color and preferences of cotton clothing are very connected. Many men choose black styles when choosing cotton clothes in order to make the gas field more advanced. Actually it doesn’t have to be selected

Black, gray, brown

It’s all good, and occasionally a man who understands fashion has chosen colorful styles to match

Cool effect.

However, the long -designed cotton jacket will still choose the black style to wear it on the body, and at the same time, it is quite easy to match.

◆ Pants matching analysis

There are many ways to choose pants. For men, it is better to choose sports pants, wide -leg pants and Haron pants, which shows


Free gas field

It can also help you wear more cool and generous effects.

Because the color of cotton clothes is


You can also boldly try pants of different colors such as red, brown, etc., and can also show

Cool youth.


Normally wear black cotton clothes and black pants, it is best not to match black sneakers.

But everyone can also choose white pants and

White sports shoes,

After matching the long cotton clothing, the color is refreshing and highly high -level, and it can lengthen the lines of the legs.

Show a high role


◆ matching of accessories

Long cotton clothes are not suitable for handsome and cool accessories such as earrings. When wearing short cotton clothes, you can try it, but you can

Matching a sense of sports

Hat or dynamic bag. The cotton clothes with high -end leather bags are a little strange, and there is a style

Contradiction, need

It is better to choose shoulder bags and sports shoulder bags.

When your cotton clothing chooses is no hat, you can also match it

Hat sweater

, Make the cotton clothing more layered and cool. If you have a hat, don’t choose a sweater. The temperament of the hat on the hat is a bit strange.


Sharing of other cotton clothes

◆ Middle -length cotton clothing is more versatile

On the atmospheric gas field, the long cotton clothing will be more prominent, but the sense of fashion and the difficulty of control, the middle and long models are more popular. The length is not short or long, which can make the temperament more advanced and not press the height.


Black or dark green,

Nothing affects the gas field, all of them are cool and handsome, green ones can also be matched with

Black clothing

, Seeming more

The medium -length cotton clothing can also be designed as a colorful style, so that after pairing with black clothing, you are young and fashionable.

◆ White cotton clothing

Dark cotton clothing is very common. Light -colored cotton clothes are not as dark -colored cotton clothing.


It is not very popular in men’s clothing. However, white is still very common, and men don’t like to wear them always


Black out.

Choose a white hooded cotton jacket, with black leggings, you can also make the gas field look appear


More handsome and layered.

Add some colorful decorations to the white cotton clothing, and it also has the effect of improving the fashionable and young model. At this time, the pants of the same color with the same color can also be matched with a more fashionable and refreshing effect.

◆ Classic gray cotton clothing

In the wardrobe

Black clothing


Many men must have a few gray cotton clothing. The effects are fashionable and high -level. After matching black clothing, they are all


Don’t drop the price.

If there are many white clothing, it is also recommended to choose gray cotton clothes. With black satin cotton clothes, the effect can be displayed naturally.