Use the improved corner space to achieve perfect storage


In addition to building the entire wall into a cabinet, the storage of small apartment spaces is also a good choice for expanding the space. On the one hand, it saves space and hides and beautiful; on the other hand, it can greatly meet the storage needs.


Living room corner


The clever design often increases the space utilization by 1-2 square meters. It not only storages the daily miscellaneous objects, but also condenses the multiple functions of the space, and does not waste every inch of space.

In the living room corner design, we must consider the height of the space and the layout of the space. The choice of furniture should be combined with the size of the space, and the layout of the furniture is not easy to complicated.

Porch corner

The porch corner area can be isolated and a large amount of objects. You can also customize according to your own needs. Wine cabinets, display cabinets, bookshelves, etc. can be tailored to increase the functionality and layering of space.

If the entrance area of ​​the porch is sufficient, you can boldly try the overall design, have strong storage capacity and ultra -high value, and are favored by the young families at the moment. The hollow area plus the table design, the room space is refreshing, and it will never never be again. Need to worry about storage.

Bedroom corner design

The corner of the bedroom gives more space and more important functions to meet the current diversified and personalized needs of fast -paced life. It rationally uses corner space. Wardrobe, cosmetic table, desk, bay window tatami can be exclusive.

Bay window corner design, creating a concentrated area with both rest and storage. Occasionally, it can be used as a sofa directly, which is especially suitable for some small and medium -sized units to enrich the space function.

Kitchen corner design

In the layout of small apartment spaces, kitchen often needs to maximize concessions. The narrow and closed inevitable leading to the messy and disorderly kitchen work, and the kitchen movement plan is made in advance. The space can also be handy.


The use of corner space of the kitchen has become an indispensable part. Making reasonable planning according to the dynamic line in the early stage of decoration will be greatly facilitated in the later kitchen life. The optimized design of the alien space can not only beautify the space, but also increase the kitchen The storage function is the first choice for our decoration.

Other corner design


The house is not just a place for us to live, but also the manifestation of our life form, personality and emotion. Various corners such as corner card seats, corner partitions, corner children’s activity areas, corners entering the wall shelves, and other corner designs such as the right corner design meet our needs.

Use corners to build bar tables to avoid a large area of ​​walls or cabinets, so that the space is transparent and full of layering. The small apartment space is repeatedly used. The overall effect is exquisite and capable, practical and simple.

Reasonably use corner space to provide support for individuality and create possibilities for life. Make full use of the advantages and characteristics of different spaces for personalized customization, which can not only tap the storage potential of space, but also greatly enhance the image of the home, thereby improving the quality of our lives.


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