Is it really useless?




Zhang Che, the founder of the first “Million Director”, “Grand Master of Martial Arts”, and “Condition Aesthetics” in Hong Kong’s film history. He directed nearly 100 movies in his life, and there were countless classics. At the same time, he also cultivated many excellent disciples and became the backbone of Hong Kong movies.

“Great Shanghai 1937”


In 1985, the “Shaw” announced the suspension of production, coupled with the rise of the Hong Kong Sina wave movie, Zhang Che’s traditional kung fu film gradually lost the market, and the unable to have been in the past. As the director Li Hanxiang and Zhang Xinyan were filmed in the north of the same period, Zhang Che was unwilling to show weakness. He went to the Mainland to select the sixth generation of disciples in Zhangjiaban, and filmed the kung fu film “Greater Shanghai 1937” that swept the north and south of the river.

Zhang Che filmed a total of six films in the Mainland, namely “Greater Shanghai 1937”, “Crossing the River Dragon”, “Jianghu Strange Soldiers”, “Xi’an Kill”, “Westbound Ping Monster” and “Smart Tong”. The word of mouth of these movies is polarized. Some people think that Zhang Che “the martyrs are twilight, and their hearts are sturdy.” His masculinity is still there; more people say that he is exhausted, fried rice, and the evening festival is not guaranteed.

Zhang Che, who has been over the years, has a bad physical condition. According to Andy Lau, who participated in the “Shanghai Beach Thirteen Taibao” (1984), Zhang Che often fell asleep on the set. The film shooting was all done by the disciples himself. Several films such as “Greater Shanghai 1937” must also be directed by Zhang Che after setting the tone.

Chen Ergang, Sun Yanwen, Wang Xiangwei, Mu Lixin, Luo Huanyou, Dong Zhihua


Of course, this is just a joke. Zhang Che’s sixth -generation disciple is mostly martial arts from the Chinese Academy of Opera. On the one hand, they followed Zhang Che to make films, and on the other hand, they also learned film production technology. These six films are the executive directors. Although they are not popular, they have been diligent in the film and television industry. Of course, this is all later.




Among the six films, the most criticized is “Mythological Story Film” “Westbound Ping Demon”. It was titled “Zhang Che’s bad work”, and it was continuously taunting netizens for decades.


So, is it really useless?


The main points of the film’s mockery are: perfunctory makeup, outdated special effects, and wonderful plot.

Looking back on this film first.

The film begins with a Peking Opera stage. As we all know, Zhang Che is a senior ticket friend. Many of his inspirations come from opera, such as “Boys in White”, “Dance of Death”, and “Ban Intestine War”. Starting from the fourth -generation disciples (Lu Feng, Guo Zhan, Jiang Sheng, etc.), Zhang Che intends to recruit actors from the opera school. He believes that the disciples of the play school are better and look better. He also filmed a stage movie “Red Baby”.

In fact, Zhang Che’s six films in the Mainland are all based on their own works. Except for Xu Xiaojian, most six generations of disciples participated in the film.


Dong Zhihua


Sun Wukong was played by Dong Zhihua. Dong Zhihua, martial arts of Chinese Opera College. He is the most heavier among the six generations of disciples, starring in six films. In addition, he is also the fried ghost in Zhou Xingchi’s movie “Kung Fu”, the father of the new generation actor Dong Zijian.

This Sun Wukong is called the most white monkey in history. Zhang Che was deeply filming in the Mainland, and even communication was a problem, and film production was restricted. So makeup and special effects, these can be saved. The most important thing is how to show the pectoral muscles if the whole body sticky hair? As a result, Dong Zhihua played six films.


Jia Yongquan


Tang Seng was played by Jia Yongquan. Jia Yongquan, martial arts of Chinese Opera College. Jia Yongquan, who has a beautiful eyebrow, is also suitable for the role of Tang Seng. After the film, he withdrew from the film industry and returned to the Peking Opera stage, and he is currently an actor in the Chinese Peking Theater.

Zhang Keyi

Black Panther Band, one on the left


Pig Bajie is played by Zhang Kezhen. Zhang Keyi, martial arts of Chinese Opera College. In 2005, he replaced Qin Yong’s position and became the lead singer of the Black Panther Band, withdrawing in 2013.

Du Yuming

Ji Chunhua, Du Yuming, Li Ming


The sand monk is Du Yuming. He is also Wusheng of the Chinese Academy of Opera. He is still a spiritual guy in “Crossing Jianglong”. Later, because of a serious illness, he was not born on his head. After that, he simply used a bald eyebrow without eyebrows.

Leopard king

Peking opera “Gold Leopard”

The first fairy appearing in this film was the king of Leopard, and his makeup is a Peking Opera Facebook. Do you think this Facebook is just drawing casually? Nothing. This is based on the image of the famous Peking opera “Leopard”, which appeared in “Red Baby”.

Chen Jiming, Cao Ying

There are two original characters in this film, played by Chen Jiming and Cao Ying.

“The Wind of the King of Huang Feihong”, Chen Jiming


Chen Jiming, Wusheng of the Chinese Academy of Opera, has participated in the film “The Wind of the King of Huang Feihong”, the famous TV series “Miss Public Relations”, “Book Sword Enemies” (Huang Haibing Edition), “Water Margin” (Li Xuejian version), “Divine Doctor) Xilai Le “and so on.

Cao Ying

Cao Ying, the same name as the famous actress. He is also martial arts of the Chinese Academy of Opera, and is currently the vice president of the Kunqu Theater in the North.

Huang Bingqiang, Wang Xiangwei, Yao Yu


The three monsters in the car are really cold, but the three actors are also not simple.

Huang Bingqiang, a double massage stick deer, a fairy, is the old student of the Chinese Opera Academy.

Slow Yangyang Village Chief of Yangli Xian Xian Xian Xiang Wei, Wusheng of the Chinese Academy of Opera, later directed TV dramas such as “Famous Catcher Kanto”, “Heroes of the Sui and Tang Dynasties”, “Last Emperor Legend” and other TV series.


Plasma hot tiger power Daxian Yao Yu, the northern Kunli House, is now director of science film studios. The programs produced have been broadcast on CCTV many times.



Chi Chi Guo Fighting, Sun Wukong “played” another intestine. The bridge of “Pan Intestine War” often appears in Zhang Che movies, to express the tragic and heroes of the battle. This is not Zhang Che’s pioneering, but from another favorite Peking opera song “Jorde Pass”. “Jiepai Guan” has also appeared many times in Zhang Che’s movies, such as “Revenge”, “Red Baby”, “Reverse God Revenge”, “Crossing Jianglong” and so on.

Jiang Kecheng

The plot of Nezha’s incarnation with Sun Wukong was very abrupt. During the “Shaw’s” period, Zhang Che always appeared in the film every time Zhang Che was pushing newcomers. In this film, Jiang Kecheng, who plays the incarnation of Nezha, is a “special introduction”.

Jiang Kecheng, Wusheng of the Chinese Academy of Opera, went to Hong Kong after the Zhang family, participated in the “Zhongnanhai Bodyguard”, “Special Police New Human”, “The King of Thousand Kings 2000”, “Sunset Angel”, “My Wife is a big guy 3 “3”, “Cold War 2”, etc., are now TVB’s action guidance.


Jiang Kecheng, Dong Zhihua

Jiang Kecheng’s fight with Dong Zhihua is very exciting. Two top martial arts have used weapons such as sticks, hammers, swords, red guns, iron rings, and daggers. The skills are solid, and the movements are like flowing flowers. It is pleasing to the eyes.

Regarding whether Sun Wukong will use the problem of sword … I wonder if you have seen Mr. Jin Yong’s “Yue Girl Sword”? “Yue Girl Sword” is based on “Wu Yue Spring and Autumn”. Among them, Yue Girl A Qing, who is known as Jin Yong’s novel, killed thousands of Yuejia with a bamboo pole. Her sword method was learned from a white ape. Therefore, monkeys will use swords, it should be reasonable.

Peking opera “Sanchakou”


“Tang Bohu Light Qiu Xiang”


Dong Kecheng’s costumes are very beautiful: soft Luo hat, hug and pants, thin -bottom boots. This is the most classic appearance of Wusheng. It has appeared in many film and television dramas. It comes from Ren Tanghui in the classic Peking opera “Three Chaskou”.

Mu Lixin


Later, Sun Wukong and the red children also appeared in this shape, but the color was different.


“Rush Out of Amazon”

Mu Lixin, who plays the red child, is also a martial arts college of the Chinese Opera. Mu Lixin is the youngest among the sixth generation disciples. Like Dong Zhihua and Du Yuming, he participated in all the films and TV series “Assassination Horse” in the later period of Zhang Che. In 2001, he participated in the film “Rushing Out of Amazon” in Bayi Plant and was nominated for the best supporting actor in the 26th Baihua Award.


Jiang Kecheng, Mu Lixin

Jiang Kecheng and Mu Lixin have a play in the black room, which is obviously a tribute to “Sanchakou”.


Fire wheel

At the end of the film, it was once again attributed to a big melee. Nezha, red children, Sun Wukong, and sand monks all have their own dry ice shoes … No, wind wheel. Why do they all have windfire wheels?



Because this is already doomed … The original name of this film is “Wind Wheel Wars”.

Mu Lixin, Dong Zhihua

At the end of the film, Zhang Che still did not forget to sublimate the male friendship he has always focused on. The look at Sun Wukong and the red child smiled, and it was full of confidence.

Having said so much, in fact, Zhang Che’s movie is not a day or two, and he mistakenly changed the “Journey to the West” that the Chinese people were familiar with. The so -called “Ping Demon” just flattes the leopard essence and the three demon of Chi Chi. As for the red child, it is a family ethics farce caused by emotional entanglement. Although the plot is a bit strange, fortunately, the level of action scenes is still there, coupled with the blasting stunts from time to time, the film is also very lively.

Evaluating such a film with the sense of superiority of modern society is obviously unfair. If you think about it, at that time, Zhang Che at the time, his former love generals were fighting each other. He was unhappy in Hong Kong, and he was little known in the Mainland. Why did he smash the signboard as the public said?

Zhang Che wrote to Dillon

I accidentally saw the letter from Zhang Che to Dillon in 2001, and the sentence was sad.

The full text is as follows:



There are two sides! The prerequisite for “Enjoying the Years” is to have money! If there is no savings, there must be income, otherwise there will be problems with the meal. Intersection I have a house because it is a staff member of Shaw’s. Water, electricity, and food ask for money, workers ask for money, see a doctor for taking medicine, how can I raise my body? In addition to the free room, Shaw’s wages are also obtained, which mainly depends on the monthly salary income given by Chinese stars.

It is not possible to rely on others to sympathize with others, and it is difficult to take care of the poor! I still have to think that I am useful! If you “sing” when you are old, you should not do anything to do with your health! The old home of the An’an House destroyed the image, giving people a feeling of being old and useless. Besides, we must have money to live.


Therefore, my current “use” is very small. It is not enough to go home. It is the only “role” to contact some “useful” mainland relations! In the openness of China’s policy, it can only look forward to increasing business opportunities after entering the WTO, rejection is not good for me, making me “useless”.

I am not very active, but I can’t do anything. The reason is obvious. I won’t be too troublesome to help my friends, but I hope that my friend understands that I am not blessed or not, and I am looking for trouble. I do n’t have a disease that can cure western medicine now. It is also expensive to see Chinese medicine and take Chinese medicine to condition my body.

In order to do a little things, there are also assistants. Assistant Xianzai is the son of the old colleague of Shao. I want to pay less for him. Now I will introduce it to you and contact you. Thank you for your care, I wish you Ri’an.

Zhang Che 26/11/2001


He didn’t need him, but he couldn’t let go of this rivers and lakes.


“Blood Blood”


After Zhang Che, his disciple Wu Yusen promoted the “masculine aesthetics” again. There are talented people in Jiangshan, and it has been decades later. This simple and rude, bold and dry -cloud movie, who can relay now?

Prior to his death, Zhang Che wrote a poem to summarize his career and borrow it as the end of this article:

Luo Tuo Rivers and Lakes are light, and they are not known for their good and good doctors. What is the matter of Jin Zi in the Southern Dynasties? Only the screen dream.



Dong Zhihua

Jiang Kecheng