Long woolen coat, plate buckle design, with pointed and tangible boots, exquisite and stylish winter matching


How to match winter and what style you will choose. In fact, you can match a simple feeling in winter, long down jackets, and long woolen coats. It is a common match in winter, but different styles and styles will be different, so look at it. How do you choose, the style you like is different, you will also wear a different taste. The stylish beauty knows what style is better. They are constantly trying to try new clothing matching, and they will choose some different styles to set off themselves. In winter, they will set off themselves. The combination must have the characteristics of winter, so that your life will be more exciting.


There are many girls who love beauty, and they will try how to match them. Choose some different styles, which will let you know what is the most beautiful. When you understand that you are wearing, your life will change. Of course, you need to know how to show Iself, now more and more fashionistas and Internet celebrities have given many ordinary people a chance. They also start learning to match, try different styles to display, and make them look better. Pickup, so that you are more active.


This beauty is taking pictures and punching in. Maybe it is for a few years, but it is very exciting, long woolen coat, waist design, the hem spreads, to the position below the ankle, very simple, and it is also matched with it. The sense of fashion, the effect of keeping warmth is also very good. The buckle design is all tied. This does not need to show the inside. There are some embroidery on it, slightly color, neckline and cuffs, white fur decoration, and winter dressing feel. It is very delicate in winter, but it is not difficult to learn at all. Many people can try.


Under the feet, a pair of beige pointed fine heel boots, velvet styles are very beautiful, but the boots can not be seen, and she is covered by her coat. Most beautiful women will choose high heels, especially this trench coat, which requires high heels to set off. Otherwise, it will mop the floor. Most fashionable beauties will also be used to matching high -heeled shoes. The fine heel of this boot is about 6 cm, which is not particularly high. It will be easier to wear. It also enhances temperament. If you want to be more beautiful, wear simple high -heeled shoes, the design styles should be very delicate.

Beauty choosing light -colored matching is also a very beautiful style. Don’t always choose dark colors in winter. Light color wear will also make you very exciting. There are many people who like to match. You need to know that the long -term avoidance, the matching of this beauty, does not pick very much, the beautiful women who are not good -looking, can also match it, but you need to wear high heels to set off. For beautiful women who often wear high heels, this trench coat is very easy to match with beautiful women. You can control it.