Dry goods | What is behind tens of thousands of mattresses?


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干货 | 动辄上万的床垫背后到底是什么?

This is a popular science text, dry goods about mattresses, without advertising! Hope to be helpful to readers to buy mattresses! Readers who need to buy a mattress can wait patiently for a few days, and I will recommend a new brand to open a group!

After the 80s and 90s, the word Xi Mengsi should be no stranger to the word Xi Mengsi. At that time, there was a Xi Mengsi spring mattress in the family. To this day, some people are still used to saying that the mattress is Xi Mengshi, and Xi Mengsi is just a mattress brand in the United States, which is not equal to the mattress.

Because the United States is the largest market for mattresses, the mattress industry has developed early, and many brands naturally become well -known in China, such as Xi Mengsi, Shuda, and Sili. In 2009, Shuda’s parent company acquired Xi Mengshi and established Serta-Simmons Bedding (Shida-Xi Mengsi Group).

Now there are many people who need to decorate the needs of the decoration. When you go to the home city, you will find that the price of the mattress ranges from thousands to tens of thousands of yuan. So what makes the price of the mattress uneven? Isn’t it worth buying tens of thousands of yuan? How should I choose a mattress for you? Intersection

As long as you read this article, not to mention the expert but also win the salesperson in the mall.

1. Is tens of thousands of foreign mattresses really worth buying?

What’s more?

2. Understand the structure of the mattress to easily select the right mattress.

3. Find the mattress material that suits you.

4. How to distinguish large factories and small workshops.


Is tens of thousands of foreign mattresses really worth buying?

In fact, those so -called “expensive” foreign brands are not expensive. I don’t know if you have heard of it, there is a word called OEM, which means that OEM is produced by OEM. A simple example is the relationship between Apple and Foxconn. Apple has developed iPhone, but it is Foxconn, a real production of iPhone. This is the so -called OEM, which is common in the mattress industry.

Many well -known brands from the United States, Sweden, and Japan are domestic foundry. The big -name mattresses seen on the market are basically domestic production.

A mattress came out of a domestic factory and took a boat to take a “overseas” diploma around and returned. This road fee and brand fee believe that consumers must pay for it.

In March each year, Guangzhou Pazhou CIFF and September Shanghai New International Furniture Exhibition. You can go to the Sleep Hall to see which venues are relatively large, search for their annual turnover statements, add up to billions of foundry fees. So you spend a lot of money to buy a foreign brand mattress and the mattress of a certain domestic brand in the same machine, but the materials formula is different, and the others are the same.

In addition, many mattresses are written in the United States. The assembly of the United States is also called in the United States, but many raw materials are still from the country, and then they are assembled in the United States. At present, China’s manufacturing industry is really powerful, and many raw materials are inseparable from our domestic production.

Seeing this, you should also understand that those mattresses with tens of thousands of prices are actually not materials and technology, but the added value of the brand for many years.


Understand the structure of the mattress and easily select the right mattress.

Talking about the domestic mattress industry with “soft” color change, who is the right formula for softness and hardness?

The composition of the mattress is that several layers of materials are stacked together, and then put on a layer of cloth. Almost no change in 100 years. ((

Aside from the bucking marketing of each company, you observe it carefully.


干货 | 动辄上万的床垫背后到底是什么?

The hardness of the mattress is depends on the selection and superimposed in the internal layers of materials, but the domestic market is basically a hard mattress, and no one dares to make a soft mattress. Why? Because there is no such market at all! Who do you want to do business with money? Did you hear a word from an early age: Do n’t sleep too softly in bed, it will not be good for your waist.

So in the domestic market: It is not a scientific test that determines whether the mattresses are hard and hard and difficult to be reasonable, but the market -oriented or social public opinion.

Many of these sentences must understand this truth in the development of mattresses in large companies, but they choose to pretend to be confused. The mattress company is afraid that the mattress is said to be soft, and the pure spring is not enough. You have to add a large piece of coconut palm. Will it be comfortable? How can I talk about it?

干货 | 动辄上万的床垫背后到底是什么?

In fact, hard mattresses are a word that is understood by mistake, and correctness refers to support. Therefore, hard mattresses and supporting mattresses are not a mattress. To buy mattresses, we must distinguish this.

干货 | 动辄上万的床垫背后到底是什么?

The mattress must be composed of three layers to achieve reasonable comfort. They are comfortable layers (soft materials), converters (buffer materials), and support layers.

(1). The top layer: comfortable layer-material must be soft

In this way, the muscles can be relaxed, and the body can be softly fit. This layer is the core material of the merchant and the expensive material.

(2). Intermediate layer: conversion layer-moderate material hardness

The existence of this layer of materials is to prevent the body from directly in the third layer of support layer. If there is no gravity conversion layer, the body will directly feel the support layer. People are very uncomfortable.

(3). The bottom layer: support layer-mainly springs

Domestic general springs are used in ordinary springs and bags, while foreign countries use high hardness sponges. The role of the support layer is to keep your body from being too deep, otherwise it will cause unable to turn over.

The reason for many people to sleep with a soft mattress is here. He used to sleep on a soft sofa or sleep early on a poor quality mattress. Back pain will occur.

Therefore, the more the number of layers, the better, it is the key to doing right. The mattresses with a large number of layers not only do not increase the comfort, but the breathability is very poor. It also takes the money in your pocket.

干货 | 动辄上万的床垫背后到底是什么?

The next time you sleep, as long as you feel comfortable, you can open the sheets and touch the internal structure. The bottom layer must be a bag of spring, and then the middle or two layers of middle hardness must be used as a conversion layer. The top comfortable layer must be the sewing layer of memory sponge or ordinary sponge.

干货 | 动辄上万的床垫背后到底是什么?

Note here that the five -star hotel mattresses have rarely appeared on latex and coconut palm. (The reason for the materials below) In fact, not only in five -star hotels, few foreign brands also use the latex of latex, let alone coconut palm (unless the Chinese market). These two materials are really technology in the 1980s, and they are now outdated.

Below is a small plan for exporting the mattress of the foreign market. Note that there is no brown or felt in the middle of a foreign mattress (

干货 | 动辄上万的床垫背后到底是什么?

There are reasons below

It is very different from the domestic mattress structure. In order to hardly save the core of the mattress-comfortable layer of the domestic mattress, or a layer of hard coconut palm is inserted in the middle of the mattress. Once this is done, it is hard, but the loss must be comfortable.


Find the mattress material that suits you.

Let’s start talking about the difference in materials.

The most important mattress is the comfort layer, and the comfortable layer of materials are basically these three.

a. Sponge or memory sponge

b. latex

c. Other glue materials

First of all, there are two types of sponges, ordinary sponges or memory sponges. The sponge is distinguished according to the one -cubic pound number and Newton. The number of kilograms represents the density. Newton’s number represents the hardness of the hardness. This represents the soft and hardness of the sponge.

Kgs are generally 19kg-80kg (density and price-related), while Newton is generally 40N-300N (the value is about the harder).

Why do you want to talk about these? Those plugs in different mattresses are also called sponges, but they are not a type at all, and they are not a price at all. But this is difficult to say in business introduction, and it is difficult to understand. So I gave up, and it was really a matter of conscience of doing products.

Memory sponge is a complex system. Not only is there weight, density, type distinction, but also gimmicks. It is the emergence of some special virtual functions, which leads to the difference between the difference between the difference, and business needs these virtual functions.

A word “gimmick” that I don’t like to say, everyone is saying: You have to have gimmicks to sell things well.

I like to use a few mattress industry very much to use it and analyze it for you.

干货 | 动辄上万的床垫背后到底是什么?

Silicone sponge

-The temperature control?

干货 | 动辄上万的床垫背后到底是什么?

In fact, no temperature is controlled at all, the taste of silicone oil can cause a lot of sponge smell.

Bamboo charcoal sponge

干货 | 动辄上万的床垫背后到底是什么?

-Ar absorption/suction DU?

干货 | 动辄上万的床垫背后到底是什么?

Those who think about it should know that it is fake. Two times less takeaway to eat less ditch oil and running, it is much more than this.

干货 | 动辄上万的床垫背后到底是什么?

Graphene sponge

-Filling heat?

The mattress is across the sheets and pajamas! I really have the power of the vacuum cleaner. If you really do n’t turn on the air -conditioning of 40 degrees, you sleep every time you sleep. It is true to keep the room ventilation and suitable sleep temperature.

There are also various types of crystal material sponges

-Don’t say a headache ~

Many of these special functions are artificially attached. In fact, there are no these functions at all, or it is not so important.

Put a red wine glass on the mattress and the cups will not fall. These advertisements are ads used in the United States for the United States decades ago. As long as the top layer of the pure sponge mattress will have this function with memory sponge, but the effect looks amazing. But if you put on the sheets and jump, you will definitely fall!

Therefore, the core function of the sponge is also the core function of the mattress. The real and effective thing is to adjust the hard and hard to make the body feel more comfortable.

Scientifically matching different memory sponges and the soft and hard and hard of ordinary sponge are the key. Be careful of those marketing gimmicks, don’t be blinded.

About the safety of sponge

It mainly depends on whether the sponge has Certipur-USS. This logo is a valuable sponge certification. Many businesses are randomly downloaded. This logo is downloaded casually online. But what is really effective is to get the certification of this agency. Their official website will clearly show that their certified sponge factories are available, and then the specific sponge will give the certification code.

The sponge is here first, and then the attack mode will be started. People who like latex can skip the next paragraph.

emulsion! Intersection Intersection

Why add three exclamation marks, this is the material to poison the Chinese mattress industry.

Disadvantages 1: latex absorption of latex and not dewlidation

There is a dialogue that I still remember clearly so far. Once I was in charge of the old team leader of the International Trade Department of a listed company in a mattress, I talked in the same business car:

“Do you sleep at your own family?”

“I don’t want to give my son’s sleeping mattress. The latex mattresses are not wet, otherwise how can it be so easy to mold, and children love sweat so much.”

Disadvantages 2: great rebellion.

Latex is not suitable for the top layer of sleeping materials. The latex has the principle of characteristics like jelly. The rebound is particularly strong. How much force do you put on the latex and how much force will it rebound. In this way, you can’t relax your muscles all night, because latex will always give you force, and those who have learned physics should understand that “the role of strength is mutual.” Sleep guidance athletes do not sleep latex mattresses at all. If it is a latex rebellious effect of more than 20cm, it is not so serious, but many of the domestic latex mattresses in China are thickness within 5cm. If it is placed on the top layer, it will be strong.

干货 | 动辄上万的床垫背后到底是什么?

Disadvantages 3: Natural materials are small and are prone to sensitivity.

Many consumers have no resistance to these two words at all, but in fact, many natural latex liquids have to be chemically foamed after chemical foaming, so that we have seen the latex we see. Therefore, it is marketing as a selling point with natural materials.

Latex also contains latex protein, and latex proteins are a kind of allergens for many people. In fact, many people are allergic to latex. These do not talk about these, and there are things about latex content, saying that they are 100 % latex. But the true step is not 100 % in the step of chemical foaming. 100 % latex is a pool of glue. Now there are latex content on the market that they are 100 %, because no one cares! Can anyone go to identify it.

Coir! Intersection Intersection

If you have a mattress containing coconut palm at home, throw it away.

1). This is a natural breeding layer of bacteria. What materials are coconut palm? Everyone knows that in humid areas, it is a home of bacteria. 2). Where is the coconut palm layer in your mattress? Then you are equivalent to all white money below this location, because coconut palm is a hard material, which can be regarded as a cork plate. If you ca n’t feel it and do n’t work, it can be said to be completely obstructed. The most typical is the coconut palm or felt on the bag. Such mattresses in the market are definitely not a minority.

干货 | 动辄上万的床垫背后到底是什么?

Gel or other gels! Intersection Intersection

This type of product is “expensive”, but the cost is not high. The biggest problem with glue materials is impermented, cooling through gel itself. If you really encounter the hot environment, it is not easy to use. The gel material is sold for 100,000. I want to say that spending this money can really buy Ma Mao. The ponytail hair is dried, and then sews into a comfortable layer. It is really comfortable, breathable and natural.

There are also brands selling this material mattress. Hycene mattresses are more than 100 to 100 w. Can this ordinary people feel affordable? Intersection

After talking about the top -level material, we will talk about the underlying support layer material.

Why not talk about the intermediate conversion layer, because it depends on what material selected on the top and the bottom layer, the converter layer is a cooperative layer, which has the effect of cooperation. Generally, the sponge is selected, and there are small bags for small bags.

干货 | 动辄上万的床垫背后到底是什么?

The material of the mattress support layer is generally ordinary springs or bags.

干货 | 动辄上万的床垫背后到底是什么?

a. Ordinary spring

This is only used by low -end products. It is very old. It is estimated that the mattress material will be exited in a few years. Both the support and mute are far worse than the independent bag spring. Basically, the mattress worth 2000 cannot see ordinary spring.

b. Put of spring

There are many types of ordinary springs in small bags. First of all, different lines and circles constitute different hardness, and then the springs are different in the size of a mini spring, bread spring, etc.

The differentiation of spring is not very large, as long as it is not from small factories, it is basically standard. Because it is not very expensive, and it does not require high -tech. So I heard those on the spring, and the sales effort did not need to watch.

The only thing that needs to be known is that the smaller the spring, the more expensive, because the spring of the same size of the spring will increase, so the price will definitely be high.

干货 | 动辄上万的床垫背后到底是什么?

The most worth saying is the spring partition. The spring partition is a mattress. The softness of the spring is different. This is a very valuable function, because it is obvious that the waist needs a little more support.

But this valuable function has also been made into a marketing weapon. First, the three districts (valid), later the five districts, and then the seven districts appeared. I believe that there will be nine districts and 11 districts in the future. But everyone’s height/weight is different. Are these partitions really useful? Can the waist of 1.6 meters tall and the 1.8 -meter waist be right?


干货 | 动辄上万的床垫背后到底是什么?

The last material-fabric

干货 | 动辄上万的床垫背后到底是什么?

There are many types of fabrics but are not produced by the mattress factory. The mattress factory does not produce fabrics, which are provided by fabric vendors. No matter what fabric marketing, you don’t need to watch it, because the main function is good -looking, depending on the aesthetics of the mattress brand, the difference in price differences caused by the price of fabrics, the effect of comfort is not obvious, because no one is no one, because no one The naked sleeping mattresses will add a layer of sheets or beds on it.

Many mattress factories like to talk about the fabrics of Bekart Deslee. Becart is just an old Belgian fabric brand. China also has a factory, Wuxi has one, and Bakart also has the difference between cheap and expensive fabrics. I have been there in their factories.

I think the biggest advantage In addition to the reliable quality, some of the fabric pattern of their family are really designers’ original funds. Then many of the other families copied their family, but they were all aesthetic things, so don’t talk about it. After selecting the fabric, you can add some other material elements to it, such as Silk or coolness (Southeast Asia prefers, solve the fever). I always think that the fabric except the silk is all the chicken ribs, because no one will sleep naked in bed in bed On the pad, you cover a blanket on the mattress as a sheets, and the fabric is gone. So I think the fabric is clean+bacteriostatic+softness is the most important thing!

4. 4..

How to distinguish large factories and small workshops.

Finally to the end -talk about the factory.

The factory is roughly divided into three levels (I am myself because I have seen many factories)

First level:

I have the ability to produce sponges. The advanced level of the sponge production line and formula technology determine the domestic ranking of this factory.

Second level:

Without the ability to make bubbles, the ability to make spring, the equipment is not backward.

干货 | 动辄上万的床垫背后到底是什么?

Third level:

Small factories, factories hygiene, irregular production standards may be the biggest problem

干货 | 动辄上万的床垫背后到底是什么?

Few masted mattresses that can produce various memory sponge by themselves in China. Basic mattress factories can produce springs, because spring does not require any technology. Buy steel wires and a few machines can be produced. The sponge is bought from the sponge factory, and then bonding with your own spring is a mattress.

Differentiated is that if there is no factories with sponge foaming ability, they will definitely buy sponge from the sponge factory.

干货 | 动辄上万的床垫背后到底是什么?

The first is the cost, and the price of the first floor will be higher. The second is that the sponge is uncontrollable, and the mattress factory will have less experimental capabilities and development capabilities if there is no sponge production capacity.

The mattress of a mattress with sponge production capacity wants to develop a mattress, which is very simple. Whether it is hardness, density, or type, it can be adjusted to appropriate. You can even develop a separate sponge, so that it is the laboratory mattress. On the contrary, it is difficult to have this condition to do mattress development.

There are many small factories that can also foam sponges, but it is only a single ordinary sponge. The technical and equipment of small factories is relatively poor, so the batch batch of the foaming sponge will be very different. That is to say, the sponge mattress of a small factory may have the same mattress, which is two sponge foaming, which may be different.

If you are interested, you can try it, go to Alibaba to find a foundry pad or a mattress, and then ask them if they can compress the rolls, most of the answers cannot be. This is because the mattress of the compressed roll is required for the sponge, and the sponge cannot “mix powder” (industry words) must ensure the cleanliness of the sponge.

Why is it mixed with powder in the sponge, which is the sponge of the mattress factory from a small sponge factory, and the sponge is sold at a weight. So to increase the profit of the sponge by mixing powder. If the compressed roll is loaded, it cannot be restored. It is commonly known that the sponge is dead and can’t play. Therefore, the final conclusion still hopes that everyone can buy mattresses to find some brands produced by large manufacturers, because there are many invisible details and those are valuable.

I have finished all the four paragraphs here. I believe that after reading it, I will understand what the story behind the mattress is.

干货 | 动辄上万的床垫背后到底是什么?

Finally, how to test the mattress for a replenishment.

First of all, you must not press your hands to feel the hard and hard, because the weight and area of ​​the body are completely different than the starting hands. Do not sit on the butt to feel the hard and hard. You must lie down and try it. Then try to turn around to see if it is difficult. If the mattress with poor support, it will feel difficult to turn over. There is also the test time. In fact, you can’t try this mattress for you for a few minutes.

At least 30 days of sleeping in the mattress to know whether it is comfortable and uncomfortable, and many people’s sleep status is different. Some people are on a business trip, and the first night of the environment cannot sleep.

Even if the pillow is the same as changing the mattress, it will not necessarily feel comfortable on the first-3 day. Because the body is memory, you must sleep for 30 days before going to the conclusion.