The heart of the king of “Spider -King “-” Wen Shang Face Face “approach Xu Chengjian


Wenzhou’s direct vehicle specially opens the special column of Wen Shang and face to face to take you into Wen Shang, listen to the story of Wen Shang, and feel Wen Shang’s spirit. Wen Shang’s face -to -face fifth issue, let us approach the chairman of Spider -King Group Co., Ltd. Xu Chengjian. At that time, Xu Chengjian, who was only 27 years old, took the first step of entrepreneurial life and established the five -ring flag of Yongjia County. Shoe Industry Co., Ltd., later renamed Zhejiang Spider -King Shoe Industry Co., Ltd. Let ’s take into account the heart of the king of a little spider with Xiaobian.

Xu Chengjian, the chairman of the Spider -King Group, was born in a small village called Heada on the banks of the Minjiang River. Opposite the village is the beautiful Jiang Xinyu. Therefore, he often brings to the village from the village to catch fish to catch fish and crabs, and he has practiced a good skill to fight Jiang Shui. Perhaps from the fighting river water, we can understand that the good scenery may be in front of it. As a child, this experience was positive in the future of the fighting dealer. Twenty years ago, Xu Chengjian started to do business from 200 yuan in the first borrowing of others. He never interrupted the middle. He just wanted to go on. After 20 years, a miracle appeared: a little spider who insisted on insisting. Can also weave a beautiful pattern.

I originally dealt with the ink line


After graduating from junior high school, he was influenced by traditional thoughts. As for stability, he wanted to learn a craft in the future. First of all, it was a carpentry who dealt with the ax and ink line all day. By 1986, there was a small workshop operating small products and leather shoes and clothing in the hometown of Hubei. It was much better than a carpenter who made a few dollars a day. So I thought of doing a little business, but the family really couldn’t get money to let myself go. Even if I could borrow a usury loan, I had to make the whole family who didn’t even drink porridge. Can you find a small risk and can a business that can be a profit?

Everything can be forced, the company’s products need to be sold, the market outside needs products, and there is a line between supply and demand. If I can do this, I can sit from the fishermen. So I went to collect the products in Yongjia, talk about the factory price of each product, and immediately borrowed 200 yuan for the toll to run out to order the contract. In fact, it is difficult to do business. It is not possible for manufacturers to not give cash. It is impossible for them to have the capital of cashier. Only the party is entrusted to the demand. So whenever a contract is successfully signed, a word is indispensable: the money is delivered immediately.

When the initial contract was fulfilled, I knew that I was right, and I recommended the old customers as a sample: you can just ask a certain unit, we have been doing this. Unexpectedly, the business was done one by one, and I felt that I could live a better life when I left the ax and the ink line. At that time, I didn’t know what kind of business model it was, and later I realized that it was the prototype of virtual operation: I have no enterprises, no products, no brands, and some are just one person and two legs. Demand online.

Weaving brand network

In 1994, due to various reasons and different business ideas. I separated from several of the original partners and started to do it alone. Now that I do it alone, I think it’s better to make shoes, so I haven’t changed their careers. The villagers do a wholesale business in Beijing Shoes City, and I will make a sample and imitate it myself. I have no positioning of the product, or it is very vague. The student shoes are sent over. The style is pretty good, but the low -grade two -layer skin is used. The quality is average, no money is made, and the brand has no influence.


After doing it for more than a year, I heard that Guangdong’s high -end women’s shoes are very marketable and go to Guangdong to buy samples. This step is finally right, making a pair of earnings. At the beginning, more than 100 pairs of pairs were made in the first day, and more than 800 pairs of pairs a day in the cotton shoe season. From 1996 to 1999 we specially made women’s shoes, and the annual output value advanced to the speed of double. I didn’t think much. I only knew that the quality of the product was not afraid of the market without the market. A agent of Huaiyin was still making fun of me this year: Xu Dong, you only have a product in your eyes. I made your agent. More than a year, you can’t even call my name, but you don’t even have a little impression. Maybe it’s a joke, but at that time I was indeed such a person who buried shoes.

When the women’s shoes are very interesting, an agent woke up with a dream in my dream: making women’s shoes alone, the brand is not big.

Looking at the combination of individual companies in the surrounding areas, because of the combination of men’s and women’s shoes, it has grown quickly, and has taken the lead in making a monopoly chain and becoming a dark horse in the market. I know what I want to pay more. In order to make ourselves surgery, we invited a senior management responsible for production and development. At that time, the high -level management annual salary of 10,000 yuan was a trivial matter, which inspired him 1 yuan for each pair of shoes. Of course, a pair of unqualified shoes had to be fined 8 yuan. For a capable person, he would undoubtedly like such a challenge. After grasping sales for a while, I gave my burden to the deputy general manager Xu Limin and started to operate in the area. That year, I signed the contract of the image spokesperson for 10 years.

A few years have passed. The Spider -King has grown from an obscure small enterprise to a group company, and has won the “China Famous Trademark” and “China Famous Brand” in one fell swoop. The Group has four R & D centers in Wenzhou, Guangzhou, Chengdu, and Italy. The annual product development has more than 12,000 styles. At present, 30 distribution centers and more than 3,000 sales outlets (specialty stores, halls, cabinets) are established in China, and the product sales network covers all parts of the country. I began to pay attention to the rhythm of the development of the enterprise. I knew how to let go of the management and capture more things while weaving a greater dream network.


Xu Chengjian said: “I’m not a smart person. I have to say that there are not many frustrations along the way. In addition to luck, I have never lack of clever people. It is my most precious wealth. With them accompanied by each other, and everyone’s insistence, we finally woven a large network of entrepreneurial networks. “Spider King”.


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