Do you expect that the silk scarf on your tie will be an artistic behavior in spring?


China is the birthplace of the world’s silk, with a long history of 5,000 years.

Like silk and ceramics, it highlights China’s long and splendid ultra -high cultural value.

When they go to the distant West through the Silk Road, especially silk, they become a noble fabric and a beautiful artwork. The emperor in the West showed its authority with silk, and the aristocracy used silk to identify its level.


In the East, the literati wrote the poems of sighing silk, and the painter splashed ink on the silk made of silk; the people worshiped the silkworm gods and prayed for the silk for silk … In the eyes of the ancients, the silkworm was a sacred animal. Silk is cocoon, and then turns into a flying elf. This is a beautiful and complete life reincarnation, and gives the silk mystery, noble humanistic colors, which makes it a strong philosophical meaning.

The traditional silk scarf is just a small accessory of silk clothing, but now the silk scarf is not only ordinary jewelry, but also a artwork that shows personalities. The design trend in the scarf is more artistic, classic, and personalized. Especially those are international big -name luxury goods. Find painters, designers, photographers, etc. to cross -border cooperation. Through the design of silk scarves, each silk scarf can become artworks, giving the scarf more cultural connotation.


Whether in the East or the West, luxury goods have never been considered art and are full of the taste of vulgar worship; artworks are often considered sacred and unable to measure money.

However, Cartier entered the National Museum through the cooperation with the Palace Museum of Beijing to enter the National Museum of Louis Vuitton; Hermes invited Chinese painters to design the silk scarf named Chinese rhythm and the Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum of Fine Arts Museum. “Prada China First Show Clothing Show”, “Cultural Chanel” art exhibition held by the Chinese Art Museum, etc., all interpret the collision and integration of Western luxury goods and the traditional rhythm of the East. Those luxury brands have also brought huge benefits from art to their business behavior!


Now the silk scarf, inadvertently showing the mountains and dew, holding the rhythmic Chinese elements in the hands. There are many types of patterns on the market, traditional Chinese paintings, and the works of modern unknown designers. Of course, there are many pure. Business works of Chinese style towel large scarves, each small silk scarf makes you unique. Each of these beautifully packaged silk scarves can be used as a tasteful gift with Chinese characteristics to presented overseas Chinese and foreign friends.


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The world knows the ancient and mysterious China because of a shiny silk and a soft silk.