In the early summer, wearing long -sleeved T -shirts and thin sweaters is most suitable! Simple matching highlights fashion


When the weather temperature is not very high, the main combination of girls is still long -sleeved. The most common long -sleeved items on the upper body are slightly thinner T -shirts and a thicker versatile sweater. Both items have obvious characteristics, which are both age -reducing and fashionable, and they are more natural and natural.

Now girls prefer to wear age reduction style or have a strong sense of fashion.


But the combination of these two items is too high, and the combination is not good.

Essence So how to match to make your shape more unique?

1. T -shirt matching method

1. Unique T -shirt matching

T -shirts are relatively classic and stylish items, which have the practicality of versatility and meaning, which also leads to the relatively mediocre mix of many women.


In fact, you can do it opposite and change to a way of reverse thinking.


For example, this method of matching the short and lower length, of course, is that the upper body is relatively plump or too skinny. This shape can be attractive and unique.

2. Classic matching of T -shirts

There is still a big difference in long -sleeved T -shirts and sweaters. Compared with the former, the former will be thinner

And there is not much restraint at the cuffs, necklines, etc., so it will be more free when matching.

What must not be missed by girls who like elegant style is the combination of classic jeans. The combination of loose version is very tolerant to the figure. It should not be exposed to the shortcomings of the figure, and it is also very lazy. This method is more suitable for girls with slender figures, and it will feel more natural when wearing.

Second, thin sweater matching method

1. Decision version of the body

Many girls are very sloppy for the selection of sweaters. They feel that most sweaters are mainly Oversize style. You must know that there are some distinction between details. When choosing a sweater, you should choose according to your personal figure.

The sweater style worn in early summer is not good, it is particularly easy to expose the figure, and for slightly fat or small people, blind choices will be clumsy.

For girls with slender upper body, it is best to choose a short sweater in clothes, which can highlight the position of the waist curve well, which is thinner and higher, and create personal advantages.

If the upper body is relatively large or the abdomen is wide, the position of the waistline is not very obvious, you can choose a loose version of the sweater,

Oversize style is still good to cover the meat, but it cannot be too fat or chose to be fat.


2. The matching method affects the style


Most loose version of the round neck sweater is similar. The round neck selected at the neckline means that the modification of the face may not be so good.

Kessy sweater will not be reduced as a hooded sweater, but it can be changed by matching, especially in color.


For example, the matching color system, in the summer, must be more lively


, Choose a thin orange round neck sweater with white shorts to expose long legs. The color is clear, and when a large area is used in a bright color system, the whole person is shining.

In fact, many thin sweaters or long -sleeved T -shirts can be matched in early summer. In summer, you can choose thinner long -sleeved long -sleeved, have a sun protection effect, and the effect is also very good. There is a lazy casual fan. Essence