This is what teenagers should be! The road of “out of the circle” of culture starts from a school uniform


school days

School uniform first


For students, school uniforms are their “jerseys”.

However, no matter what the school uniform is, many people will feel that the school uniform is ugly and unwilling to wear it. Loose and huge sportswear, it always feels not as good as a suit and uniform lapel, plaid shirt short skirt,

But good -looking is never the only mission of school uniforms.

The most cultural rhyme! The school uniforms wearing each student represent the culture of their respective schools. For many post -90s and “generations”, school uniforms have more meaning.


No longer hesitate



Beyond -Deliberate hesitation (RemasterRED 2020)

Question Sky and Gao’s heart is higher than the sky than heaven


The mentality of self -confidence is to live to the old age


Everyone’s student life starts with one school uniform. From the beginning of the kindergarten, the school uniform has become a sign of distinction. By the time of teenagers, school uniforms sometimes became a symbol of honor.

Not long ago, a 14 -year -old boy named Cheng Dazhong was passed on the Internet. He was admitted by Tsinghua University as a junior high school student and enjoyed the glory of undergraduate, master’s degree, and doctoral degrees. Wearing a white school uniform, he looks ordinary, but who can think that he can become the “exception” of Tsinghua University?

I believe that many people see this name at first glance, and they will think of an idiom

“Big wisdom is foolish, big and clumsy”

Essence In mathematics and physical homework, he has never disappointed, and has revealed that his peers have been incomparable since childhood. At the age of 9, he entered the “Hua Cup” and the “Hope Cup” Shenzhen Division finals and won special prizes.

In 2021, Cheng Dazhong was 14 years old. Tsinghua University announced the selection results of the “Qiu Chengtong Mathematics Science Leading Talent Training Plan”. He became the only junior high school student in Guangdong Province. There are only two people in the country.

Simple contrasting school uniforms have become the most direct impression of this youth school bully. Cheng Dazhong, the Shenzhen Yaohua Experimental School, who is famous across the country, is famous for his honor, and also makes his alma mater proud of him while bringing himself honor.

School uniforms are no longer an ordinary clothes, but a cultural temperament of the school.

With the development of the times, the teenager’s shoulders are no longer only Qingfeng and the moon, and there is a heavy responsibility for cultural heritage.

The school of the State, all of which are the materials of the pillar. On the long road of the future, there must be many students to make a greater contribution to the country and society.




Young battlefield

Zhang Jie- “Dreamland Oriental” 2018 Oriental TV New Year’s Eve Ceremony

Today I finally stand on this young battlefield

Please applaud for me proudly

Today I am going to the distance of this victory

I want to make this world excited for me

The change of school uniform not only shows the growth of the annual wheel, but also the true witness of the success. Those who have relying on culture and quality are far more clumsy.

On the Internet media in 2019, an undergraduate representative of Tsinghua University appeared on the air and stood on the podium of the graduation ceremony. The little man, wearing a bachelor’s suit, tells everyone about her experience and ideals.


Her name is Zhang Wei.

She is a national poverty -stricken county on the Loess Plateau.

From the small county to the current famous Tsinghua University, it is definitely not a distance of lifting legs.

Zhang Wei said that when she first went to the provincial capital to participate in the physical competition experiment, she didn’t even see the instrument used in the competition. When she finally found the instrument switch, the experiment time had arrived.

Since then, she knows that the gap between the rich and the poor has brought not only a psychological gap, but also regrets to lose many education opportunities.

So after the successful research of Tsinghua University, she decided to delay the admission for one year and join the graduate education group of Tsinghua University.

“It doesn’t take a long time to do something unforgettable for life.”


Zhang Zai, a thinker in the Northern Song Dynasty, once said: “Stand your heart for heaven and earth, set your life for the people, and learn to learn for the sanctification.”

Each of the ideal students not only has the accumulated cultural knowledge, but also the serious responsibility of being a student of the motherland.


It is said that “the cold door is difficult to get a noble son.” Many times, we always envy the lives of others and lament our misfortune. In fact, others are not lucky than you, but they have made a little effort than you. We cannot change the first degree, but we can still change our lives.

Zhang Wei’s speech at the graduation ceremony was shocking, and more than 8 million people liked her ideal.


On the shoulders of this weak girl, we have the power that we can’t see, simple words, gentle tone, but insistence on words and words.

From a sportswear to today’s bachelor’s clothes, not only the students’ clothing, but also a different mentality, different pursuits.

It is worthy of promising that many young people not only love to learn and embrace culture, but also use their talents and strengths to inherit and promote campus culture and traditional culture with their own talents and strengths.

Different young people

After the 95th, Peng Jing spin the guzheng on the streets of France, which not only triggers local residents’ interest in Chinese culture. After the video was transmitted to the online platform, it also made more people feel the charm of “music without borders”.

Emei martial arts inheritors, Ling Yun, born in 1998, became popular on the Internet for wearing a pajamas “Lifting Sword” video. Later Communication world.

These examples are vividly explained that the younger generation has always been promoting and spreading traditional culture, and it is expected in the future.


In recent years, cultural communication has become a trend, and adolescents have played an indispensable role in it.

High -quality culture requires different carriers,


As a practitioner of cultural school uniforms, it will always be


Two characters run through it. In the future, Shengmao will continue to meet the fertile soil of Chinese excellent traditional culture, meet the needs of school culture, and promote the upgrading of the cultural school uniform industry.

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