After eating this pine nut, I will never eat ordinary pine nuts on the market anymore


Pine nuts are natural and natural, without pollution. They are “food on the tip of the tongue”. Pine nuts have a pure natural flavor and light brown appearance. The meat is large and full, sweet and sweet, and has high food and therapy value. Therefore, it is also known as “longevity fruit” and “longevity fruit”.

What kind of pine nuts are delicious?

If you ask a senior food, he will tell you 80 %, Yunnan pine nuts!

If you ask a senior Yunnan food, he will tell you 10 %,

Yunnan wild pine nuts!


The magical land of the Yunnan Plateau has an average altitude of more than 2,000 meters. There is no severe cold in winter and no heat in the summer. It has the purest air, the cleanest water sources, and the original ecological soil and vegetation.

On the high mountains of the plateau, there is a piece of pine forest. In August, there was a pine -halory under the pine forest; in October, the pine tower on the top of the pine tree, and the fat pine nuts in the pine tower.

The fresh pine tower is with the fragrance of pine oil. Eating a bite of pine nuts seems to be in a piece of pine forest. The pine is so tender that the water can come out of the water, and the taste is sweet. I have to boast that friends who like pine nuts are very tasteful!


Pine nuts are delicious, and it is not easy to pick. The pine trees here have grown for sixty years to start the results, and its fruits must be mature after three years. That is to say, each pine cones have to be refined after three years of ice and snow, and slowly absorb more than a thousand days and nights of sun and night in order to set up dozens of pine nuts like red beans, so it is very rare and very rare and very rare and precious. Picking needs to be climbed on dozens of meters of pine trees, and people climb up as if reaching out to touch the blue sky. The picking of farmers is very hard, does not fertilize, does not repel dewlves, and does not have any artificial intervention.


These pine towers are peeled and peeled to take seedlings, and they should also be soaked in water to select the full loose seeds that sink the bottom. After 13 processes, the two steps of opening and baking are very special.

Make these pine seeds that originally won the starting line to become higher quality.

At present, the bright and smooth pine seeds on the market are fried pine seeds. Most of the fried pine seeds use chemical opening.


Soak with chemical reagents such as sodium sodium sulfate and pure alkali, and the appearance of the pine nuts becomes bright. Add talcum powder to fry for more than ten minutes to crack.


The frying pine nuts vs of chemical opening vs artificially opened pine seeds


Each pine seeds use artificial opening,

Workers pressed a sewing on the pine nut and did not destroy the entire pine nuts. Although the manual opening was not as beautiful as chemical opening, it did not add chemical agents and was better than health.


After driving the pine nuts, it is delivered to baking after drying. Baking with an oven can make the heat of the pine seeds more uniform, and it is more hygienic than fried pine nuts and fried pine nuts.

Almost retains the original appearance during picking, but the nutritional value and the original incense of the pine seeds are completely retained, which is healthier to the human body.


After the baking is completed, not in a hurry to pack it, and it will go through a round of screening. Because the average pine tower can be concluded 150-200 pine seeds,

Only about 10-15 capsules, the largest pine seeds with the largest head and the most full fruit can meet the standards of special seeds and No. 1 seeds.

Special and No. 1 Pine Seeds that meet the conditions can pass strict selection standards. Small particles that do not meet the requirements must be carefully picked before the packaging to ensure that they are big and have no impurities.


Open the taste, the meat is large and full, the taste is sweet, and it is much better than the normal pine nuts!


Such a selected wild pine seeds with pure natural flavor and light brown appearance, rich in fat, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids, etc. Report, you can eat with confidence.