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There are very few domestic movies that have not been reflected. “The Tang Dynasty Xuanzang” is one of them. When it was released, I was in Lantini, Nepal. The hourly watching is like meditation, so you have to write this long film to stay up late, and take it as a notes after meditation.

Many years ago, I saw a thin old book on the bookshelf, the title of the book “The Great Tang Western Regions”, and the author was Xuanzang. Unfortunately, at that time, I was in the naive and stupid period of brainwashing by “Journey to the West” in the winter and summer vacations. It’s over, I can’t mention too much interest.

Later, under the influence of the grandfather, he began to read the “Six ancestral Altar Sutra”, “Diamond Sutra” and “Heart Sutra”. Among the three scriptures, the “Altar” is the best read. The Heart Sutra is the easiest to memorize. 260 words, it will be taught a few times, but it is not understandable.

“Heart Sutra” was translated by Master Xuanzang. At that time, I did not formally convert to become Buddhists. I didn’t know about Buddhism, but I was stained with ears. The atmosphere of eating fasting in the temple is very strong. To say that it is a rare way to study the Dharma of the serious system. It is rare.

△ Stills of “Datang Xuanzang”


Later, I went to Luoyang and Xi’an, went to the Baima Temple and Da Cien Temple, and worshiped these two places, especially after watching the statue of Master Xuanzang, and after seeing the image of his lightness, The real Master Xuanzang in history has raised his true interest.

However, it was truly a Buddhist. After the practice of the Fa, he was extremely respectful and awe of Master Xuanzang.

If it is said that the experience of the Buddha and the Taoism of the Taoism is the same as the legend for ordinary people. Turn, it is true.

It’s really difficult! It is not the 1981 difficulties in Journey to the West, but it is really difficult, difficult, and difficult. There are thousands of believers in the world, and there are thousands of monks. How many people can really sit and seek Fa -rectification?

People will say that this is the power of faith. In fact, more than, faith will make people forget to die, not afraid of hardships, but not enough to distinguish the truth, give birth to wisdom, and make a wish to know the truth of life and the truth of the universe. A person with faith will also do stupid and cruel things, and a person who has the Fa -rectification will follow the light in his heart, embark on the right path, and find the ultimate answer.

At the beginning of the story, it was the capital of Datang’s capital, and the prosperous world was in the ascendant. Even under the rule of Mingjun, natural disasters and man -made disasters are still inevitable.

That year, Xuan Zang decided to get out of the dream dream of this world, abandoning his small and peaceful practice of practicing and quiet practice, and only went to the distant Buddhist country -Tianzhu.

In the movie, there are two roads in the outskirts of Changan, one is the vulgar world that the victims swarmed to the world, leading to temporary food and saturation long -term struggles, and the other is Xuan Zang’s road of seeking law, which is unpredictable and true awareness of life and death.


At this time, Xuanzang is already a well -known and famous theorist in Middle -earth. He is talented, never forgets, and is good at learning. He visits famous monks and is known as “Buddhist Gate Thousands of Miles”. His spiritual heritage was enough to make him fame, and he was loved by believers. But he knew that this was not enough for a practitioner. The rolling in front of him is very good, and the book is divergent in the book, and the more he is studying, the more confused he is.

Do not hold the fantasy of the word, the yellowed scroll is just the surface of the surface, not exactly. He knew that he was away from the Buddha, and there was a lot of distance from the real Dharma. He knew that he had to start again.


She has a floating name, goes to pseudo -scriptures, and seeks true scriptures. If the Buddha decided to leave from the palace that year, they all had great courage and decision. For a seemingly unreasonable dream, for the truth of life, break his inherent stability. Even if all the resistances appear at this moment, even if the road ahead is vast, there is no support, even if he comes to the day of the day, and people are tired of horses, he must use dreams as horses, running around the world, without any retreat and shake.

I saw Master Xuanzang’s violent centrifugation. It was not to point out the family. It was simply abandoning the property and abandoning the well -known and breeding. Leaving is the departure from the departure.

When Huang Xiaoming first appeared on the screen, I was a little worried. The reason was that he was handsome. He also knew that he was handsome. A handsome person would inevitably attach sex and not to see the color. Do not match our cognition and expectations of monks.


To be practical, Huang Xiaoming from Chang’an to Liangzhou, Guazhou, Yumen Pass, and Wushuang, with a slightly eyebrows, strong eyes, and somewhat strong energy, not completely integrated into the role of Xuanzang. With the more separate dramas in the back, the more naturally his performance is. When the section of the Mo He Yanzhang desert, the yellow sand splits the face, and the face is so handsome. Master Xuanzang.

Out of Yumen Pass, go to Mo He Yanzhang, and go to the death of Mangaquan to seek birth in this period. In the movie, it is a highlight. The “Datang Western Regions” is also impressive. Master Xuanzang wrote a memories: “Mo He Yan is eight hundred miles old, ancient is sandy. There are no flying birds, there are no beasts, and there is no aquatic grass. . Four Gu Qian, the night is the demon charm, the star is like the stars, the day is shocked to the sand, and the rain is scattered. “

The “Journey to the West” depicts this place as “eight hundred Liu Liusha world, three thousand weak water deep, goose feathers cannot afford, and reed blossoms are sinking.” The Liusha River also arranged a monk to wait for the scriptures, compared to Xuan Xuan, compared to Xuan Xuan, compared to Xuan Xuan, compared to Xuanxuan In terms of the real experience of Master Jiu’s life, he still described it.

In Chang’an, Xuan Zang, with his purity and hard work since he was a child, the degree of Buddhism should be the second to see the Tao. However, it is not enough. Add.

Thinking of it, I am really awesome and sweaty. The real practice is really not easy! It is by no means a simple meditation. If you do n’t understand the true meaning of this, you can sit in a room, even if you sit yourself into a wooden pile, sitting rooted in germination, you can use brick mirrors to find fish.

Without all bitterness, no sincerity, no difficulty, no letter. How can you easily see your mind without breaking life and death?


Every step in the west is difficult and dangerous. Even if it is firmly like Xuan Zang, it is more difficult than expected. Each step confirms that the four laws are seal “the impermanence of all walks, all the laws have no self, all leaks are bitter, nirvana silence”, and they are also experiencing the heart of this Buddha.

The desert wind is hot, full of flowing sand, and people walk around, reckless. He accidentally dropped the water sac in the sand and did not drip into his throat for four days. Xuan Zang is a man, not a god, and he has desperate at the juncture of life and death. He is unwilling. He has the most primitive desire, that is, to survive.

I know the ending, know that he will not retreat, but you can set up a place of thought, and change it as me. Just like the Hu Ren’s guide Shi Pantuo played by Paba Jia in the movie. He once converted to the three treasures and relying on Xuan Zang and had followed him sincerely. He wanted to use this to break the fear in his heart, but he still lost to unknown and fear.

You can’t blame anything. In this world, there are many people like Shi Pan Tuo, and there are few people like Xuanzang. We all have good intentions, but lack the courage to go forward. The dream is always reversed, and the heart is hindered. Our ambition is like the toy sword in the hands of children, without actual use.

This journey from the heart was not smooth from the beginning. At that time, Datang and the Turkic war were about to travel. The emperor was not allowed to travel. He had no official identity, no passport, no visa (customs clearance). From the beginning, it was a smuggling. Fortunately, there was the blessing of the Buddhas. Although the road is dangerous, more, but more, they are those who guard the generals, ordinary people who have no personal risk gains and losses, and the kings of the western regions.


Seeing Xuan Zang suffered, I felt the same. Seeing that he was in danger, I was happy, and I saw the good thoughts of all beings.

The rigidity of the stop and stop, life blooms in the form of flowing, and is played. Each step is approaching the truth, and every moment is experiencing impermanence. Everywhere, there is no Buddha. When there is no way, there is no way.

Civil servants symbolize the laws of worldly, and generals tell the troubles of life being trapped. The disciples of the hearts are described as hatred and shake, and the tears in the eyes of the alien girls hide their affection. All sentient beings have troubles. Xuan Zang does not forget them. When he rescued the victims by the Ganges, it meant that he obtained the ability to help the world relieve suffering and troubles.

This is continuous due to the relationship between fate, and the causal chain is intertwined, and no one can achieve the great cause. The Buddhas stared at all beings in the void. It must be because of the existence of these good fate that the Buddha would show the world, and the Dharma can live for a long time!

“I would rather die west, and never live in the east”, hugging death again and again, experienced death, and the bustling Changan behind me is the vitality and stability of everywhere, just like our worldly relationship and family, always calling for the summoning, calling for a summary. He turned around, and the sacred place Tianzhu, which was a thousand miles away, could make people die like a mirage in the desert. Do not take the authentic scriptures, not Tianzhu, will not die, but the scriptures will die!

Is he not afraid of death? However, he is even more afraid of the darkness and ignorance in the circulation of life and death! Is he not hometown, but he is more yearning for the Fa -rectification! Except for life and death, in reality, there is no wealth to seduce him, and there are! King Gaochang is willing to give up the power of the country and serve him as a national teacher. If he shakes his mind and leaves a state teacher, he can also promote the Dharma, and no one can say that he is wrong.

However, he hunger strike on his mind: “Westward travel is just for the sake of the law.”


Stay away from the upside -down dream, there is no hindrance to the heart, no hindrance to the cause, and no horror.

After many years, Xuan Zang, who had returned from a long distance, was in trouble in the face of the old country’s affection and tears. “Qinchuan Xiongdi House, Hangu Zhuang Emperor’s House, Changan for a month, thousands of households pounding the sound of clothes.” This is a place where his soul is dreaming, and he must not forget. This is the country that he still wants to return after he finds the true scriptures.

When you are looking for Taoism, you are not ruthless to enter the WTO, but the monks are not ruthless, but are reluctant!

Similarly, the secular warmth and attachment are not sin! No need to avoid or discard. You only need to recognize that you are nostalgic for you, and you will dissipate when you reach it -from the closest and most nostalgia relationship to impermanence, love but not persistent, knowing that there is a clearer existence, longer wisdom. In this way, removing my insistence, and the existing things will not be lost, and what will be obtained will be more.

Walking through the purgatory desert, he led the crowd to cross the Lingshan Snow Mountain, frozen and frostbite ten or four, turned over the green onion, to Central Asia, and then to Tianzhu. The grace is given to be repaid with a passion of 10,000 times.

Arriving at Na Tuo Temple, the dream of the holy place, learned from Master Jiexian, had to meet a famous teacher. He was hungry and thirsty. Language, language is not a problem during studying).

In that year, in that Muluo Temple, the Indians who loved the crowd came up to chat and learned that we were Chinese. Do you know, do you know the Journey to the West? Xuanzang of your country is great! I said, yes, yes! I feel proud of my heart.

Master Xuanzang learned here, and he was well -known as the vice president of Na Tuo Temple as an international student. At the unaware conference held by the King of the Rie Ri, he said that he had been in the five seals and was convinced all the monks in India at that time.

Due to the logical thinking of Ming Xue, the translation of the conscious theoretical system of Mahayana (Yoga) to China to form a French Sect (Intellectuals). It is because of him that the Dharma has a new continuation in Middle -earth, affecting Japanese Buddhism. Outside of the Han and Wei Dynasty, outside the original Qingyuan, the lower Song Ming science opened a new chapter in the history of Chinese thought.


In the second half of the movie, Huang Xiaoming, who was in the yellow monk’s clothes, was as good as the glow, and it became more and more calm. He is not Xuanzang, but he is really close to Xuanzang, appreciating the spirit of the scriptures, and the spirit of the Buddha.

The monk who interprets monks, especially Xuan Zang, is much more difficult than any of the characters in the book. His heart was as calm and calm, not dead, and his heart was like beylum; he was just fierce, resolute and decisive, compassionate and soft, but solemn and majestic. The most important thing is that he must not be ruthless and worldly. Change a person, can it really be better than Huang Xiaoming? I can’t assert.

It is so solemn, and the appearance is like a lotus. It is the cause of the master Xuanzang itself. Isn’t it a huge blessing? In the movie, the interpretation of the old monk is the tempering and blessing of the heart and heart for him.


Everything is the best arrangement.

As a person who has also been abused by domestic films for millions of times, as a Buddhist, I am also rare tolerant. It is rare and firmly. Don’t pretend to be the insufficiency of “Datang Xuanzang”!

Directors, screenwriters, and actors are full of devotion. Loyalty to history, there is no strangeness, and the embarrassing plot, the narrative language converges, calm, has no use, uses love everywhere, and the rhythm is relaxed. The music and the picture are very beautiful, and each frame can be intercepted as a postcard. The photography light effect, the scene restoration is also the most likely to get closer to the original appearance. If you have to be picky, it is nothing more than some details to prove your glory.

When watching the movie, I remembered the sentences in the Diamond Sutra: “Everything is false. If you see all the phases, you can see me. If you see me in love, you can see me with sound. Can’t see Rulai. “

What we have to realize is the Fa -rectification of the Dafa conveyed by “The Tang Dynasty Xuanzang”.

What we have to think about is not what others have not done? But what did we do ourselves?

△ Stills of “Datang Xuanzang”

△ Stills of “Datang Xuanzang”

△ Stills of “Datang Xuanzang”

△ Stills of “Datang Xuanzang”


△ Stills of “Datang Xuanzang”

△ Stills of “Datang Xuanzang”


△ Stills of “Datang Xuanzang”

△ Stills of “Datang Xuanzang”

△ Stills of “Datang Xuanzang”

There is no need to be discouraged, and there is no need to argue, the Dharma is unpleasant.The score on Douban is not the score in the heart of Buddhists. The height of the box office does not represent the level of the realm.With the special victory of the Dharma and the wisdom of the Buddha throughout the world, we cannot do our best. How can we force everyone to agree with this sincerity?

For two hours, are you willing to watch the bad and logical youth love movies, or are you willing to follow the footsteps of Xuan Zang to return to the Datang of the millennium, Tianzhu, and start a journey of

What I can be sure is that this is a piece of people who are worthy of repeated taste, and they will be happy with Fa to good (whether you are a Buddhist at this moment).It explores the Fa -rectification, and Yu Yun is deep. It allows Xuan Zang to go out of history from the dust of history, and return to our eyes. The existence itself is the blessing and return of the Dharma to all beings.