Inventory of the nine major products that I have to buy snowflakes, each one is the word of mouth


After I told you a few days ago


Let me tell you about Snow Show today

Compared to the later luxury

Snowflake Show is a low -key simple role

Although there is deep heritage


But there is never a way to hype to increase the value

Today, I will take you to see the top ten products worth buying in Snowflake Snow

1: Snowflake Xiuli Yin Water Cream

Suitable age: 30+

Suitable for skin texture: dry and neutral skin

Editor’s comment: As long as this water -like water is moisturizing, it is particularly good for the dull skin of the dry skin. The texture of the water is very easy to absorb by semi -gel -shaped, and it will feel greasy if the oil is emulsion. The heavier ginseng taste is very secure.


2: Snowflake Show Runjan Essence


Suitable age: 20+


Suitable for skin texture: any skin texture

Editor’s comment: Absolutely super easy to absorb the essence of the water, open the pores to promote skin care products; it is a pre -water essence that is very suitable for oily skin. The dark red gel texture, absorbing fast. The effect of removing yellow moisturizing is good.

3: Honey soap in Snowflake Show Palace

Suitable age: any age

Suitable for skin type: Any skin, especially oily acne skin

Editor’s comment: The hand -made Hanfang cleansing soap is rich in foam and the smell is clear. After washing, the skin is clean and not tight. One can be used for about six months. Especially in summer, the skin is really super refreshing.

4: Snowflake Show Ginseng Cream


Editor’s comment: When I mentioned the ginseng cream, I felt very heavy and greasy, but since the refreshing formula was switched, it was no pressure to swim the skin. I like it, the strong ginseng flavor, and the aging effect of the skin is significant.

5: Snowflake Xiu Zhen Snow Water Milk

Suitable age: 35+

Editor’s comment: After antioxidant aunt, there is a high -end skin care series, but a facial cleanser is more than 300. Its main raw material is the thousand -year -old red pine, and it is the tenacious vitality that has not been decayed for thousands of years. The series that can make the skin eternal youth is more powerful than the weather.

6: Snowflake Show Yurun Sleep Mask

Suitable for skin type: Any skin, especially dull skin, stay up late, skin


Editor’s comment: It is really appropriate to use it, because I dare not try before I have oily skin. I did not expect that the effect after controlling the amount of massage was really good. Remove the fatigue of staying up late and make the skin glowing again.

7: Snowflake Soochow Yurong tore up cleaner mask

Suitable for skin texture: any skin, especially oil -acne skin, skin

Editor’s comment: The only mask that allows you to experience the fun of changing faces. In addition to being able to take away the dead skin, it also has a certain effect on the closed mouth. The same tearing mask is much better than the post -use. Favorite babies can try.

8: Snowflake Shunxing Facial Washing Milk

Editor’s comment: Snowflake Xiushumi cleansing milk, mild and non -irritating, rich foam, dry and not tightness after washing, effectively deeply clean facial dirt, rich herbal essence is very good for the diagonal layer, sensitive skin, and skin. Cleaning effect, it is better to use Snow Show Shunxing’s cleansing oil ~

9: Snowflake Xiu to Meirun White Cushion BB

Suitable for skin type: Any skin, especially oily skin


Editor’s comment: Yang Mi ’s favorite brand of Jiang Shuying ~ I feel like oily skin. I personally like the matte texture, and it feels very good to cover my oily skin. After painting, the concealer is also relatively good. The moisturizing of the cushion of Snow Show is not easy to remove makeup, and it is no wonder that the stars like it.

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Suitable for skin texture: any skin texture

Suitable age: any age


Suitable age: any age

Suitable age: any age