No matter how old a woman is, wearing a “thin sweater+skirt” in summer will be elegant


The thin sweater is gentle and comfortable and elegant, and it is well -favored by countless women. As the protagonist of the summer, the skirt is also very advantageous in terms of slim meat and femininity. These two items are combined with each other. In addition to double the sense of mature age, there are no restrictions on women’s age and figure, which can be called the high -level method of summer.

However, if you want to wear thin knitted sweater+skirt, women also need to pay attention to style choices and master some matching skills to improve clothing. This summer, no matter how old women are, wearing “thin knitted sweater+half skirts” will be elegant in their bones. Let’s take a look together!

1. Short sweater choose short and not choose long

As a basic member of the thin sweater, the thin sweater can basically meet the needs of women’s comfort and real wear, but the thin sweater is divided into lengths. No matter what age women are, no matter whether they are tall and thin, they It is recommended to use short sweater.

This is because knitwear is not like a shirt. When wearing a shirt, as long as you choose a light material, the long shirt can also enhance the lightness of the shape and play a thin effect of the hidden meat.

In addition to the long version of the knitted sweater, it is easy to be stuffy in the hot summer, and it will bring a visually bulkying sense, and it is not refreshing when wearing a skirt.

The short sweater style is beautiful and small. In addition to cool and breathable, it can also be used to combine high -waisted skirts to create a visual effect of “upper short and long”, easily improve the proportion of figure, and be friendly to small children.

In addition, the short knitted items are divided into knitwear and knitted cardigan, and wearing knitwear. It is recommended that women use V -neck models. Even if they are nearly 60 years old, V -neck design can enhance women’s flavor.


The knitted cardigan is divided into short -sleeved and long -sleeved, and it is more flexible in the wear method. If it is a short -sleeved knitted cardigan, it is the best choice to wear it directly, and the body material is gentle.


If it is a long -sleeved and thin knitted cardigan, then you need to pull up the cuffs or put it on your shoulders at will. It is simple and elegant.

Second, the half skirt chose length does not choose short

There are many skirts in summer. When it is used to match a thin sweater, if you want to create an elegant and gentle summer look, then when wearing a half skirt, you will not choose the length.


Compared with short skirts, on the one hand, the half -body long skirt can cover the thighs and calf belly parts. It is tolerant of the leg shape, and it can have a thin effect of hidden meat.

On the other hand, high -waisted umbrella skirts, A -line skirts, pleated skirts or hip skirts with a length below the knee and above the ankle are more romantic than the skirt.


When it is used to match a thin sweater in summer, the short top is combined with high waist design. It can also raise the position of the waistline without hardening, showing the waist and limbs, and create a good proportion.

For example, the blue short -sleeved sweater with a white umbrella skirt, and the red knitted cardigan with high waist wave dot pleated skirt is very suitable for summer.

Third, combined with simplified combination

The combination of “thin knitted sweater+half skirt” is elegant and romantic, but women also need to follow the principle of dressing and simplified dressing.


For example, when the knitted cardigan is a stripe, then the skirt needs to choose a pure color model. If the skirt is a printed skirt, the sweater needs to be used without excessive decoration.

As a result, the visual effect of “one complex and one simplification” is just right and simple.

Fan simplified combination not only refers to the use of printing patterns, but also a variety of careful machine design, such as knitwear stacking doll collar, Peter Pan, bubble sleeves, folds, or hook flowers design. Simple and highlights.

In addition, knitwear and half skirts use pure colors, which is also suitable for middle -aged women who take elegant routes.

Fourth, the shoes should be elegant

When wearing a thin knitted sweater+skirt, in addition to choosing a pair of comfortable shoes, women also consider whether the shoes are matched with tops and lower clothes.

Because knitted sweaters and skirts belong to the weapon that enhances elegance, if the shoes are used for Martin shoes or daddy shoes, it is easy to damage the beauty of the shape, bringing or obtrusive or bulky visual effects.

And light mouth flat single shoes, one -piece sandals or loafers are all suitable choices.

In addition to being comfortable, the shoes used in these shoes are beautiful and thin, and the skin area is large. The summer obscenity flute skirt is cool and breathable, but also further sets out a beautiful and romantic summer atmosphere.


The above is a demonstration of the “thin knit sweater+skirt” that shared this time. If you don’t know how to wear it elegance, then you may wish to try it. Remember these four principles of dressing. To the bones!

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