Inspiration in winter: long coat+straight pants, beautiful and advanced


There are many choices in winter clothes, and there are several types of jackets: cotton jackets, down jackets, lamb hairy jackets, jackets, etc. The favorite is

Long coats can improve their temperament and modify their figures. I believe many people have started with me like me.

However, the silhouette of the long coat is loose, and the medium -long style is easy to drag the “altitude”. Therefore, many people like to wear small pants when wearing coats, and use the tightening lines tightened in the lower body to balance the looseness of the upper body.

Although this is not wrong,


Some coats should be free and handsome. After watching the Japanese magazine, Xiaomei

Get is inspired by a long coat, handsome and full of long coats with straight pants, and very friendly girls with thick legs. Sisters who love beauty may wish to try it!

The benefits of “long coat+straight pants”:


The long coat here mainly refers to the medium and long models of the knee. It is as warm as a quilt in winter, which is very suitable for girls who are afraid of cold. and

When the cover area is increased, the effect of body shape is also better. We can hide the protruding lower abdomen and a strong small thick leg in it, exposing the thinnest neck, wrist, and ankle, and then boldly told others that “In fact, in fact,” Actually I am very thin “

Intersection If you want to cover the meat, you may be right.


The names of the straight pants are as the name implies. The shape of the pants is loose, straight up and down, and it will not have a strong wrapping on the legs. It is comfortable and convenient to move. It can also modify the leg shape.

Use straight pants with long coats,

Both are free and handsome items with neutral style. They do not deliberately highlight the shape of the figure, nor do they emphasize the femininity and charming of women.


More cold and high -level.

“Long Clothing+Straight Pants” matching demonstration:


Long coat+jeans:

Straight pants are a general name of pants. According to different fabrics, they can also be divided into denim straight pants, suit straight pants and casual straight pants.

“Long coat+straight jeans” is more practical and practical, one is the business style of the workplace, and the other is the free and unruly denim items. There are species

Easy Chic

The street feeling, do not pick people or pick occasions.


You only need to wear high heels or boots at work to increase the sense of formality, and at the same time incorporate elegance and femininity. When you change your sneakers, canvas shoes, and daddy shoes, you will turn into a young female young woman,

Age -age fashion.

Long coat+suit pants:

If you want to go to work to meet more aura, the first choice of the same style of suit straight pants to create a strong and popular female white -collar image in the workplace in the workplace

Essence Such as here


Coffee color suit pants, no dullness of black pants, with the same color coffee coat elegant atmosphere, full of high -level sense.

Small girls can learn models, and use the nine -point straight pants with an ankles to match the slender ankles and protruding and capable. As for shoes, we can replace the short boots of ankles, and seamlessly connect with nine -point pants, keep warm and look good.

Long coat+casual pants


We look forward to relaxation on leisure holidays. At this time, you can use casual straight pants to match long coats. for example

Straight pants of knitted fabrics and sweater fabrics, they have elasticity, more comfortable and convenient to move, and can also have a good age reduction effect.

This group chooses

The long straight leisure pants, although the length of the feet is less profitable, can extend our leg length and add points to the height.

The point is that the shoes and pants must be the same color, or it is smooth, so as to avoid the split of the leg ratio. Wearing a coat may not be matched with small foot pants, straight pants are more fashionable and thin, 18 sets are super beautiful!