Why do you wear Uniqlo as aunt? 9 sets of “elegant skirts” matching ideas to correct you will not wear


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Do you like Uniqlo?

For a long time, Uniqlo’s clothes are polarized for women. Women who like it hold it on their palms and look at the lights; women who don’t like it always glance at it and feel that it is not in the eyes.

What are the reasons? Have you ever analyzed?

In Luo Wei’s view, the fundamental reason why there is such a bipolar differentiation is:

Different aesthetics and wearing ability

Essence There are some girls who wear ability, they will wear them themselves, and the items of Uniqian pants are not much of the basic models on the style, or they choose some styles of design highlights. Add

Accessories and detail embellishment

You can wear good look. remember:


Accessories and details, knock three times here!


And those who do n’t wear clothes or do n’t wear the foundation at all, they will feel that Uniqlo ’s clothes do not have highlights and features, and they are not good at all.

Design highlights

Essence You don’t need to worry about matching, you look good when you wear it.

This is why some niche designer brands are very popular. The clothes with highlights are very characteristic because their styles themselves are very characteristic, which can be appropriately covered with some reason

Body or temperament

The shortcomings brings will look fashionable.

The basic items are paired by the wearer

Temperament, figure, and matching ability

The requirements are very high. This is why some people hold the sky to Uniqlo, and some people do not have a cold at all. However, things are not so absolute. Luo Wei’s analysis is a rough law, and the bars should not be true.

So, how can we improve their ability to wear? Luo Wei has been continuously sharing dressing skills. If you pay attention for a long time, I believe it will definitely benefit a lot. Old rules, in this article, let’s share the latest inspiration of Uniqlo, implement the matching details, and implement it.


Uniqlo wearing sharing


In this group of wearing, it is mainly elegant and intellectual. The main items are skirts, and they are combined with various tops to form a simple and atmospheric urban workplace.

First: Knit sweater+wrinkle vests long skirt

Two types of dresses such as spring are very common, and knitwear with long skirts is the most gentle and intellectual. First of all, from the color tone, the two items are mainly the earth color system. The khaki sweater with a deep coffee wrinkle vests long skirt. It is matched with the same color. Such vest long skirts are very practical. It can be worn in summer. Its fabric is specially treated, and some small features have some small characteristics from the material.

Accessories: The brown belt strengthens the waistline to create a proportional proportion; light rice bags and high heels, emphasize elegance and intellectuality; large gold earrings are currently popular styles that move the center of gravity upwards and make the face more three -dimensional.

Second: sweater+wrinkle vest print long skirt

These two items are different in the same color as the above. The sweater is lighter. The long skirt is replaced with a printed model. The fabric is also unchanged. The matching method is the same as the above. It’s just because of

floral print

The fresh and gentle femininity brought is even stronger. The overall is bright light, which is very suitable for bright spring. In addition to replacing the bag with a brown handbag, the accessories remain unchanged, and the brown also echoes the brown of the belt.

Third: Knit sweater+wrinkles vestup printed long skirt


The two items in this set are the same color as the above. The black sweater is a printed vest long skirt. The main body is mainly black tone, which looks calm, atmospheric, and dignified.

Accessories: Black wants to wear a sense of youth, and the age -reducing accessories are indispensable. For example, the red and white dot headgear increases the playful characteristics of the girl, bringing a sense of relaxation to the overall calm black. Echo the color of the small bag and the headdress.


Here is a knowledge point: why should the headdress and bag choose dark red? Here is a matching principle:

If there is a pattern printing item, the accessories generally choose from the color of the pattern

, To achieve the effect of echoing harmony. The safflower decorated with this skirt is eye -catching, just to echo the red of the headwear bag.

Fourth: knitwear+striped shirt+green pleated skirt


This set of knitwear is different from the same color, but the skirt is replaced with pleated skirts. When a sweater with a half skirt, if you want to create fashion, you must work hard on the details. For example, wearing a striped shirt, rolling the sweater and exposing the hem of the striped shirt can not only fix the waistline, but also have a sense of layering. The color of the sweater and the green skirt are close to form a more harmonious picture.


Accessories: The pleated skirt is not as elegant as long skirts. It is variant, so canvas casual shoes are most suitable. With small white bags and the same color shoes to create a lively leisure fan.

Fifth: knitted cardigan+green pleated skirt


Is the big fire cardigan very upper? It has its own elegant attributes. This set is a green cardigan with a pleated skirt, which is high -level at the same color.

Accessories: Reinforced embellishment of brown belts, white bags and white high heels, increase the rapid and elegant atmosphere. Why choose white high heels? Because its color and green half skirt are closer, the colors of the lower body are consistent, which is conducive to significant high.

Sixth: knitted cardigan+khaki pleated skirt


The two items of this set are the same as above. They are the same as the same color and the accessories are unchanged. Does it feel different? Watermelon red open shirt is warm, and green is cold -colored. Two different colors are different choices for different skin colors.

Seventh: Knit sweater+striped shirt+khaki skirt

This set of knitwear is the same as the initial. The same color is different. The black sweater is equipped with a striped shirt and a khaki skirt. The skirt is very characteristic. Can wear good look.

Accessories: White canvas shoes echoed knitwear to form a harmonious effect. The khaki bag and the skirt echoed, and the overall stability is characteristic.

Eighth: Knit sweater+striped shirt+khaki skirt

This set is the same as the above set of items, but it is very different to change the effect of wearing. When the weather is hot, you can tie the knitted sweater around the neck and light up the whole with a special personality. This is a method often used in Japanese wear.

Ninth: Green sweater+striped shirt+khaki skirt

This set of matches is the same as above, but the black sweater is replaced by dark green, the striped shirt is khaki, and the accessories are unchanged. This reflects the advantages of the basic model:

Just change a color can become a wild classic


From the above combination, we summarize the main points that want to wear Uniqlo out of fashion:

Select models, basic models, and design highlights must be available;

Basic model+design model

The adjustment of accessories is the point. Use different bags, shoes, or earrings to make a step with a step.

Learn to wear


These wearing skills are also shared by us. For the combination of basic models, learn

With the help of accessories or matching skills

Only to make them more fashionable. Do you really understand this basis? If you understand, you will wear it.

Want to continue to improve your matching skills and continue to pay attention to Luo Wei.

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