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For men who love mechanical watches, the process of “new watch” is always very exciting. However, after accumulating some watch experience, it is even more difficult to encounter sufficient stimulating new faces. In fact, men are trying to wear women’s and asexual watches, so the new breakthroughs are here.


(Left) Piccolo Due Madre Perla watch 127800 yuan

Continuous glory

The case material is Goldtechtm material, which is a unique material developed by Panerai. In order to present red, the copper content in the alloy is added, and platinum is added to prevent oxidation fading. Not only did it create a beautiful case, but also practical functions, it can be described as a bold trial full of Panerai Sea. Automatically on -the -chain, Goldtech ™ case, crocodile leather strap. / Panerai

(Right) Piccolo Due watch 53900 yuan

Just right size

Panerai was originally manufactured as a military watch of the Italian Navy. Therefore, the large -scale style in the impression is its iconic feature. To this day, Panerai is also seeking constant breakthroughs. While retaining distinctive design and functions, the 38mm style has greatly reduced the dial, so this watch with masculinity and elegance was born. Automatically on the chain, stainless steel case × strap. / Panerai

Men and women are different, and watches are also divided into men’s and women’s models according to size. However, interests and tastes are not gender, and many men have sighed “if this watch can be bigger”, “How good if it is a mechanical movement.”

In fact, in recent years, mechanical watches have also become popular among women, and the size of the case has also increased. In other words, women’s watches that men can also wear are becoming more. Richard Mille has always worked hard to provide a variety of women’s watches for male customers’ partners. In addition, Panerai, as a classic brand to produce “men’s watches”, has also received wider support by launching small sizes (but still 38mm) styles.

Not only that, many brands keenly captured the warm eyes of men’s vitality to women’s watches, and began to launch a gender -free style that can be worn without gender. In short, the scope of our choice of watches has widened.

Women’s watches that men can also wear


The large model in women’s watches is small and elegant for men. There are many color combinations and designs that many men’s watches do not have in women’s models. Therefore, it is particularly prone to outstanding styles.

Automatic chain, 18K rose gold case, crocodile leather strap. / Louis vuitton

Louis vuitton

Tambour spin time Air vivienne watch price store


The moment of time changes is interesting

The Tambour Spin Time Air Vivienne watch is a functional watch, which is characterized by the Louis Vuitton mascot “vivienne”. Every 60 minutes, the two adjacent “vivienne” will rotate immediately and switch to the new time. You can see the hidden bottom surface of the “Vivienne” mascot and a swing wheel hammer through the transparent case back cover. They float between the movement and the case, which is very playful and cute.

Automatic chain, TZP blue ceramic case, rubber strap

Fifty sections worldwide are available. / Richard Mille

Richard Mille


RM 07-01 Pastel Blue watch 1196000 yuan

Colorful, fashionable and chic

RM 07-01, as the most feminine watch series of Richard Mille, each iteration update will cause a sensation. The limited edition watch launched this time, the case is made of ceramic material, while the carved carved pattern dial is made of a variety of materials, which is gorgeous, highlighting the RM 07-01 series watch for artistic beauty and practical performance Perseverance.

There are also white styles. Automatic chain, black ceramic case × bracelet

555 are released worldwide. / Chanel


J12 Caliber 12.2 Edition 1 Watch 86,000 yuan

Equipped with the new movement J12 debut

The classic J12 watch, the mechanical movement version was originally only 38mm. This time, a new 33mm style equipped with the new Caliber 12.2 movement is launched. The new watch does not simply reduce the Caliber 12.1 movement, but redesign the size, shape and configuration of all components. This watch with the latest movement can meet the exquisite needs of men who love machinery.

Quartz movement, stainless steel case, leather strap. / Omega


About 35700 yuan


In fact, it is very popular with men

The blue dial has a deep color. At first glance, it is a formal watch that men will like. The size of the case is 39mm. It has a sense of presence on the wrist, and there is no 2 -pin design of the second hand, which highlights the elegant temperament. The diamonds inlaid with the bezel and the ears are low -key and natural, and it is also suitable as a man’s first diamond watch.

Share non -gender style

When choosing a watch, the most reliable is gender -free style, and it is also very suitable for couples to share. Two people will be more free in daily matching.

Manual chain, 18K platinum case, calf leather strap. / Vacheron Constantin


Vacheron Constantin

Historical masterpiece series American 1921 watch 232,000 yuan

The historical model you want to share with others

The historical masterpiece American 1921 watch is a representative of the historical collections of Jiangshicon. It is famous for its pillow -shaped case, tilt time, and the crown design between 1 and 2 points. The 36.5mm case is more round and cute, suitable for both men and women to wear together. Dark brown straps are given.

Automatic chain, stainless steel case × bracelet. /Tag heuer

Tag heuer


22,400 yuan of submarine series Professional 300 watches

Square compact and loving

The new 36mm professional diving watch this year has elegant wave patterns on the dial. At the same time, the 12 surfaces of the bezel are designed to be easy to grasp. The crown is equipped with a protective device to prevent accidental damage. The date window adopts a magnifying glass design, integrated on the bottom surface of the sapphire mirror to achieve seamless and smooth touch on the surface.

Automatic chain, stainless steel case, goat leather strap. / Tasaki



Petit Skull watch price store

Philosophy hidden under gorgeous appearance

The style launched by the jewelry brand “TASAKI” and artist and watch technician Fiona Krüger, using the black line on the MOP dial to show the “Skull (Skull)” shape. The skeleton contains the meaning of “equality” and “regeneration”, which can be described as the theme of human beings forever. Gender -free style with philosophical charm, wearing it on the wrist to fully display personality.


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