From the historical origin of Hugo and Nazi Germany from Liutai sewing machine to the world -famous brand


In 2018, in a business event hosted by the fashion magazine “GQ” and sponsored by Hugo Bosty brand, Bland Gustels, a British comedian, violently criticized Hugo Bosty on the stage. In immoral behavior, his remarks caused a stir, and the editor -in -chief of the magazine asked Gus to leave immediately because he offended Hugo Bosty, and Brand replied: Hugo Bosty offensive Jews. What is the relationship between Hugo Bost and Nazis? What kind of immoral history did he have during the Nazi Germany?


Origin of taxi clothing

Hugo Ferdinand Bosty was born in Mejingen, born in Stugart in 1885. His parents run a underwear store in the town. When he was 23, he inherited his parents’ store and officially entered the clothing manufacturing industry. After the outbreak of World War I, I joined the army to join the battle. In 1923, he founded his own company in Mayingen, and the following year, he opened a small clothing factory with two partners.

At the beginning of starting a business, Bosty produced various clothing according to the demand of market orders, and did not have its own style and brand planning. At this time, the German economy was in the Great Depression, and it was already good to get an order to eat a full meal. However, in the environment where the economy almost collapsed, the company in Bosty was supported by the early 1930s, and it was hard to sustain. It had to declare bankruptcy. There were only six sewing machines left in the last assets of Bosty. His family registered a company and started a second startup. This time, he keenly captured a good opportunity for a thousand years.

Nazi Foreign Minister Ribetlov, the SS M32 uniform.

Bosty is not only a savvy businessman, he also has a keen sense of political smell. As early as the 1920s, he had processing clothing for the charge team, and he pointed at the speed and scale of the development of Nazi forces. By 1931, he accurately predicted that the Nazis might have controlled the regime in a short time, so he could not wait to join the Nazi Party. In fact, his motivation to join the Nazis is not out of faith, but to take this opportunity to obtain more group purchase orders to seek personal interests. This time, he succeeded.


Rapid development company


The first single business that allows Bosty clothing to return to life is the well -known set of black uniforms of the SS. The image of Himsley’s sideling team has always disdain. The Nazi artist Karl Dibic was invited to design a set of black uniforms. This is M32. This uniform was fully distributed to the SS in July that year, replacing the brown uniforms like the charge before. The orders of tens of thousands of uniforms were handed over to Hugo Bost. gold. M32’s unforgettable designs undoubtedly become the best free advertisement in Britain, coupled with the fine workmanship of British clothing, so that the Nazi Nazi who is uniform controls his clothing level, so the charge team, the National Defense Forces, Hitler, Hitler The orders of the Youth League, the German postal and other uniform departments flew into the hands of Bosty. The little boss Hugo Bosty finally embarked on the Kangzhuang Avenue, who was getting rich.


Managers explained the production process to the female workers.

With the pace of Hitler’s preparation and the extreme expansion of the army after the outbreak of World War II, the turnover of Boston increased geometrically. In 1932, the company’s turnover was 38,000 Mike. It reached 3.3 million Mark and developed into Germany’s largest government and military clothing manufacturers.


Using the hard -earned hard -sweat factory

After the outbreak of World War II, orders from the National Defense Forces and the SS, but many years of light workers should be enlisted, making the labor force of the Boston factories very scarce, and it is also very difficult to hire new workers. Military orders cannot be delayed, and people are nervous and cannot be shipped. How should this contradiction be resolved? Bosty and government and military personnel negotiated many times, and finally found a solution. They aimed their attention to labor and prisoners of war in the area occupied by Germany.


Eastern workers, which were forced by Nazi Germany, had OST signs on their chests.

During World War II, in order to solve the problem of insufficient labor, Germany forcibly recruited millions of workers to Germany to serve as cheap or free labor in the occupied area. About 5 million people were forced to work for Germany. (OSTARBEITER Eastern workers), they are not concentrated camping prisoners, but they are forced to engage in production activities for Nazi Germany and belong to slave workers under the control of Nazi Germany.


Oriental workers engaged in mechanical processing.

In 1940, Bosty Clothing supplemented 140 Polish workers. They were forced to work in Germany by the occupation district authorities. At the end of the year, 40 French prisoners of war were sent to Bosty clothing. Although the Boston factory was not a concentrated camp, during the war, during the war Military management was also carried out by the equipment department. The work and living environment here are also very bad. The accommodation conditions in the barracks are bad. Lice and fleas are not allowed to be safe. When they encountered an air strike, workers could not leave the job without authorization to enter the air -raid hole to avoid them. They could only stay in the factory to listen to the destiny.

Female workers who are producing uniforms.

Workers have no right to resign and are not allowed to escape. Once they escape, they will be caught in the end of the scene. A woman named Joseph Gishartle attempts to escape back to Poland. Torture and beatings. Bostly used the relationship to rescue her back to the factory, but her unbearable harassment of work in 1943 committed suicide in 1943. Bosty spent money to arrange her funeral and invited her family to attend the funeral.

Although Bosty’s treating workers is not as harsh as the concentrated camp factory, it is an indisputable fact that participating in Nazi Germany forced use of labor. Schpel, a military and reserve minister of Nazi Germany, has implemented a huge forced labor plan. Many German companies use a lot of use After these forced cheap labor, BMW Motors is one of them. IG French Chemical Company directly builds factories in a concentrated camp and uses Jews to make free cattle and horses for it. Many world -renowned companies in the world today have less known and glorious history in the development process.

Workers making clothing on the assembly line

Post -war situation


Hugo Bosty himself has participated in a variety of social organizations in Nazi Germany. Almost all of his company’s management personnel are enthusiastic Nazi believers.

Bosty’s newspaper advertisement during the Nazi German period


The Bosty Clothing Company transformed production and production of suits after the war. Hugo Bosty himself died in 1948. His son -in -law took over the company’s operation. After decades of development, “Bost” has gradually developed into a high -end fashion brand. However, it has been criticized for the establishment of the Blood Tears Factory with Nazi. In 1999, the company provided funds to a foundation. This foundation has been helping the victims of the forced labor forced by Germany during World War II. In 2011, the company issued a statement that was forced to be forced to be in the British factory during World War II. Labor who suffered suffering and injury expressed regret.

“When capital comes to earth, every pore is dripping dirty blood.” Even if it breaks through the bottom line of human morality, there is no indifference. Such a situation has occurred repeatedly in history and has not stopped.



Is the SS M32 black uniform designed by Hugo Bosty?

no! M32 was designed by Nazi artist, Himmle’s personal art consultant, and Professor Karl Dibic, the first -level assault team of the party and guard. Hugo Bosty is just a manufacturer of this clothing, Karl Dibic and Hugo · Bostly has nothing to do with it.


Hugo Bosty is Hitler’s private tailor?

no! Hitler’s clothes are customized in high -end clothing stores in Berlin or Munich. Bosty does not specifically make clothing for Hitler, and Hitler will not choose clothing produced in large quantities of assembly lines. This fact.

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