I want to buy a home oxygen making machine for the elderly, which brand is good?


At present, the first -ranking household oxygen making machine in the market is: Dajin, Philips, Judong, and Wannier are very good. They are all medical -grade oxygen -making, quality assurance, after -sales and warranty are reliable.

Select the right oxygen making machine rationally:

1. To choose a small oxygen -making machine (oxygen machine), the noise level is preferably less than 45 decibels, otherwise, it may affect the rest of my and others, especially at night.

2. You must choose an oxygen-making machine (oxygen machine) with a large exhaust volume (3.8-4.2m3/h), otherwise it will be easily worn for a long time, resulting in insufficient gas volume and attenuation of oxygen concentration. The leather wrist of the compressor is very important. The better the compressor’s leather wrist, the larger the exhaust capacity, and the better the quality of the oxygen making machine.

3. The oxygen concentration output by oxygen making must be greater than 90%. The oxygen monitoring device comes with the instrument or machine can be detected. You should choose an oxygen making machine with unchanged cumulative chronograph in order to provide objective and accurate data for long -term maintenance and maintenance and services in the future. Equipped with cumulative timers is an forced requirement for international standards, and it is also a manifestation of product quality. The service life of oxygen -making (oxygen machine) must be guaranteed for tens of thousands of hours.

4. For patients with pulmonary disease such as respiratory or heart failure, hypoxemia, and slow pulmonary disease, the oxygen concentration of oxygen concentrations that can still maintain the standards can still be maintained at 24 hours of uninterrupted work.

Large gold oxygen

The output of large gold oxygen makers is famous for its mute, that is, the price will be more expensive. If the family conditions are excellent, you can consider starting one. There is no problem with the overall use. Whether it is oxygen concentration or after -sales service, it is particularly professional. Essence Highly recommended!


Philips oxygen


Philips oxygen produces the United States, imported brands, noise decibels will be a little higher than Dajin, which can be accepted. It is also very simple in use. Whether it is oxygen flow or after -sales, it is more reliable. No There will be any particularly large medical incident. This Philips oxygen machine will be much cheaper than Dajin. It can be said that it is the one with the highest price of imported oxygen making machines. If you consider the price, you can start Philips. The best choice of ordinary families!