What eye cream is good for the best eye cream in the world


Big brand skin care products are easy to use? This is not necessarily, it is not easy to use, but it is definitely not suitable for you. Of course, the eye cream is the same. Not all big -name eye creams are suitable for the same person, and the eye cream is used to use it, but the skin of the eye is the most vulnerable, and the eye cream choice should be cautious. Today, I will share with you a few good -looking eye creams. Which one is the most suitable for you?

Fu Lei Shi Water Lily Nourishing Live Eye Cream

什么眼霜效果好 全球最好用的10款眼霜推荐

This eye cream is added from plant composition, and sensitive skin can also be used. It is also the favorite of many pregnant women. The texture is not thin, but the effect of moisturizing water lock is great. In the morning and evening, you can find that the stubborn dark circles can be found after a month of use.

User measured score: 9.747 points

Laboratory effect evaluation: 9.342 points

Honey energy repair eye cream

什么眼霜效果好 全球最好用的10款眼霜推荐

This is really a super easy -to -use eye cream, which is highly recommended. I used about seven or eight. Mainly his formula and ingredients are good, which uses international first -line big names. But the price is particularly affordable. It is the light of domestic goods in the eye cream, which is very effective for the dark lines of the eyes of the bags under the eyes. Many beauty bloggers have recommended this brand. It is indeed conscience eye cream.

User measured score: 9.986 points

Laboratory effect evaluation: 9.994 points

Pobbiblang’s eye tattoos and eye cream

It can repair eye damage, and it also has a little sunscreen function. It is better to absorb it. It is enough to massage gently. It is more friendly to those who stay up late.

什么眼霜效果好 全球最好用的10款眼霜推荐

User measured score: 9.669 points

Laboratory effect evaluation: 9.324 points

Estee Lauder Little Brown Bottle Eye Cream

The small brown bottle eye cream has always been famous, the effect is also very good, the taste is light, but the absorption is particularly fast. Support the contour of the eye, repair the problem of the eye week, and create a bright and beautiful big eye. It is easy to push away, it takes two or three weeks in a row, and I can’t tell where the specific changes have changed, and the eyes are bright.

User measured score: 9.439 points

Laboratory effect evaluation: 9.455 points

什么眼霜效果好 全球最好用的10款眼霜推荐

Acele placenta eye cream

The texture of the placenta eye cream is more heavy and more suitable for girls with dry skin. Although the thick eye cream texture, its moisturizing effect is good.

User measured score: 9.586 points

Laboratory effect evaluation: 9.482 points

什么眼霜效果好 全球最好用的10款眼霜推荐

Royal New Zealand Bee Bee Eye Cream

This is also a natural eye cream I like, but friends with sensitive skin should not try. A colleague was allergic to a little bit. It turned out that she was allergic to bee.

什么眼霜效果好 全球最好用的10款眼霜推荐

User measured score: 9.841 points

Laboratory effect evaluation: 9.487 points

boots cucumber eye cream

This cute light green eye glue, coated with small cucumber to refresh the eye glue, recover the refreshing and exciting spiritual appearance again! The price of cabbage and the effect is obvious, which is more cost -effective than that of many domestic brands. This eye cream is similar to aloe vera gel, so a big problem is that some people use the chair fat particles. Although there are very few, they should also pay attention.

User measured score: 9.573 points

Laboratory effect evaluation: 9.373 points

IPSA massage eye cream

After the golden years, the massage of the eye cream resin massage the head, the skin around the eyes promotes the cycle, and the dark circles are reduced. The effect of sensitive muscles is super good. Vitamin C induction and unique dual (moisture oil) barrier, with bone collagen ingredients, are eye -catching.

什么眼霜效果好 全球最好用的10款眼霜推荐

User measured score: 9.753 points

Laboratory effect evaluation: 9.421 points

SK-II Big Eye Cream

The texture looks thick, but the absorption is particularly good, moisturizing and not greasy at all. Unlike some eye creams, the absorption of good moisturizing, moisturizing and too thick and difficult to absorb.

User measured score: 9.775 points

Laboratory effect evaluation: 9.348 points

什么眼霜效果好 全球最好用的10款眼霜推荐

YSL Eye Essence

This purple bottle series loves very much, especially this eye essence, the texture is hydrated, the ductility is good, and the dosage is very good. Refreshing but moisturizing very good, firming and edema feelings, the effect is better. Overall is a very good eye essence.

什么眼霜效果好 全球最好用的10款眼霜推荐

User measured score: 9.424 points

Laboratory effect evaluation: 9.875 points