Beautiful personality pleated camisole, have the freshness you want summer and autumn


Whether you are adding a thin jacket or a high -temperature city that fails in autumn, you have to admit that the summer on the calendar has slowly gone away from us. In this summer, if you want to ask what it is most reluctant to leave in the summer, the answer you give you must be a camisole! Not only is it cool and comfortable to show your figure, but you can also improve your fashion and freshness to the greatest extent ~


Many girls feel that the suspender vest is too casual, and it is okay to wear it at home. Nonono! The suspender vest is not only fashionable and versatile, but also youthful vitality. And it is also very suitable for wearing to go to fitness, not only simple and comfortable, but also very conspicuous in the gym.

Sports wind suspender vest: personalized pleated camisole vest

The vest is close -fitting clothing, and the texture of the fabric is very important. The fabric of this vest is relatively soft, breathable and skin -friendly, and it looks very light and comfortable to wear on the body. On both sides of the vest are personalized fold cable craftsmanship, which look novel and eye -catching. When wrapped in the body, it is like a gentle hug, delicate, thin and smooth, and it looks casual and at the same time with a little sexy.


The fine shoulder strap design of the edge is full of texture, soft and waxy, and there is no sense of meat at all. It is very comfortable and refreshing. And a better shoulder strap is a better point that can maximize the advantages of clavicle and right -angle shoulder.


Such camisole can be worn alone or with favorite jackets as inside! Whether you practice yoga at home, go to the gym to swing tears or daily outdoor.