Music time and space TWS-211 full-frequency coaxial Bluetooth source bookstore box


When I first received the pair of bookshelf speakers in the editorial department, I thought it was just a pair of ordinary active speakers. Since there were many equipment to be checked on hand at the time, I did not have much to this pair of bookshelf boxes. Interest, instead put on the side and turn around to continue the box. Until the next day, the pair of bookshelf boxes had been loud in the audition position of the editorial department. The colleague told me that it was him, and the pair of speakers was very fun. This made me interested in immediately. How fun a pair of active speakers can be? What else can I play?


The power cord has been inserted, but the signal line is not seen, but the speaker still comes with shocking musical instruments. Seeing this, I already had the answer in my heart. When I saw the back panel, it was a pair of Bluetooth speakers.

The application of Bluetooth in traditional audio and HIFI is now commonplace. At the Foshan Motor Motor Show a while ago, the Italian Ixoost Bluetooth speaker was displayed, or the Gold Phantom Bluetooth speaker co -produced with the luxury leather brand LV LV Essence Regardless of the sound performance, their exaggerated appearance, the luxurious materials are very fascinating at a glance. Back to this pair of Bluetooth bookshelf box, the appearance design style is more conservative, and it is more like a traditional source speaker. This It was also why I did not recognize this as a Bluetooth speaker for a while. So why do colleagues think it is “fun”?


Study carefully, this pair of Bluetooth speakers is a newly launched audio Bluetooth bookshelf audio recently launched by Jiaxing Music Time Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., which uses the latest TWS 5.0 Bluetooth chip and music time and space newly launched by Qualcomm of the United States. Shaft speaker. Different from the traditional speakers need to avoid mutual interference with high and low voice speakers, the full -frequency coaxial speaker only needs only one speaker, which achieves a more comprehensive and real effect of sound source restoration. The appearance of the speaker’s appearance is imitation wooden piano paint. The paint surface is bright and full, clear and transparent, but this bright face paint is very difficult to take pictures. As soon as it lights up, there will be a reflective or piano paint. I always think that an excellent product, in addition to its own hardware strength, the design of the appearance is also very important. After all, the incense car still needs the beauty of the beauty, and the good sound also needs to be matched with good clothes, and as a price only price, the price only sells the price only price, and the price is only the price of the price only price. The three -dimensional Bluetooth speakers of thousands of yuan naturally cannot be required to work in a level with world -class speakers, but personal suggestions are that if they can go further in the processing process accuracy and paint process of the appearance, this pair of boxes will be more eye -catching.

Music time and space named this Bluetooth speaker as TWS-211. The technical audio enthusiast of TWS may not be familiar. TWS is the abbreviation of English True Wireless Stereo, that is, the real wireless stereo sound. As early as 2017, the real wireless three-dimensional sound-TWS began to rise. At first, this technology was more common on wireless headphones. According to its working principle, it means that the sound source connects the main headset by connecting the main headset, and then the main headset is quickly connected to the auxiliary headset through wireless ways Realize the real Bluetooth left and right channel wireless separation. This technology is also based on the development of Bluetooth chip technology. At first, it was used under Bluetooth 4.2. Most of the TWS Bluetooth chips on the market were also developed based on the Bluetooth 4.2 solution. Compared with the TWS4.2 Bluetooth chip, 5.0 has a wider frequency band, connecting more stable, while the delay of the left and right channels is almost reduced to zero. Due to the application of TWS technology, TWS-211 can also connect a speaker separately as a mono speaker, which increases its playability.

Anyone who is familiar with me knows that I am very “picky” about Bluetooth flow media music sources. The “picky” here does not mean that the sound source specifications must be high, but refers to the reliable streaming sound source. Under the reliable high -level sound source, both dynamics, analysis, or sound quality are 16bit/44.1kHz surpassed by CD, but now many music platforms have false standard specifications, some enthusiasts are unwilling to spend money, download for free download, download free download, download free download, download free download, download free download, download free download, download free download, download free download, download free download, download free download, download free download. Fake high -specification digital files or “high -definition digital sound sources” that listen to MP3 quality on the unreliable music platform determine that the quality of the number broadcast and Bluetooth receiver is not good. Ninety percent of coffee is water, there is good water without good coffee beans, there is good coffee beans without good water waste resources. If the good digital music version is good water, then the Bluetooth speaker for play and transmission is good Coffee beans are indispensable.

I have listened to high-style music for more than three years with Bluetooth transmission. In August 2018, Sony Music selected Hi-Res Music Platform trial operation. , 24/48 music can be played online. Although there are few popular music, there are many high -style music of classical and jazz. There are more than 80 music brands worldwide to join Sony’s music platform. At that time, the PLUS member annual fee of the Android system mobile phone was 998 yuan. You can play 24bit/96kHz high -style music during the member period, and the diamond members are even more expensive. Essence During the trial operation period in October 2018, I registered Sony selected members. After more than three years, I think the music quality of the Sony platform is the best in all domestic music platforms (10 yuan per month last year, which was launched. The expensive Apple music does not support wireless transmission high specifications), so good water is available, you need to try what grade coffee beans are TWS-211.

Different from the previous active speakers, the TWS-211 uses a new full-frequency coaxial speaker launched by music time and space. The most direct feature of this speaker is that only one speaker requires high and middle-frequency unit speakers. This design is usually used on the headset or small Bluetooth speakers that are not so large. However, they are limited by space. In addition, the compact space is not enough to fully reflect the sound, and they will hear the sound of confusion together. There is no level. As for the box space performance of TWS-211, it is enough to use the frequency split unit design to obtain a better layered sense performance. However, the music time and space still use this full-frequency coaxial speaker. It is very confident, so what is its performance?


The process of connecting Bluetooth is very simple, but it should be noted that the two speakers should be paired automatically before connecting Bluetooth, otherwise it will only be a single speaker and become a single way mode. The replayed song selected “Blue Danube Round Dance” and “Raduki” in the 2022 Vienna New Year Concert (Daniel Barronboy), “Pagnini: Bell” in Salvador Akado “Pagnini” The violin solo, and Lin Zhixuan’s “Mona Lisa’s Tears” album. All sound sources come from Sony Music Selection Hi-Res Music Platform, and at the same time choose the highest resolution version that can be used. As soon as I came up, I chose a large-compilation symphony that was the most powerful of small boxes. At the same time, because of Bluetooth receiving, and there was only a full-frequency section unit, the performance of TWS-211 was very unexpected. “The Blue Danube Round Dance” under Daniel’s command is full of strong and surging, outlines the magnificent bank of the Danube; “Radesky Music” is the annual reserved program of the New Year’s concert. We clapped together.


TWS-211, a small box speaker, has made a good transient response, and the sound positioning that is not deviated. When the “Radeski” is replayed, even when the audience clapped, the music and clap hands clapped their hands. It can also reflect a clear level between sounds, and it is difficult to imagine that such a sound is due to a small full -frequency section unit. Choose “Paganini: Bell” violin solo is to see how TWS-211 performed in the middle and high frequency bands. You can still feel that the TWS-211 is insufficient in the high-frequency part of the high frequency. Pagnini: The rhythm of the bell is fast and nervous. The dynamic processing of TWS-211 is slightly impatient during the replay process, making the music sound like a hurry. I feel that this should be a problem of the Bluetooth receiver. In addition to the Bluetooth connection method, the TWS-211 also has a 3.5mm input port on the back panel. After replacing the Bluetooth receiver of the editorial department, the “Pagnini: Bell” is very significant. Although the melody is fast but stable, the thickness of the triangle iron can also be highlighted. I personally feel that if it is paired with the Bluetooth decoder, the performance of this pair of speakers can be higher.

In terms of the performance of the big compilation of symphony and instrumental music, the TWS-211 has demonstrated the strength of this full-frequency coaxial speaker unit for music time and space. In order to experience the details of the details, the test of human voice is essential. I really like Lin Zhixuan’s singing style when singing. His delicate, sincere, high -pitched voice, clean and zero pollution with a scroll tone, and the cocktail singing method of his original cocktail. It may not be able to show his singing details, so it is more appropriate to test the details of TWS-211. Several representative songs were selected from the “Mona Lisa’s Tears” album. I have to say that the TWS-211 should be specially tuned for popular music. Instrumental music is better in detail and positioning, the presence of the stage sense is more intuitive, and even let me have a trace of illusion. Whether it is also hidden in the speaker, another separate intermediate frequency unit, otherwise this performance even surpasses some frequency division units. The speaker.

The TWS-211 under the stereo mode performs well in terms of sound positioning. It is necessary to know that there is a delay in using Bluetooth connection. Although the Bluetooth 5.0 does not have a hard rule, it is not used to play games. Essence At the same time, the magnification of speakers in terms of delay is more obvious than headphones, but several tunes are heard, which is very stable for the connection of Bluetooth speakers. It can be seen that the TWS5.0 Bluetooth chip has a lot of credit for improving connection stability. In addition to the stereo mode, connecting a speaker alone can turn on the single -channel mode. In the single -channel mode, the performance of some music is even better than the stereo mode, which is very fun.


If the Sony Music Selection Hi-Res Music Platform is good water, music time and space TWS-211 Bluetooths with active speakers are like deep-roasted Arabica coffee beans. Although the taste is more fragrant, it also has a little personality. As a Bluetooth source speaker, the performance of the TWS-211 has even surpassed some traditional source speakers, but there are some small problems, such as some of the Vampire receiver compared to some high-resolution specifications. If you are accustomed to replaying with high -standard streaming media sound sources, you may need to be paired with an independent advanced Bluetooth receiver. But in terms of sound performance, the sound of TWS-211 is clear and transparent, the sound is balanced and relaxed. At the same time, there is a good transient response. The sound positioning is also clear enough. Compared with a Bluetooth-sized Bluetooth, a source speaker of a bookstore box is very good. Not bad.

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