39 -year -old Annie Hathaway “high -profile” out of the street, black silk boots grab the mirror, and the hemp coat shows good clothes


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Big beauty is a big beauty, and the body temperament of self -adjustment after the second child is getting better and better!

Annie Hathaway’s latest and her husband Yaharman appeared on the streets of the screening event in New York, making people feel that when the fashion female devil was returned in an instant, Mingming and her husband were one year away, but she looked more and more beautiful. Intersection

Especially the shape of the day, a gray coat with knight boots, elegant atmosphere, too worthy of high -profile out of the mirror.

Because it is rare to wear black silk with long boots, it is not greasy, and hemp -gray coats are very autumn and winter.


So it is very suitable for analysis as a case of wear.

Let’s talk about her tingling gray coat,


The coat of this color is really a seriously undervalued style.

Probably because of the dullness of pure gray in the impression, it is not as good as the black personality and the temperament of the camel, so few people choose.

But in fact, this kind of white texture, the visual effect of its own wool, has the high cold temperament and warm atmosphere of winter, which is very easy to wear.

And compared to other coats, it is not so easy to rot the street. This year, I found that many bloggers’ winter wear appeared in it.

Annie Hathaway’s body is

Classic character pattern


With the stand -up collar style, it becomes recognizable at once.

This hemp gray


The simplest and beautiful matching CP is black,

It is more layered than pure gray+pure black. Annie’s choice of Monse2021 autumn and winter series knitted skirt is this idea.

The design of this knitted dress is also a highlight


The tailoring of the oblique shoulder “deconstruction” has released the sense of space to the original high collar, and it will not make the neck area look so crowded. At the same time, it can inject more interesting feelings into the basic matching of monotonous.


There is also color,

The contrast of the inner and deep shallow can create a clear sense of shrinkage

Essence Moreover, the color difference between hemp and black is not the ultimate, so the eyes are comfortable and simple, and the body can also modify the figure.


Match like this,

Double the thin effect!

For the overall unity, the lower body of her shape chose the color to echo, and the boots+stockings are all black.


Honestly, this combination is not delicious,

Because black stockings are really high in all aspects of dressing, they are not well dressed as middle -aged greasy women.

But in this shape, it is dealt with well,


The texture with a high degree of transparency, which guarantees the effect of exposed skin to the greatest extent,

Greatly reduces the risk of black silk sex.

With the middle boots with such a large tube mouth, integrate the neutral and handsome style, perfectly fit the beautiful and beautiful dress theme,

Observe carefully, the height of boots, the length of the coat and knitted skirts, can also have a sense of difference, making the simple gray -black line more three -dimensional and beautiful.

To sum up, whenever you want to try this kind of female ingredients with high composition, using neutral elements to mix and match is the most secure way to wear. Specific skin skirts, pointed high heels, fur and other items should not be with it. Two or two phases.


Put in real life scenes,

If you do n’t love black stockings, you can also replace it with black leggings. Such a fashionable street is not worse than the above.

If you want to be younger, you can match the basic leisure money in the closet, and you can recessed the shape without effort.

Alright, the above is the sharing today. If you like it, please pay attention. More fashion aesthetics and good things.