Laozhangren’s expansion and shrinkage platform, solve the party problem


Since the demolition in the countryside, the large houses in rural areas have become apartment, and naturally it is impossible to put things everywhere as before.

What should I do if my relatives and friends are here in the small living room?

However, this is not the old man, then make a shrinking platform, put it out time, do not need to put it away.


Seeing it, this is the finished product. It also brings a turntable. Like the restaurant, it is also equipped with two glass countertops. It is a small one to make eight people.


Take off the glass countertop when not in use. The following four feet can be put away, and the middle support pillar is close to the middle support pillar.

The four feet also took the wheels. It was convenient to move. The car was locked.


With the release of it, you can do everything you can in order to occupy less places.

The four legs are closely fitted with the middle pillar to meet the requirements and are very good.

For this invention, the mother -in -law was very satisfied. He said that for so many years, he finally made a thing that made him easy to make himself.


When the glass countertop is not used on the sofa, it is not obvious. In this way, the round table is turned into zero, which solves the problem.