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Many old mother said: As long as the bear children can be quiet and not tossing my old life, then this toy is simply value for value!

In childhood, the appropriate toys can not only wear time, but also improve the baby’s brainpower and cultivate their skills. But many mothers will have trouble when choosing children’s toys.

There are so many types of children’s toys,

What is the best suitable baby? How to buy children is the most cost -effective?


So let’s recommend some fun and puzzled children’s toys today!

☞ Animal wood cubes


Reference price: 328

Remarks: cost -effective

It is relatively deep, you need to consider the space at home before buying. Mu Cube is basically standard for various early education or playgrounds. It is a toy for a child to exercise the hand activities early. The trumpet and medium number are basically fine.

On the top surface, the entire wooden cubic cubic cubes imitate the large arch of the zoo, as well as trees and flowers.


A variety of game forms, such as walking maze and balls, can make babies a preliminary understanding of the concepts of positions and spaces.

☞ Happy Farm

Reference price: 358

Five -in -one gameplay fully meets the needs of all parties to young babies. Colorful animal beads: cognitive colors, forming a quantitative relationship; with language guidance to let the baby understand “big and small”, “up and down”, “turning” and other descriptions.

☞ Poly Seven Monades

Reference price: 138

The baby of Xiaoyue Ling is mainly to listen to the sound and see the color, play with it, exercise the fine movements of the hand, the music storytelling attracts attention, the baby of the big moon age will play, the functions of each component can be developed, and it will feel more feelings more. Interest, so this toy can play from six months to three to five years old.


Seven noodles give children a lot of possibilities, one of the baby artifacts.

☞ ☞ six -sided box hand drum

Reference price: 82

Gu Yu puzzled six-sided box small body hidden mysteries, a toy that can promote brain development and exercise the baby’s hands-on ability, suitable for babies 6-12 months!

☞ ☞ ☞ game table

Reference price: 158


Subverting the traditional single toy mode can switch multiple modes, play piano, play beads, start the train, rotate the doll, and play with whatever you want. Two play modes, accompany the baby for 30 months.

☞ Happy guest block table

Reference price: 279


If your baby loves to set up a building block, then don’t miss this multi -function building block table. After comparing several building block tables, it is really “the light of domestic goods”. Multi -function, save space, utilize utilization, utilization rate The cost -effectiveness is very high and can be used until the age of 12.

☞ ☞ 合 合 二 二

Reference price: 330

Strong push, a multi -functional baby toy car, can be used from 1 -year -old toddler to 5 years old. It can be converted between the two functional modes of gliding and cycling! Not only help your baby learn steps easily, control the balance quickly, but also make your baby fall in love with exercise.

☞ ☞’s balanced car

Reference price: 118

It looks super beautiful ~ overcome the timidity of the baby’s timidity, cultivate the baby’s balance ability, promote the development of the cerebellum, riding a sliding dual mode = scooter+balance car, and the body and cushion height can be adjusted. You can play at the age of 5.

Children’s skateboarding

The height of the 2nd gear can be played, the 1-6-year-old baby can play, it is super smooth to slide, and can be opened/folded in one click. The key is good storage, do not occupy the land, let the baby hold it with or throw the boxes ~

扭 Good doll twisting car


Reference price: 155

Good doll twisting car can be said to be the quality ceiling of twisting cars in domestic products. It is very strong, mute, flexible, and a little advantage is that wheels have lights, especially cool.

Domestic master-made brand of 0-3-year-old toys

Brand with the highest domestic market share:

Fei Xue, Aobei, Weida

Volkswagen brands with high cost -effective:

Huile, IKEA

Import (or Haitao) brand with high market share:

Bread Superman,


, Royal Toy

Especially style of imported brands:



More delicate imported brands:



Domestic brand:

Gu Yu, five -star toys

New brand developed rapidly in domestic development:

BABY CARE, Keyi, Bain Shi, Mi Bao free

Really playable, even toys that can make children unwilling to play

In fact, there is only one most important feature:



Open-ended means diverse, variable-expenditative gameplay. This kind of open game can stimulate children

Mobilize their imagination, take the initiative to think about solutions to difficulties, adopt unique creative skills, and continue to obtain positive motivation during the exploration process.

Because of the process of this game, it is precisely the process of exploring the world and tempering the manual brain ability that children can experience the “fun of growth and progress” in the game process, and there will be a “desire to stop” heart flow experience.


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Reference price: 138