Madewell’s stripe world


In the fashion circle, the semi -fiber stripes are occupied. Madewell, a niche brand from the United States, uses a single stripe style to follow the fashionable fashion of traditional striking, and collide with enthusiastic colorful colors to lead everyone to see the European and American style stripes world. Style.


As the young auxiliary line of the American national brand J. Crew, Madewell has implemented the open personality of the American people’s hearty and openness, but the simplicity of the main brand in the bones continues the main brand. It has always been an independent and intelligent representative in the niche circle.


It is nothing to be a mystery that can play printed. It is not unusual to play a solid color to a flower. It can make two eternal parallel lines create destined extraordinary things. It is the most worthy reason for Madewell.

– ❶ –

Black and white stripes collar T -shirt

Black and white stripes that are not old -fashioned in the basic world, even without the fashionable expressiveness of celebrities and fashion bloggers, can express one or two mistakes. Madewell’s skill is naturally more than enough to put on black and white stripes.


– ❷ –

Blue and white striped flared sleeve shirt

On the continuous advanced road, Madewell played all the basic models. The fine stripes of blue and white shirts changed the rigidity of the past professional clothes, just for elegance, and simply rising into a girlfriend with temperament.

– ❸ –

Red and white striped T -shirt

Madewell’s striped intermediate stage, “magic claws” extended to red and white stripes. This ordinary person wore a vulgarity, and the fashion icon would accidentally mix and match the forefoot. The preference here was angry.

– ❹ –

Pink striped dew -shoulder dress

Madewell is not an old urchin who keeps the basic model, and the most popular off -shoulders in the season will naturally not let go. Play the stripes until the fire is pure, and then slightly expose a little fragrant shoulder and collarbone.

– ❺ –

Blue and white striped mini skirt


On the small fresh road of Madewell, the blue and white striped mini skirt is definitely a large milestone. Not satisfied with simple literature and art, and does not want to enter the place where you are too early, the age reduction and youthful mini skirt, saved countless girls with the same tangled!


– ❻ –


Black and white striped camisole

Madewell’s sexy has always been not simply naked and playful. It means to show a good figure in intentional and purposeful. Its black and white striped camisole is afraid that the ashes -level stripe controllers are difficult to resist.

Are you eager to try so many striped clothing? Feel the upper body of this classic element!