Hi Pan Holding Holding Beyond the Football Club strives to punch armor for 3 years


A few days ago, Fujian surpassed the Football Club that Fujian Xixi Pan Sports Products Co., Ltd. invested in and surpassed it. The general manager Zhang Jiameng promised to strive to hit Zhongjia for 3 years!

Zhang Jiameng, the general manager of Xixi Pan Company and the chairman of the Football Club of Fujian, stated that he said: “Investment in the holding of the club is not only the promotion of our own brand, but also the fire of football for us in Fujian. At present, Fujian has no professional football. Team, surpassing can stay in Fujian is the best choice. “

喜攀登控股超越足球俱乐部 力争3年冲甲

Talking about the process of surpassing cooperation, Zhang Jiameng revealed that the Fujian surpassing football club was established by the former Fujian Junhao team members Wang Chao and Zhao Jianfeng. The club was troubled by funds at the beginning of its establishment. At that time, Wang Chao, chairman of the club, also sold his Mercedes -Benz car for the founding team. Beyond the club also hopes to get the help of local companies in Jinjiang. He climbing is the company that produces football equipment. Zhang Jiameng himself is a enthusiast of football. Earlier this year, the two sides reached a good intention of cooperation: Xixi climbed into the Fujian surpassing club, holding 60 % equity of the club.

Recently, my country has just promulgated the “General Plan for China’s Football Reform and Development”, and the development of Chinese football is great. For many years, Huan Pan has always been committed to football equipment manufacturing. When it comes to the persistence of these years, Zhang Jiameng said with emotion: “Many years ago, someone had persuaded me to change their careers, but I persisted. Now it has ushered in the best time to develop football in China.”

“This year, the overall appearance of surpassing the team will be renewed.” Zhang Jiameng revealed that he would gradually introduce higher -level players to go beyond the football club, strive to enter the Chinese A within 3 years, fight for Facing Fujian’s football, and contribute to Jinjiang’s football career. Zhang Jiameng also said that there will be a free football training for young people who are planning to be Jinjiang, and revealed that they are discussing the construction of Jinjiang football training base with relevant departments.