18 sets of couples suitable for summer, fashionable and young, wearing a handsome male and beautiful women’s CP feeling


On the hot summer, it’s time to travel with couples. With the nourishment of sweet love, if you add the taste and skills of dressing, you will not lose your strategy. Couples travel together, matching the matching couple outfits, not only look handsome and beautiful, but also show love. Xiaobian recommends 18 sets of couples suitable for summer, fashionable and young, letting couples wear a handsome CP feeling of handsome men and women.


Couples chose the same color to wear, which was full of eye -catching and sweet feeling. Blue and purple elements are both romantic colors. Choose these two elements and travel to make you beautiful this summer. Boys choose a blue lapel shirt, paired with beige trousers, handsome and cool. The girls of the bird next to each other with a lapel shirt+half skirt of the same color system, full of sweetness, and younger age. The purple system is paired with white, the dark color and light color match, the sense of balance and harmony of the visually matching people. Boys choose T -shirts+casual pants to look young and casual. Girls choose white strap pants with T -shirts, both casual and fashionable.

This set of pictures is two different styles of dark colors and light colors. The former is classic and versatile, and the latter is young and beautiful. Tibetan blue is a classic fashion matching element. On the beach, girls choose sleeveless shirts, paired with wide -leg pants with the same color, and the narrow and width matching is not only refreshing and comfortable, but also highlights the tall figure. Boys’ shirts with shorts, black belts, are both gentlemen and a little casual. In the following photos, the couples choose light -colored mixing. Girls ‘pink lapel shirt dress is dignified and elegant, elegant and agile, with boys’ pink shirt+white casual pants, the style is just right.

If it is a seaside vacation style, the light -colored match is more refreshing and pleasant. For example, girls choose dresses, or thin shirts with wide -leg pants, are all good matches. Of course, boys should choose the same color elements as girls, so that they will not have much jump in color. Boys with round -necked T -shirts+black jeans, and the front of the T -shirt is tied into the waist of the pants, which looks cool and stylish. The white element series boys choose a classic shirt style, with brown shorts, full of casual fashion. Couples are wearing this, full of handsome men and beautiful women.


Men’s shirts are generally simple and capable. Pure -colored shirts with black casual pants or jeans make you look very energetic. A black belt is tied to the waist, which looks like a formal sense; when paired with jeans, he lifted his pants and exposed the ankle. This is also very handsome to wear with leather shoes, and it is particularly high. The casual girl chooses to match with a small lapel dress, with the waist with a color belt. Pay attention to the color of the dress as the color of the boy’s shirt, which is full of sweetness of the couple.

Boys who like to be casual can choose a leisure shirt or T -shirt, so that it is handsome with Western span. Girls choose a dresser with a literary temperament, and the waist design raises the waistline, showing slender tall and good figure. In addition, the round neck dress is very dignified, and the V -neck dress shows exquisite collarbone. It is a little sexy in cuteness.

Men’s checkered shirt classic fashion is the first choice for many boys in summer. A blue checkered short -sleeved shirt, whether it is paired with light -colored shorts or dark trousers, is both comfortable and handsome. The girls who are accompanied by the same color, or a suspender dress, are very pure and cute, sweet and pleasant. Choose this way to travel like this, giving people a sense of vision of handsome men and women, earning enough to turn back.


Jeans element is a fashion single element that will never be fault. If a couple does not know how to wear it, it is definitely right to choose jeans. Jeans are comfortable fabric, classic version, nine -point pants design, all travel in summer. A pair of light blue jeans are just white items. No matter what color system and style are paired on it. You can choose the yellow color of bright and beautiful skin tone, which is both youthful and fashionable; you can also choose a classic dark green shirt, which looks dignified and full of fashion.


The combination of black and white classic colors is also fashionable and durable. On the basis of the same color matching, girls choose a leisurely direct dress, leisure and age, full of youthful vitality. The boys choose a solid color POLO shirt, lapel design, comfortable and breathable, full of casual fashion. Below, whether it is paired with jeans or casual trousers, it is very versatile. It is worth noting that with a Polo shirt, it must be equipped with a black belt.


Couple traveling generally chooses a more casual match, so that it has both comfort and fashion. Figure a boy chose a white round neck T -shirt with crisp pants casual pants. The girls choose a suspender vest+white shirt, with the same casual pants with boys. The overall match looks casual age, proper handsome men and women. If you like fashionable tide, then a black printed T -shirt, paired with ripped jeans, can make you full of fashion trendy and crazy eye -catching.