Winter new Korean fashion trendy casual set down jacket


The long down jacket with leggings is simple and advanced, and the boots are good -looking. First of all, the Canadian Goose, which has not been able to get angry in recent years! Black is a classic model. Guan Xiaotong does not look at it is simple black and white, but it is still very fashionable. The vitality of the hooded sweater, the handsomeness of the rings baseball cap, and the exquisite white bag are careful! If you want to keep warm and thin, then short down jackets are a good choice. With tight pants and sneakers or Martin boots, it is casual and comfortable. It will not wear the wrong basis.


A down jacket must be resisted. In this winter, down jackets are still home. Black down jackets are good. In the northern winter, it is often windy and large. It is very resistant to wearing a black down jacket. One of the biggest effects of black down jackets is to be thin. Black -paired denim color should not be too fashionable. It is very classic and will never be outdated. With a pair of jeans with a black down jacket, it is easy to get rid of the dullness of black down jackets, so that the overall is full of youthful age, full of vitality.


Black down jackets with wide -leg pants are fashionable and beautiful. Short down jackets are particularly friendly to small children. Stepping on high heels instantly make you full of aura. With the blessing of wide -leg pants, your legs are one meter eight. The choice of wide -leg pants should not be too exaggerated, after all, down jackets are more fluffy. Create fashion and free. The lower body is paired with black jeans, with a trace of strength in the capable, which is very beautiful. Stepping on black boots on your feet is simple and extraordinary. The little gray hat hat has the effect of a clear pen, adding a touch of playfulness and childlikeness, full of vitality!