It’s time to wear dresses! This summer is popular with “little daisy skirts”, and its temperament is high


Recently, I nesting at home to relive a Korean movie:


Sister Quan Zhixian’s appearance is so beautiful, do not apply fans,

Faintly alienated temperament

I couldn’t help watching it over and over again.


Especially Quan Zhixian in the moving picture, the faint tranquility temperament really attracts me

The movie heroine is a painter. She really loves daisy, and she can see the daisy in the sketching works. Although daisies are not noble flowers, even everywhere can be seen everywhere, it is tough and durable.

Full of summer taste.

After watching the movie, I remembered that the little daisy element is not very hot recently. Now it is just that the summer is getting stronger. Many stars and Internet celebrities have changed.

Daisy item

Essence Quan Zhilong


Self -created brand Peaceminusone

It is all printed with a small daisy pattern.

Chanel’s bag

DIY also draws a little daisy.




Clothing backpack


It’s not fun, and also co -branded with Nike Air Force 1, Converse Chuck 70,



The beloved little daisy is also printed on the top.

It can be said that from the GD, the little daisy wind is getting stronger and fierce. It seems to have a magical magic,

Can easily integrate with any single product.


Put it on the skirts that girls love, the face value instantly improves a lot. The black -colored skirt plus white daisy,

No skin tone

Instead, the complexion is cleaner, and even a dark skin girl is very temperament!


Sling skirt, tea break skirt, fishtail skirt

There is no skirt that can not be controlled by small daisies, basically does not step on the thunder, and it is not easy to wear a sense of qi. No wonder

Yu Shuxin, LISA

I also love to wear it. (Lisa is more difficult to control) It is a sunny girl himself. It is particularly good -looking for shooting on the street.


In addition to clothing and shoes,


Jewelry, armor


It can also be integrated into small daisy elements. Looking at these pictures alone, I feel that the youthful sense of youth is about to overflow the screen. Which girl watched it?

So my Qiao Doudou, don’t hurry up to arrange a wave of little daisy skirts, don’t be snatched in front of others! I will take you today,

How to choose a little daisy skirt that suits you


Although the little daisy skirt is beautiful, but


Flower size, color matching


Very particular. Especially on different versions of skirts, the suitable figure is also very different, so I will basically basically take it.

Different figures recommend different styles of daisy skirts ~

Bare can be said to be a fleshy girl, the most and most common troubles! There are always cute questions in the background


How to dress with big breasts,

What is even more uncomfortable is that big breasts are often accompanied by “fleshy” arm, which is easy to look back. so

V -neck and square collar

The daisy skirt is the first choice for meat girls!

Many people think that the meat should be covered before it is thin. In fact, this statement is not completely right. For round body,


Proper skin


Instead, it will be lined with thinner figure. The square collar and V -neck are just exposed, the thinnest and most sensible place–



It can be well -tilted and beautiful, and reduce the “heavy sense” caused by the big breasts.

If you add the bubble sleeves of the fire today,

Rooky arms

The effect is absolutely effective (premise that the shoulders cannot be particularly wide) Giant can cover the meat! Bubble sleeve


Girls are also particularly friendly. It has a certain shoulder pad effect. Narrow -shoulder girls put on bubble sleeves, which can still be visually


Optimize head -shoulder ratio

Oh ~ ~

shoulder width

If girls want to control the bubble sleeves, choose a good fabric with priority, and pay attention at the same time.

Avoid the “bubble” area too large!

Otherwise, it is easy to become the same model of the Hulk

Keke, the words are home, or

Good vertical, slight bubble sleeves


Clothing is more suitable for shoulder width girls! In addition to modifying the upper body, the waistline must be exposed to me! Fully show the body curve, and the sweetness of a little daisy in sexy

Pure and desired

, Men and women kill!

The daisy patterns are also very particular. The large+dense printing of the pattern is easy to show bloated. It is not recommended that the meat girls enter. Small prints will be more suitable for girls with meat, printed in

Deep background

, Summer freshness comes out! (Dark background color is thinner than light background)

If you like to wear a suspender skirt,


Avoid a word collar,

Zhong Chuxi, a taro purple daisy skirt, looks good, but can’t hold her chest, it is more suitable for small breasts, and it is easy to look pornographic when wearing big breasts. Like this

Point of chest reservation

The camisole is more suitable for meat girls to wear.

The troubles of thin girls and meat girls are opposite,

The curve is not obvious, the chest and buttocks are relatively flat.

Although the thin body is fashionable, many clothes can be worn as a seller show, but there are exceptions.


The skirt can not wear this feeling if it is too thin. (Thin here refers to thinness with obvious figure curves)

The girl who minds this, like this

Wood ear, ruffled edge, strap folds

Wait, a small design with a “expansion” effect is very suitable for you who are thinner ~ can highlight the three -dimensional feeling of the chest,

Naturally, the chest area is enlarged,

Avoid the body that looks too flat.

The area of ​​the chest becomes larger, and the other parts are even more compact! GET women’s group same model

Small waist

Not a dream. If you want the waistline to be more obvious,

Strap design

The skirt can satisfy you, adjust the size of the waist by yourself, will not loosen and it will not be too tight.

The skirt can also have the same effect. The size and position of the waist circumference are determined by yourself. Remember:

High waist+tightening waistline!

At the same time, the shirt should not be too loose, and the personal model can highlight the thin waist.

The buttocks are not flattened and cute, you can use it

A -character version

The skirt, the waist makes the buttocks stand up at the same time! The skirt fabric is too stiff and soft, especially the cotton and linen skirt. It is comfortable to wear but without a version.


There is a lining, slightly thick

The fabric can maintain the version of the clothes.


As for the daisy camisole that is necessary in the summer, wear it casually! Shoulder width selection on the fungus suspender, narrow shoulder to choose a fine camisole.

In the end, no matter what kind of figure you are, be sure to


Avoid the bright colors of the flowers

The most classic combination of daisies is dark background, which is too bright, and it is easy to show aging. Compared to dark -colored daisy skirts, it is more temperamental. White and

Low lightness

Colors, such as goose yellow, Morandi green, etc., the style is more suitable for sweet little girls ~

As for the proportion, the meat grows in the long place, or if it is thin, and has a chest and buttocks, there is no need to avoid lightning on this figure.

Just be happy

Intersection Intersection

Little daisies can not only appear on the skirt, but also use the same pattern to contrast each other, for example,, for example,

Little daisy earrings, card issuance, necklace …


The key is that both men and women can see that Fanfan interprets the beauty of daisy personally

The shape of Cai Zhuoyi PO of Green You 2 is done by her alone. This

Small daisy accessories

Really fried chicken bonus points, won unanimous praise from Weibo netizens! Laughing is so sweet and sweet ~

With these details blessing, even if you wear the little daisy skirt, you will have a bright spot ~


Wearing a skirt is really suitable


The same color card on both sides

Short -haired sisters can make hair or use the hair band to hold the hair behind the ears wow! The sweet look is too messy!


Girls with beautiful love and consciousness will seize all the chances of clavicle bone to wear a super -displayed temperament

Little Daisy Pare

~ It is sweet and sweet, both men and women!

Small daisy earrings

It is also an excellent jewelry. It can be worn or tied. There is a kind of inadvertent beauty ~


This is here today’s little daisy aesthetics,

Summer is really suitable for wearing daisy items ~

#What to wear today#