This winter sweater is here! The new year is wearing, beautiful enough to suffocate


Some time ago, I was still shaking for minus ten degrees. Now when the weather forecast, the temperature is picked up?

If you wear more than a dozen degrees, it will inevitably be a bit overheated.

At this time, a single product that can be competent at the moment, can not be mistaken, and the windshield and fashionable items must be


It is.

The jacket is too high, and another style is another style.


I pretend to be handsome and cool, and I change the skirt and be well -behaved. As long as I choose the right sweater, it can be recessed with a sense of fashion.

As a treasure item that I must enter every season, sweaters are also very frequent in the daily matching of Liya.

In winter, you can use it inside, you can also wear it alone in early spring, and you can wear it all year round.

But many fairies asked me: Why does the upper body of the sweater I buy always look very sloppy?

Most of the star models you see are various luxury brands, and thousands of sweaters are difficult to have poor texture.

The price of our sweaters is about one or two hundred, and it is easy to pick a sweater with poor texture and no version.

In order to save money for the fairy, I also took out the experience of picking my sweater.

Moderate version of leisure, moderate length

The short model tests the figure, oversized is too street

Solid color basic classic versatile

The fancy print is easy to be outdated, and basically only one season can be worn

The texture must be good

The inner cloth should be wearing comfortablely


Part 1


Edition to choose right


Although the sweater, as a representative of the street campus, has always changed style & elements in front of us.

However, when looking at fashion magazines and INS bloggers, it is not difficult to find that the classic version can never be outdated.

Just like this American sweater I started this winter,

The version is not cluttered


Without extra embellishment and decoration, the neckline, shoulder line, and elastic mouth seem to be flat, but as long as the upper body, you can wear a unique youthful vitality of a sweater.

Bat shirt -style large shoulders will look thick and wider shoulders, slippery and fat sisters can’t wear it at all.

Fortunately, this is a three -dimensional tailoring,


It’s just a little wider than the shoulder

, Modify the shoulder shape very beautiful, there will be no cramped sense of self -cultivation.


The important point of the hat -on sweater is a hat. If the hat is not three -dimensional, it will pile softly next to the neck.

The hat -type reinforcement model is more textured, the lines are clean and easy, and it is very American.

The hat rope head also made Baotou treatment

The details are also very delicate.


Overall, you can feel the flatness of the sweater, without excess lines.

The straight hem of the straight tube is also very positive, and the body shape is to create a casual style.

Little round necklines and hooded necklines are easy to get stuck, but Liya is just right.

The proportion of the neckline of the litter area is appropriate,

Good -looking and thin neck


Up: Circular Watch: Hooding Model

Note: The colors in different light are slightly different

[Hat with a hood] But the time -off model is still very old;


[Classic collar] reveal the appropriate area of ​​collarbone, with a small face.

S ~ 3xl size is available, and 90-190 catties can be worn.


Part 2

Select the right color

The difficulty of solid color sweater is not as high as the printed sweater, and it is more suitable for autumn and winter.

But the yellow black skin sisters should pay attention to, solid color sweater



Be sure to pick it up, otherwise it is easy to show dark and soil.

1. Khaki hood

Recently, I love to wear a hooded khaki, which is very autumn and winter atmosphere. With bark brown skirt,


A little cool in sweet youth

If you want to pursue a sense of hierarchy, you can superimize the bottoming shirt in the sweater.

I have to say that the age of reducing the hooded sweater is really great.

Even if you put on the light -shaped coat on the outside, it will not be old -fashioned, but it will set the coat to softer and glutinous and cute.


2. White small round neck

If you hate the fairy who organizes the hat, just start the round collar.

The foundation I bought is used to stack it.

I feel that there is a obediently obedient to the small white round neck.

The single -bodied shirt will be too abrupt, and it can be embellished with white pressure.

3. Purple small round neck

Tired of the fashionable ER, you can rest assured to start other colors.

For example, this purple Roland is really great, even

Yellow and black skin can hold it to hold it


A low -saturated purple.


The color itself is very eye -catching, so we must use the basic color or basic model to suppress it when we match it.

Black TE inside the sweater

E exposure neckline and hem

I do n’t need to say more about the layering method, right?


When the upper body is loose, I will pick fitness pants or shark pants in the lower body,

Upper Panasonic

Not only youthful vitality, but also to achieve thinning purposes.

There are many choices for this color. What color systems want, fairy can buy it.

Part 3

The texture cannot be bad

As a street -style item, sweaters are not so high for fabrics.

However, the folds are too strong, which will also affect the wearing effect, especially the fabrics are uneven. Looking at the giant cricket, it will instantly lower the quality.

1. Comb with cotton outside


But the reason why this one wearing this one is good than the 40 fine combing cotton it used.

It is more delicate, smooth, and smooth than ordinary cotton fabrics (28), and it is not easy to deform and wrinkle.

This kind of face is very version,

Do not have a sense of folding at random action

, Look at it very flat


2. Add velvet

Compared with the thin spring and summer models, Liya’s thickened and velvet models this time uses valuable prices of fleece fabrics.

The upper body is warm and skinny,


Just like wrapped layer of fur

No matter how many times washed, it will not lose hair.

There is nothing to say about telling the sweater. It ’s good to wear a cost -effective sweater.

Liya wants to give you this. The price of a hundred dollars can buy the quality of the same sweater in fashion bloggers. It is really worth it!