Analysis of the communication and radio and television test points of the first -level construction division:


Before the project starts, the person in charge of the technical person shall make a design organization with the construction organization.In order to do a good job of construction.The main content of the bottom is: construction organization construction, engineering characteristics and difficulties, main construction processes and construction methods, schedule, engineering quality and safety technical measures.

Before the construction of a professional process, the nobleman should also make a safety technical interchange with the construction operator.Its main contents include the process of this professional process, the construction process requirements, operation methods and operation essentials, quality control measures, safety measures, etc.

If there are key and special processes, operation guidance, special environment and special operations, and the application of “Sanxin” technology, etc., they should all have to conford to the construction staff.Prevention measures and construction precautions in the project should also be confused together.