The lambskin is breathable retro single shoes, but the western style is not high -profile, showing the good taste of urban women


If it comes to stars, what is the essential pair of shoes in the shoe cabinets of fashionistas and bloggers? So a pair of minimalist but not simple, but not high -profile retro single shoes, will definitely be selected, put on it, not only highlight the elegant retro taste, but also very comfortable and versatile. Oh!


In this issue, I will share with you a few pairs of elegant and retro single shoes, and easily create a Hepben style! Come and see!

This retro single shoe uses crystal sheepskin material to create the upper, which has a shiny gloss, highlighting the high -end quality. Made in the pads of lambskin, it has good breathability and is not afraid of sullen feet. The soles of the shoe are made of beef tendon outsole, which is non -slip and wear -resistant, making it more durable, and there is no need to worry about the embarrassment of sliding.

Simple but not simple, but not high -profile retro single shoes, which can show the good taste of women.

When wearing, choose a stitching dress and a brown shoulder bag. The atmosphere is full of style and full of temperament.

Coupled with a retro earrings, smart and stylish, adding a lot of points for you as a whole.

The small pointed shoe has played a role in modifying the shape of the foot, while ingeniously improves the gas field. Emerald green, it looks very advanced color, not only can create a fair foot, but also to wear a full retro charm.

The three -dimensional flower shape of the upper not only enriches the design of the shoes, but also gives people a very elegant and sweet feeling. It is very temperament!

The slender high -heeled design cleverly stretches the legs of the legs and puts out a long straight linen leg.


The elegant and simple style design ladies’ single shoes, the classic kitten heel design, and the more sexy and charming model is wearing the upper feet. The retro small square head is tailored, perfectly outlines the elegant foot type, showing the modern elegance.


The three -dimensional pure white flower decoration of the toe is fresh and fashionable, giving a small sweet feeling, which instantly enhances elegance and femininity!

The classic kitten heel soles add a sexy taste to the entire pair of shoes!

This French retro fine high -heeled lady’s single shoes, stitching pure white flower elements, decorated with exquisite sweetness. The overall material of its shoe body is the black sheepskin fabric. Its plaid surface texture is clear and more transparent. At the same time, it looks more exquisite and high -level!

The retro and elegant style of ladies’ single shoes. The overall color of the shoe body is the basic black and white color matching color. It is easy to create a Hepburn style, which also highlights the model of decorative modern. The simple small thick heel soles stitching at the bottom of the shoe body, wearing a more stable and capable model on the top.

Fun small -tip stitching elements add a sense of play. The shallow head of fashion also makes it more convenient to wear and take off.

The overall material of its shoe body is the high -quality head layer of cowhide leather fabric. Its surface of the shoe body is more light and luxurious, and at the same time, it has better delicate leather patterns. Single shoes, put on it, you can go out beautifully.

This is a pair of shots of the same star street. The pure white tone is noble, elegant, and temperament. The shoe type of patent leather Maryzhen is full of retro atmosphere, the upper decoration chain is full, and the foot is a street modern fan.


The height of 8. 5 is not tired, and you can wear it at will in any occasion.


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